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Antoine Thompson: Alleged Assailant

15 Sep

A campaign worker went down to Antoine Thompson’s campaign HQ this past Thursday – two days after Thompson lost a primary to incumbent Crystal Peoples-Stokes – and says he got the crap beat out of him

Christopher Patterson, 37, said in a police report that Thompson held him down at his Assembly campaign headquarters on East Delavan Avenue, two days after the candidate’s defeat in the Democratic primary for Assembly. He also said two others, Neil Mack and Rashad Howard, punched and kicked him. He said that the assault caused him pain and abrasions to the back of his neck and that he needed to seek treatment at Sisters Hospital.

That whole thing will play itself out on the criminal and civil dockets, but congratulations seem to be in order for Mr. Thompson, who has evidently recovered nicely from the injuries he allegedly suffered in a fender-bender; injuries that were so mild that he used the experience as an effort to weaken the state’s no-fault threshold of “serious injury” for car crash lawsuits

The most amazing thing about Thompson’s attempt to re-enter the political arena is that Crystal Peoples-Stokes and Byron Brown basically gave him the best gift – a job when he needed one, a couple of years after Mark Grisanti kicked him out of the State Senate. 

Maybe he can get a job advising the Weppner campaign? They seem made for each other. 

The Antoine Thompson Hire: Look on the Bright Side

11 Dec

The Buffalo Employment and Training Center (BETC) is a Buffalo city agency that exists to help people find jobs. It works with applicants to try and match them with prospective employers, and has a roster of companies and agencies with which it works. It would make sense that the person whom the city retains to operate BETC would have some significant and meaningful experience in the field of hiring, human resources, or recruiting. 

Antoine Thompson spent his political adolescence being groomed by the Grassroots political club to be the next Byron Brown.  His ambition often seems to be in adverse proportion to his abilities; he started out in the Common Council as Brown’s appointed replacement, and within just 4 years was sniffing around Louise Slaughter’s congressional seat because he was upset that the party leaders had not picked him to replace then Mayor-elect Brown in the senate. Thompson eventually made it to the senate in 2006 when, with the support of Brown and Grassroots, he defeated Marc Coppola. It should come as no surprise that the Thompson/Coppola battle of 2006 forms the genesis of the hostility between the Lenihan and Brown political factions. Thompson then defeated then-Democrat Mark Grisanti in a primary race for the 60th Senate District seat in 2008. Grisanti ran as a Republican in 2010 and defeated Thompson that year. 

Since leaving government, Thompson has worked on the periphery of politics, nominally a real estate agent but also operating a newspaper and writing web pieces for former Joe Illuzzi associate Glenn Gramigna.

Actual ad on

 Throughout his short walk in the wilderness, Thompson has been seen at so many fundraisers and political gatherings that it was merely a matter of time before he jumped back into the life. In recent months, Thompson and Grassroots had been estranged from Byron Brown and his city hall political faction. Apparently, there’s been a rapprochement. 

This week, Mayor Brown appointed Mr. Thompson to become the head of BETC. The job pays almost $80,000 – more than what a state senator makes, exclusive of per diems and lulus – and Thompson’s experience in the private sector amounts to the last two years during which he’s been working as a real estate agent. Investigative Post’s Jim Heaney surmises that this hire gives Brown some cover against charges that his administration is overwhelmingly Caucasian. Perhaps, but this also placates Thompson and effectively removes him from politics, and therefore as a threat to Brown. It releases a pressure valve that would have conceivably seen Thompson challenge the Mayor in 2013, or one of the mayor’s allies in some other race. 

What can’t be forgotten in this instance is that Antoine Thompson’s tenure in the state senate was pockmarked with scandal. There was the bizarre  junket to Jamaica, where Thompson claimed to be on a trade mission, paid for with campaign funds. During the short-lived and wildly corrupt Democratic leadership of the state senate, Thompson’s behavior became brazen and strange. He got his staff to lie for him, had been accused of accepting money in exchange for influence on Racino management, and developed a reputation for being thought of as a statewide laughingstock.  He stiffed groups that relied on his member item handouts.  In his own life, Thompson stiffed his creditors to the tune of $5,700.  Thompson gave $1000 to the legal defense fund for convicted fraudster and woman-slasher Hiram Monseratte.

Thompson arranged for a $400,000 subsidy to Howard Milstein’s Niagara Falls Redevelopment, an outfit run by a billionaire chairman of the Thruway Authority that has redeveloped absolutely nothing. When Thompson suffered a minor pulled-muscle injury in a car crash and discovered that he wasn’t hurt enough to meet the tort threshold and file a personal injury suit, he tried to change the law

Then there was this

They claimed to have nobody on staff called John Taylor. They said the Albany staffer is Shawn Curry, a recent hire as a legislative assistant.

So who is John Taylor? That’s what we wanted to know. So we called him up.

The Post: “Hi, is this John Taylor?”


The Post: ” But isn’t your name really Shawn Curry? And if so why are you giving out a fake name from the Senator’s office?”

“Could you hold please . . .[in the same voice] This is Shawn Curry.”

The Post: “Why are you using a fake name from the Senator’s office, Shawn?”

“I am very busy, I have business to attend to, I can’t answer your question.”

Just the strangest.  

Antoine Thompson’s qualifications to run BETC are non-existent. Given his track record in elected office, I am at a loss to explain what position he may be qualified to hold in any arena. This is clearly a patronage hire, and a lucrative one, at that. But it’s the mayor’s position to fill, and he can select whomever he pleases. If Thompson’s track record of ineptitude continues, it will be Buffalo job-seekers who will be victimized by it. Thankfully, this isn’t one of those patronage scandals where a new position is created out of whole cloth in order to placate or reward a political associate; he is being hired to fill an existing position. 

Perhaps this is a good thing. Perhaps containing Antoine Thompson is the best way to limit the damage that he can do. Think of it this way – while this hire may be simply horrible for people who turn to BETC for help, it may be good for the community at-large. With Antoine Thompson running a city agency for a decent salary, he has been effectively removed from the world of elected office. That means that we won’t have him running around trying to position himself for a return to the state senate or some other representative office.  Micro loss, macro win. 

There’s much more about Mr. Thompson’s past performance at our archives. Back in 2009, when asked why we need a state senate, Mr. Thompson gave this answer: 

 Maybe we collectively dodged a bullet here, folks. 

Lawyers Should Stop Funding the #NYS #DSCC & Antoine Thompson #SD60

25 Oct

Another mailer from the New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee hitting Antoine Thompson’s opponent, Mark Grisanti, for his job as a lawyer.  Absolutely despicable, and the title of this post says it all.

Antoine Thompson would presumably deny the accused their constitutional right to a zealous defense against, among other things, police misconduct, inadequate or inadmissible evidence, etc.

This one attacks Grisanti, (who ran last time as a Democrat) for being a *gasp* Republican.  I’ve read Grisanti’s positions on the issues and find nothing to quarrel with.  But this first image, especially, strikes an almost WW2-era propaganda tone.

Here, the word for Antoine’s anti-downstate rhetoric is “chutzpah”. He’s benefited most handsomely since the fiasco-laden Democratic senate majority has been – then wasn’t – then returned to a leadership position.

Seriously, this is just lazy going-through-the-motions crap.  The notion that it would be persuasive is ridiculous.

The head of communications for the New York State Democratic Senate Campaign Committee should be able to come up with something better than this.  Perpetuating the downstate/upstate cleave is lazy bs.  Attacking a guy for his job (what job has Antoine Thompson ever held in the dreaded private sector?) is ridiculous.

Vote Mark Grisanti – if getting rid of Antoine Thompson from elected office means the Democrats lose control of the execrable and needless state senate, that’s a price worth paying.

Shame on Antoine Thompson and the DSCC #SD60

23 Oct

The Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee is sending the following mailer to households in the 60th Senate District.  Note that Antoine Thompson’s name appears nowhere in the text.  There is nothing about Thompson’s supposed “accomplishments” or why someone should vote for him.  It merely attacks Thompson’s opponent Grisanti for being…a lawyer.

The piece specifically accuses Grisanti, in so many words, of aiding and abetting the criminals whom he defends in court.  I’ve never seen a more scurrilously false, misleading, and borderline libelous mailer in any local campaign since Jim Keane was accused of being in the Klan. It is an insult not only to the voters in the 60th Senate District, it is an insult to every lawyer who works to ensure that his clients are zealously represented, and treated fairly in the court system.

Thompson should condemn the DSCC for sending this mailer on his behalf, and disassociate himself from it.

One thing’s for sure, we do need, “honest, ethical, respectable, leaders in the State Senate”, which explains why Antoine Thompson’s name was omitted from this mailer.  No one could make any of those claims against Thompson, who gets his staff to lie for him, has been accused of accepting money in exchange for influence on Racino management, and a guy who is widely thought of as a statewide laughingstock.  Hell, he’s even stiffed groups that relied on his member item handouts.  Hell, Thompson’s a guy who stiffed his creditors to the tune of $5,700.

Antoine Thompson, who took a $1500/night trip to Jamaica, paid for with campaign funds.

Antoine Thompson, who gave $1000 to the legal defense fund for indicted crook and woman-slasher Hiram Monseratte.

Antoine Thompson, who was mildly injured in a car crash and discovered that his injuries weren’t serious enough to bring a successful lawsuit and then tried to change the tort threshold to enable him to bring suit for his pulled muscles.

Antoine Thompson, who gave $400,000 to a New York City billionaire developer who has sat on prime Niagara Falls real estate for a decade.

The DSCC should be ashamed of itself, as should Thompson.

Vote Grisanti. Here are his stands on the issues.

Antoine Thompson: When Is Enough Enough? #SD60

22 Oct
Antoine Thompson at a Barack Obama rally at th...

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Does a day go by when Antoine Thompson isn’t outed in the press for doing something questionable?  A few months ago, it was his myriad mailings to constituents that eclipse that of every other state legislator.  Last week, it was his “book” on the state of the 60th Senate District.  Today?  It’s revealed that Antoine Thompson was a recipient of politically calculated donations from the company that allegedly used political connections to land a deal to run a racino at Aqueduct.

His motto, according to his campaign website, is “Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done!”  For a price, or on your dime.

Antoine Thompson: Mail Call

2 Aug

State Senator Antoine Thompson loves marketing himself on the public’s dime.  It’s substantively no different from what any State Senator does, so to have George Maziarz criticize Thompson in the article seems particularly hypocritical.  It’s also technically not electioneering on the public’s dime because the mailings tout Thompson’s “work” in the State Senate, but it’s also clear that Thompson has spent hundreds of thousands of public dollars on these mailings since 2008, and exactly no money on campaign postage so far this year.   No one should be surprised by this:

Thompson is also big on mailing birthday greetings to constituents.

“I’m a taxpayer and I don’t need Antoine Thompson to send me a birthday card with my money,” said Fabiano, the retired Grand Island resident.

Spelling, punctuation and factual errors are common in the mailings, whose content is drafted by Thompson’s staff. One headline misspelled “soldier.” A flier reporting on the results of a spelling bee promoted by Thompson misspelled the name of a school attended by one of the winners. A third mailing that urged citizens to vacation in state parks listed some facilities that are not state parks, including the Darwin Martin House.

Senators as a group are not shy about using their mailing privileges, but at least one of them is openly critical over what Thompson is doing.

“Birthday cards, picnic invites — that’s way over the top,” said Sen. George Maziarz, a Newfane Republican.

Many of Thompson’s mailings promote events his office is sponsoring.

Something he terms “community leaders and stakeholders breakfasts” are a popular topic, and his Web site lists 21 such breakfasts over the course of this year. Other mailings have promoted senior citizen cookouts and dances — “senior balls,” as he terms them. These events are always free to the public.

How is Thompson paying for them?

He has insisted in the past that state funds are not involved. But a review of his campaign disclosure reports since January 2008 shows few expenses that appear to be related to these. And his most recent ethics disclosure statement filed with the state does not list any relevant donations.

One former member of Thompson’s staff said the senator and members of his staff often solicit businesses for cash or product donations used at the social functions. The News documented one such effort in March, when Thompson’s staff solicited food donations from 20 restaurants for his annual St. Joseph’s Table celebration.

Thompson is practically the poster child for every stereotype that exists about self-interested, self-aggrandizing, self-enriching politicians. That he continues to be re-elected to go to Albany as the most dysfunctional local member of a dysfunctional anachronistic clique is embarrassing and outrageous.  With 2010 being supposedly flush with anti-incumbency fever, this is his time to go.

Antoine Thompson Fails at Facebook

16 Jun

How does one counter Antoine Thompson Facebook spam?

By spamming back, of course.

For instance, this:

gets countered with this:

Antoine Thompson Deflects the Easy Questions

8 Jun

Check out WGRZ’s Ron Plants trying to ask Antoine Thompson what could possibly be the simplest, most basic question a reporter could ask a useless state legislator.


HT Shredd & Ragan

Antoine Thompson: A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma

1 Mar

I don’t understand what’s going on with Antoine Thompson and his Monserrate flip-flop flap. So, here’s a picture of a cat:

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
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Antoine Thompson Explains Why We Need A State Senate

17 Jul

The question that will ask every time it gets hold of a NYS Senator.