TEDxBuffalo: Stacey Watson, Drop In Nation

27 Oct

The videos from TEDxBuffalo 2011 are being uploaded to YouTube, and I’m going to post some of them here over the next few days. TEDx is about “ideas worth sharing”, and there were many presented at the Montante Center a few weeks ago.

This talk from Drop In Nation‘s Stacey Watson is perhaps the most compelling, relevant, and important given that day. It addresses the tragic state of education in the United States in general, and Buffalo in particular. There are thousands of kids dropping out of school and ending up on the streets with no education and fewer prospects. A lost generation of sorts. Watson is a dynamo who has devoted her life to changing that – to helping these kids get their lives back on track. In my opinion, her program is a model that could – and should – be replicated throughout the nation.

Drop In Nation‘s motto is “Innovate, Motivate, Educate”. You can donate to its mission via this PayPal link.


One Response to “TEDxBuffalo: Stacey Watson, Drop In Nation”

  1. Jesse October 28, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Thanks for this one Alan, I had not heard of them before.  Watching our public school system blow out generation after generation of disaffected kids just absolutely kills me.

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