Elmwood Avenue Cash Mob – 6/13/13 5PM

10 Jun


Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you like social media? Are you someone who digs doing cool stuff with cool people? Do you love supporting local small business?  If so, welcome to a very special edition of the Buffalo Cash Mob to be held during the 2013 BALLE Conference!

Not sure what a CashMob is?  Well, click here for the background. In short, we gather 50-100 people to “mob” a business and spend $10-20 each. No coupons, no gimmicks, just shopping with a purpose. It allows you to meet the retailer, spend some time, build a relationship, and have a good time.

Cash mobs were born in Buffalo back in August of 2011 as a simple idea to generate support for local small business. Since the first event, we’ve held over a dozen cash mobs in Buffalo and generated over $70,000 in cash for Buffalo business owners. The idea of cash mobs quickly became a global phenomenon with events being held in over 500 cities spread across six continents, resulting in over $700,000 being spent at locally owned establishments. The movement has been profiled in media big and small, including NPR, NBC News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine.

More importantly, cash mobs have raised awareness about the importance of buying local and have driven media exposure for plucky entrepreneurs in cities across the world.

So, to celebrate the 2013 BALLE Conference, what better way to show off Buffalo then to invite the conference attendees to mingle with Buffalonians at some of our fantastic locally owned businesses?

This time, we won’t just be visiting one business, we’ll be supporting an entire block of businesses located on one of our most vital urban corridors, Elmwood Avenue!  On Thursday night, starting at 5PM and running until 7PM, we’ll be throwing the biggest cash mob in history, spanning Elmwood Avenue from Breckenridge Street to the Lexington Co-operative Market. Businesses that will benefit include The Blue Monk, Annie Adams Jewelry, Community Beer Works, Buffalo Fleece & Outerwear, Shoefly, The Treehouse Toy Store, Everything Elmwood, Positively Main Street, and dozens more (click here for a full listing of businesses). It will be a great night filled with music, fun, shopping and the best that Elmwood has to offer.

Music promoter and all around awesome guy, Seamus Gallivan from The Good Neighborhood has organized an awesome lineup of music for the night. Each establishment along this strip of Elmwood will host a performer to plus up the party atmosphere.

Abraham’s Jewelers, 798 Elmwood – Pamela Ryder

Artisans’ Hands, 754 Elmwood – Eliza Schneider

Buffalo Fleece & Outerwear, 758 Elmwood – Tom Stahl

Campus Wheelworks, 744 Elmwood – Folkfaces

Globe Market, 762 Elmwood – Ahavaraba

Lexington Co-op, 807 Elmwood – Shaky Stage

Reimagine, 732 Elmwood – Larkin Plan

Scoop Shop, 648 Auburn – John Martz

Second Chic, 810 Elmwood – Brad Gower (followed by 9pm poetry slam)

Thin Ice, 719 Elmwood – Mike Doktor’s Medicine Man Cigar Box Guitars

Urban Threads, 736 Elmwood, Evan Thompson


Lexington Co-op, 807 Elmwood – The Andrew J. Reimers Country-Punk Extravaganza & The Screaming Jeans

Let’s show a nation of localists that no city supports their local small business like Buffalo does.

One Response to “Elmwood Avenue Cash Mob – 6/13/13 5PM”

  1. Fredrich Smith June 13, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    Adam Smith and David Ricardo are rolling in there graves right now.

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