Paranoid Secrecy at City Hall? *Gasp*

12 Sep

They set up a public commission to review how the Buffalo police department is run. The police department and city government are stonewalling the commission, refusing to release crime data – data which other cities routinely make available to the general public.

Mascia said he spoke earlier in the week with Michael J. DeGeorge, who serves as a spokesman for both Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda and Mayor Byron W. Brown. Mascia assured Kearns that much of the information has already been compiled and will be released soon. But Mascia said DeGeorge added that the commissioner will refuse to release some information on the grounds that it is “sensitive.” Administration officials have confirmed several times in recent months that they intend to release some — but not all — data that has been requested.

“I can’t imagine how anything we requested could be even remotely viewed as sensitive,” Mascia said.

DeGeorge confirmed today that some of the data requested by the panel was available on Friday afternoon. What information is the department refusing to release? DeGeorge declined to get into specifics.

The Council created the study group to perform the first outside review of police operations in two decades. The commission has asked for information about job vacancies, the number of officers who are out on work-related injuries, manpower deployments in each of the five police districts and other data.

Seems reasonable to stonewall an independent commission that’s trying to lurch an important part of the city into the 21st century. It’s like shadow mayor Steve Casey says,

We try to be nice, and they attack us.

When has Steve Casey’s renegade camp of Collins Democrats tried “to be nice”?

2 Responses to “Paranoid Secrecy at City Hall? *Gasp*”

  1. RaChaCha September 12, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    It’s not surprising that Casey and Pigeon are both pushing to get their message out through one of the few (if not only) friendly mouthpieces they have left in local media, given the increasing likelihood that their gal pal’s legislative career may be at an end, and given the raw numbers in the Council races. Out of 4 Council primaries, 3 have their regular or sometimes allies facing credible challengers in a “throw the bums out” electoral atmosphere while the 4th has an Administration critic who parried their best effort to give him a viable opponent. The politics and dynamics of the individual races aside, the numbers alone suggest the Council minority friendly to the Mayor will lose a member.

    Should that happen, and should they lose their key ally on the Legislature and allies in the Rath Building, these guys would be in deep weeds — after having been on top not so long ago. No wonder they’re squawking.

  2. wolfpack September 12, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    ONE in SEVEN
    “”City looks for reasons behind high officer injury rate
    Copyright 2007 The Buffalo News
    Buffalo News (New York)

    One in seven Buffalo police officers was off-duty because of work-related injuries last month, and police brass warn the problem is getting worse.

    Mayor Byron W. Brown demanded some answers Friday, and the city’s second-in-command told the Human Resources Department big changes might be made in the way Buffalo handles injured-on-duty claims.

    “Maybe we should take it away from you and put it back in the Police Department,” First Deputy Mayor Steven M. Casey snapped at human resources officials in reference to monitoring the injured-on-duty process.

    But human resources managers disputed assertions that the problem has intensified since their department took control of the claims process in 2003 and started working with a private consultant to manage cases. Up until then, the Police Department had its own compliance nurse.””

    The information was obtained then and it should be available now. Other information should be in the FBI annual reporting. On-goibng investigations might preclude releasing information perrtinent to, but is there an investigation in process?

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