Good Bye, Old Friend

21 Nov

Back in 2005, I was still writing the blog I had started in 2003 using I had a growing audience, a bit of influence, and blogging was new and revolutionary. In April of that year, Marc Odien invited me to have my blog hosted on the WordPress platform at his creation, Since then, the site and my blog have gone through many iterations, reformations, designs, strategies, and ideas. We went from a standalone to a white-on-black group portal, back to standalones, and back to a group portal where it remains today.

My focus used to be somewhat broader than it’s become in recent years, but ultimately my site was about what I found interesting. That’s the guiding principle under which I’ve operated all these years.

It’s with much excitement and some trepidation that I’m announcing my departure from starting sometime next week. Chris Smith and I will soon be writing online for Artvoice, western New York’s alternative regional weekly, under the guidance of editor Geoff Kelly.

Parting with is quite bittersweet. While I’m thrilled with the opportunity to write for a new, different audience as part of an established alternative news outlet, I will always be grateful to Marc for giving me this platform, which we collectively transformed into a genuine player in the local media scene.

Blogging’s meteoric rise in influence has waned somewhat in recent years, as social media platforms deliver similar content in a more immediate way. I wouldn’t say blogging is dead – it’s just different. It sure isn’t 2003 anymore.

I want to thank Marc, Chris, Kevin, Brian, Chris C., Chris VP, Nate, Paul, Eric, Christina, and the dozens of other contributors and writers we’ve hosted over the past six years. I’d like to thank Craig from the late Buffalog for paving the way for Buffalocentric blogging during the last decade.

But above all, I’d like to thank you who read me every day for taking that time. I’d like to thank the people who commented for your participation in what has oftentimes been a great conversation about us – as a city, as a region, as a state.

Marc and will continue and I’m sure they’ll continue to do great things. I leave with no hard feelings or bad blood. I wish him, and the site, the best in all things.

Metropolitan Buffalo is a great place that’s ready for its close-up.

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