Give All The Votes!

17 Aug

Over the past several weeks – particularly in the wake of the article I wrote in defense of the Buffalo food trucks‘ attempts to codify how they can do business – I have been taking a pleasant walk up a bleak Main Street to happily stand in line to enjoy tacos from the Where’s Lloyd taco truck.

What I appreciate about Lloyd’s is that they understand that the point of a food truck isn’t just to serve food out of a truck. The point is to serve something unique or special that you can’t find elsewhere, or that other people don’t do as well.  I don’t mean to denigrate the other local food trucks, which serve coffee, two of which serve BBQ, and one of which serves Buffalo classics. I frankly haven’t tried any of them, but I wish them success.

But Lloyd’s is the one that does tacos better than pretty much anyone else in town, and brings them out to where people are – Main & Mohawk, the Larkin Building, and several office parks throughout the week.

The tacos? Two delightfully soft, mildly sweet corn tortillas, topped with your choice of tomatillo pork, braised beef, chimi chicken, or beans, cabbage, cilantro, and hot/medium/mild sauce. They’re messy, they’re delicious, and the contrast between the succulent, moist meat (I usually get one beef, one pork, both excellent) and the crispy cabbage gives great mouthfeel.  The “Rocket Sauce” is a must – tomatillo-based heat with flavor. At $2.25 per taco and a buck for a can of soda, it’s a bargain, to boot. The burritos add rice and/or beans in an overstuffed flour tortilla, for $5.50.  I find that’s too filling for lunch, and gets you sort of sleepy.

So, the food is good, the concept is solid, it’s a great value, and they have become a part of the local food landscape in just one year.

To that end, Lloyd’s is in a competition for the Food Network show “The Great Food Truck Race.”  Astonishingly, Lloyd’s is in first place nationwide, and you get to vote for them ten times per day. If selected, Lloyd’s wins $10,000 and gets to travel nationwide competing against other food trucks (the competition is based on cash earned per night in different cities, and there’s loads of location strategy involved).

Now, R ‘n R Barbecue, the Whole Hog Food Truck and the Roaming Buffalo Truck are also competing, but splitting the vote 3 or 4 ways will ensure that no one wins.  Since Lloyd’s was first in town, I think it’s fair that Lloyd’s is first in line for this competition – the others should wait their turn, (but that’s just my opinion).

To vote for Lloyd’s, click the link or text FT182 to 66789 – every day, and if you register on the Food Truck Race site, you can instantly give your ten votes to Lloyd’s each day.

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