Collins: Give me Your Strong, Your Rich

23 Sep


Captain Handout

Shorter Krugman

A safety-net program that is designed to help people from going hungry has grown as a result of the worst recession since the Great Depression, is working exactly as it should. Because average benefits amount to $4.45 per day, it’s hardly the malingering incentive Republicans accuse it of being, instead, it’s just proof of Republican mean-spiritedness and class warfare. 

Never forget that Chris Collins was one of only two New York Congressmen to vote for dramatic cuts to a program that works. Collins is someone who knows and cares nothing of the poor – to his mind, they are not his constituents, only “small businesses” are. The other is under investigation for massive, chronic tax evasion. In Collins’ mind, government only works when it’s an IDA, doling out welfare to “small businesses”. (Don’t IDA handouts generate complacent malingering in businesses?) Poor, hungry people might as well go to hell. 

One Response to “Collins: Give me Your Strong, Your Rich”

  1. Michele September 23, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    IDA incentives are not welfare. that is an insult to families who use real welfare to feed their children. IDAs dole out corporate gifts to the politically connected. Gifts, pure and simple. And it serves to shift the tax burden from the favored to the remaining taxpayers, both residential and other commercial payers.

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