LandEscapes Kickstarter

20 Aug

Colleen Wall Darby calls herself an “inspirational artist”. She is taking some time out from her job to brighten the walls of medical clinics and hospitals, and the lives of people confined to a hospital bed

Born and raised in Buffalo, Darby spent the majority of her career working in the advertising field. In 2008, she became an artist in residence in a new arts in healthcare initiative created by the Center for the Arts at the University at Buffalo. She worked for three years at Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. The goal of her work was to help patients and family members escape from the stress of a hospital stay by using the power of their imaginations.

Darby says that this creative meditative state promotes healing, and she has set up a Kickstarter campaign to bring her talents to a wider audience. Called the “LandEscape” painting series, Darby says it will offer patients an escape from their environment through their imagination.

Darby is raising $10,000 to take a monthlong sabbatical, and create twenty inspirational landscape paintings specifically for the healthcare environment.  She is committed to getting these paintings installed in exam rooms, infusion units and waiting rooms, because  these are places where patients are uncomfortable and nervous. The paintings will offer patients and their families an escape from the sterile, cold medical environment. LandEscapes will depict views of more inviting places. They will include a road or a path to draw the viewer in, and the canvas will be filled with positive uplifting messages.

Check it out and consider a donation to Darby’s Kickstarter campaign to brighten the lives of people undergoing medical crises. It’s already almost fully funded as of Tuesday morning, and there are some great incentives available depending on your level of donation. 

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