Failed City Opposes Bridge to Canada

11 Jan

Remember how Matty Moroun wanted to build a truck-only bridge to Fort Erie up by the rail crossing? Anyone else notice that anti-Peace Bridge expansion is right there on the front page of his Buffalo bridge website? I did. Has Mr. Moroun’s organization been seeding groups in town with money? Good question. Any way to find out? Please; this is Buffalo, not Detroit.  

I wonder why Canadians think it’s important to maintain better road links with the United States? I know there are a lot of very vocal Buffalonians who agree with the people in this video who think easier travel to Canada is unimportant, and rather than expand the Peace Bridge, argue strenuously for its removal.  Here’s your ghost of bridges future: 

2 Responses to “Failed City Opposes Bridge to Canada”

  1. Buck Quigley January 11, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

    Alas, just one month ago, Vancouver beat both Detroit and Buffalo in the race
    to build a breathtaking signature span between our great nations, when the Port Mann bridge opened at a cost of over $3 billion.

    One thing that was never
    included in the artist renderings there, or in Detroit, or here—were
    the huge chunks of ice that are now plummeting down from the elegant, soaring cables
    onto motorists, smashing windshields and sunroofs.

    Hats off to visionary bridge design!

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