Brown Poll: Crosstabs at Large

8 Jul

66% of Buffalonians like Mayor Byron Brown. That’s no surprise – he’s quite personable and likable when seen out and about. Yet 80% of Buffalonians think the school system is horrible (only 11% think it’s good). 

Neither WGRZ nor the Buffalo News have seen fit to publish the full results of the poll, including crosstabs, and it’s not available at Siena’s site

So, we’ll just have to wait for the information to trickle out the way that “real media” decide for you

One Response to “Brown Poll: Crosstabs at Large”

  1. Tori Poczkalski July 9, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    Polls mean NOTHING~ They select certain groups of people… example: Siena college pollsters called my house and only wanted to speak to the “Young Republican”? I asked them why not any republican? They did then continue to ask questions which were extremely vague. I would rather a multiple choice answer than the normal “yes” or “no” answers to the questions. Not much substance in polling.

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