One Thing: Infomercials

16 Nov

Chris Smith and/or I regularly record podcasts with Brad Riter, which appear at Trending Buffalo. Oftentimes the podcasts are political in nature and cover matters already written about here, so we don’t always cross-promote. 

But seeing as it’s Friday, and seeing as it’s an apparently sunny day, and seeing as how the Bills won so the entire region seems to be satisfactorily covering up its collective regional depressive mood with the sports equivalent of Cymbalta, here is our podcast about infomercials. The language is wholly unsafe for a work environment, and you can see the referenced videos themselves by following this link. Have a good weekend

One Thing: Infomercials

One Response to “One Thing: Infomercials”

  1. Carey1518 November 16, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Okay here is why you get nothing about buffalo, listen to the whole thing, but if you want skip to the end when Ted, god rest his good soul, speaks about his children that is fine.
    Listen close this is a chance for you to learn rather than talk and maybe,just maybe,you will be a bit enlightened about people who grew up in a town you so loving choose to be your home and graced us with your presence and never ending bad mouthing.
    Try just try to listen rather than talk.


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