Bob McCarthy At Work

13 Sep

The Buffalo News’ favorite and least-retired political columnist sits down and gets to work.


7 Responses to “Bob McCarthy At Work”

  1. al September 13, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Need a LIKE button!

  2. Mike In WNY September 13, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    I peg McCarthy more as a Remington, or Royal, typewriter person, not Olivetti. I’m sure he buys American and wouldn’t be caught dead with an Italian typewriter.

  3. newwayofthinking September 13, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    Holy shit! Dead-on voice for old Bob. I’m pretty sure he’ll be calling Chuck Eaton tomorrow for the low down on Tim Kennedy, Tim Whalen, and the new boy on the block Chris Fahey….

  4. Soupy Sales September 14, 2011 at 7:15 am #

    I received a letter from Steve Pigeon yesterday in which he railed against the way in which Dem candidates were chosen. Even if I agreed with a particle of his argument he is a complete whack-job who I want to stay a mile away from.

    Go away you freak. Dems unite.
    2012 is the year

  5. Newsguy September 16, 2011 at 10:22 am #

    You know, Alan. I agree with your politics, probably, 99 percent of the time. I think you’re an astute and intelligent political analyst. But you’re not a satirist. This simply wasn’t funny. And the call to Illuzi is just plain stupid because it has no link to reality. McCarthy despises Illuzi probably as much as he despises you folks. By now you know how much I respect Bob McCarthy and his work. I do so because McCarthy, and a host of others in local media (including me), received training from St. Bonaventure University’s Journalism School and the legendary Dr. Russell Jandoli. McCarthy is recognized as one of the top political reporters in the state. Yes, he made a mistake by not clarifying that Mark Odien’s work with candidates is not necessarily linked to Western New York Media. But, Christ, are you going to crucify him for that for the rest of his career? Should I assume you have NEVER made a mistake in your entire legal career? I believe your website and Illuzi target McCarthy because he’s the top dog in this market, and you want to claim that. I suppose it’s human nature for those who would like to be number one to target the person who holds that position. But crap like this parody belittles you in my eyes. And I just might remove you from my favorities list, like I did Illuzi, because, if this continues, I will no longer find your postings of much value. On the other hand, I admit you could care less if Newsguy is no longer reading your posts. Let McCarthy do his thing, and you do yours. Belittling McCarthy doesn’t make you a more credible analyst. It just makes you look small. Save your venom to politicians like Collins who are deserving of criticism for their arrogance and dictatorial tendencies. And one more thing. Except for the opening line, you sounded nothing McCarthy in this piece.

    • Alan Bedenko September 16, 2011 at 10:33 am #

      @Newsguy: Actually, I quite rarely criticize/d McCarthy and his work, with perhaps two short-lived exceptions. McCarthy may despise Illuzzi, but others have told me that his feelings on the matter don’t keep him from routinely going to Illuzzi for information. Quite literally, the entire work for his hit piece on Chris (and, by extension, me) was sourced by Illuzzi.

      Am I going to crucify him? I guess that depends on your definition of “crucify”. Am I going to do to him what I did to Mary Kunz Goldman? I’m certainly going to try.

      And I’m quite transparent about why – I’m doing this out of sheer vindictiveness. Utter fury. The guy improperly and falsely accused us of being on the take, and we haven’t gotten a phone call, a letter, a note, a retraction, an apology, or a correction – just some limp “clarification” that meant nothing.

      I can’t even begin to explain to you how angry I am about that – at him. The first thing I did when I read his original hit piece was email him directly, asking him if he had spoken with Chris. No answer. Then I posted a comment at the News and wrote my demand for a retraction. No response. Not exactly a professional way to handle a clear error.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if, like Bob, I got paid a handsome salary to write about politics. In my 8 years writing a blog, I’ve maybe received a grand total of $300 through Google AdSense.

      So, if the News – and McCarthy – aren’t willing or ready or able to admit their error, and to admit their failure to do what any professional reporter is supposed to do before hurling a clumsy accusation, then I don’t feel any burning need to treat the News or McCarthy with even a modicum of respect.

      Whether I’ve made a mistake in my legal career is beside the point – if I make a mistake, I could be disbarred, or sued for malpractice. There are consequences when I make a mistake. Bob McCarthy? Seemingly, he can make a (knowing, intentional) “mistake” with complete impunity.

      When I get our published retraction and apology, I’ll leave Bob alone. Not a minute before.

      • Alan Bedenko September 16, 2011 at 10:42 am #

        And seriously. How hard is it to say this:


        On [DATE] the Buffalo News’ Bob McCarthy wrote a column accusing bloggers at in general, and Chris Smith in particular, of receiving money to write favorable stories about Mark Poloncarz, and unfavorable stories about his opponents and critics. The News has learned that none of the bloggers at received any money – directly or indirectly – from the Poloncarz campaign. The News regrets the error.

        The damage is done, and the News can’t un-ring the bell, but Goddammit if a mistake was made, admit it, apologize, and we can all move on.

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