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Syaed Ali and Glenn Gramigna

10 Mar

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written a few articles about the ongoing saga of Syaed Ali and his alleged unlawful detention and questioning by city personnel affiliated with Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.  I have also looked into Mr. Ali’s background and publicly available information about both he and his company.

After all, if someone claims that thuggish associates of a Mayor in a major American city essentially kidnapped him, stashed him in a dark room and questioned him for hours to pursue a political end, it might make sense to look into the integrity and credibility of the accuser.  Even if the Mayor and his political organization are known to dole out political punishment to those who deign to criticize them in public.

Over the past month or so, we have learned the following:

– Syaed Ali’s corporate website contained copyrighted material stolen from Iron Mountain, Sayers Media Group and other local companies.

– Syaed Ali and SAIL-IT claimed to offer product lines and services that were the property of other companies.  Phone calls to those companies confirmed that they had never had any business dealings with neither Ali nor SAIL-IT in any capacity.

– SAIL-IT has no corporate offices and their claims of world class facilities should probably be dialed down and described as Syaed’s kitchen in his Breckenridge Avenue apartment.

– SAIL-IT’s account on the Buffalo Niagara Partnership jobs page was suspended due to frequent posting of bogus job listings on the BNP website.

– SAIL-IT even steals its job descriptions from other companies.  I mean, for fuck’s sake.  This doofus makes it too easy.  Anyone with a google search engine and a brain cell can determine he is an absolute phony.

Ali cut and paste the job description for Public Government Relations Specialist for Terrebonne General Medical Center in Houma, LA and posted it on Glenn Gramigna’s website as his own.

– After issuing a press release informing local media outlets that he would be pulling up the stakes of his invisible company and moving it to Southern Ontario, I posted about it.  Yesterday, Glenn Gramigna implied that I am rumor-mongering and passing false information about Ali’s company.  To the contrary, I simply reposted Ali’s own press release.

This story is so incredibly weird, it’s fascinating.  We have a guy with delusions of grandeur related to a company that doesn’t really exist claiming that the Mayor of a major American city kidnapped him and questioned him without representation for hours.  The Mayor’s thugs accused him of defamation for circulating emails that alleged that members of the Mayor’s staff enjoyed fellating local reporters.

Wait, it gets better!  Acting as the public relations agent for this guy is a nebbish scientologist “reporter” formerly affiliated with a crooked political reporter/convicted bank robber/child support deadbeat.  Gramigna was employed by Illuzzi for years and their split was public and nasty.

Gramigna and Illuzzi have operated with impunity for years as shakedown artists and the politicians have been willing to hand money over to them for the privilege of not being defamed or harassed with outlandish claims.  Now, Gramigna is allied with a guy who is making outlandish claims against Illuzzi’s political sugardaddy, Byron Brown.

It’s incestuous, weird and utterly fascinating from an inside baseball perspective.  However, there is a bigger story here and the longer we keep pulling at the strings, I suspect we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be talking to other sources in the community about Syaed Ali, his imaginary company, his political connections, his ill-fated run for County Legislature, his pursuit of state funding for personal interests and how Gramigna and Illuzzi shake down your local politicians for money.  We’ll also eagerly await further reports from Geoff Kelly at Artvoice about Ali’s allegations.

Syaed Ali’s Claims are like an Iron Mountain

23 Feb

Funny Pics / INTERNET

The only reason anyone knows Syaed Ali’s name is that he claims to have been horribly mistreated at the hands of various law enforcement agencies doing the bidding of Mayor Byron Brown and City Hall. For whatever reason, City Hall believes that Ali is behind a string of emails sent out to media outlets last year claiming all sorts of crazy and poorly written things.

In the wake of Glenn Gramigna accusing me of being the author of those emails, Buffalo Geek undertook a review of Syaed Ali – his business and what it offers. He notes that Ali had, in the past, sent out press releases claiming all kinds of incredible business growth, including telling the BNE that he’d be hiring 150 people between November 2008 and August 2009.

Geek reveals that Sail-It is operated out of Ali’s home, and questions how 150 or 1,000 people would work there. He also reveals that Sail-It offers a wide range of technology services, but much of the information on its website is cribbed from other businesses. You can practically select any random bit of text, Google it, and find its true source. Consider:

Then you find this:

Whatever Sail-It Government Solutions is, Iron Mountain offers the exact same service, and even uses the exact same copy to sell it, verbatim.

There’s a reason that the idiom “consider the source” was invented, and unfortunately, Mr. Ali embodies that caveat. Again – I have been nothing but supportive of him, if what happened to him actually happened as it’s been described in the media and his Notice of Claim. Certainly, there appears to have been something ranging from overreaching to bona fide civil rights violations. But Mr. Ali has not done himself or his cause any favors whatsoever. He doesn’t stop talking to Artvoice or Gramigna, and every time he does so, it frankly harms his cause. Everything he says can be used against him in court.

Now, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean City Hall isn’t after you. In this case, there’s no question they’re after Ali. But we’ve only heard one side of the story, because law enforcement isn’t talking. Based on my suspicions that Ali was Gramigna’s “source” claiming that I wrote the Brown emails, and the dubious information on Ali’s much-touted business’ website, I have to take everything he says with a boulder-sized grain of salt.

Syaed Ali Says Goodbye To Buffalo

23 Feb

In an email press release which I received from embattled political doofus Syaed Ali, I was informed that Mr. Ali intends to shut down the operations of his company SAIL-IT and move it out of Greater Buffalo.

We have made a decision to greatly reduce our presence in the Town of Buffalo.  Our current operations facilities will be moved to Toronto, Ontario and all other planned expanded employment opportunities will be relocated to the Canadian side of the region. Moreover our headquarters will be moved to Connecticut, and we will maintain our marketing team and implementation specialists to serve current and future clients in Western New York.

I will by the use of the Court System expose the illegal actions of Mayor Byron Brown in the illegal raid, conversion, and abduction last year.

The locals including some members of the media are unequivocally slow and ignorant to understand the ramifications of actions carried out by Mr. Brown.

Good luck to the Town of Buffalo.  Your town/ city is a Metropolitan Mayberry and your Mayor Administration resembles “Sanford and Son”.   The only difference is Brown and Son drives around a monster truck crushing vehicles, and than charges fines to the vehicle owners for being in the way.  Instead of purchasing junk Brown and Son gets search warrants and steals property, and than threatens to press charges for retaining legal counsel and talking to the media.  Brown & Son runs people over and than sues people for being in the way, and for the damages to the bumper.

At any rate Good Luck to the City/Town of Buffalo with  the above mentioned attributes of politicians, and a populace that continuously rolls over for a bunch of criminals like Brown & Son you are going nowhere but down.

Good Luck Buffalo
Syaed Ali


The above is an advertisement running at the top of Glenn Gramigna’s Shuck and Jive Political Fraud Site.

Based on Ali’s previous press releases, Mr. Ali moving his company to Connecticut and Southern Ontario is a loss for Buffalo and WNY.  Sadly, after some inquiries into SAIL-IT as to the validity of those press releases, Ali has taken them down from his website.

At various times in the past, Ali sent us updates on his intentions to hire 1000-1200 people to staff a data/call center operation, the release of a revolutionary real estate management application which would result in hundreds of new hires as well as monthly missives about the explosive growth of his nascent IT empire.  In essence, this was a world class information technology corporation which could handle everything from social media marketing, telephony, VoIP, web hosting, real estate and network management.  In fact, looking at his portfolio of services, it’s clear there is nothing that his company can’t do.

Let’s take a look at one of his service offerings, let’s say…Telecommunications and VOIP Solutions:

Custom Prompts For Your Open Source IP PBX

PBX Prompts is an online store where users of IP PBX Platforms such as Asterisk, Fonality or Switchvox, as well as users of other open architecture PBX systems can purchase pre-recorded audio files for use within their phone system. The prompts are available in a variety of languages and dialects, featuring both male and female voice talent. Offering standard prerecorded basic and advanced prompts sets, PBX Prompts gives small medium businesses across the globe a crisp, clear, professional voice. In addition to the prerecorded sets of prompts, PBX Prompts also offers the ability for buyers to order custom recordings using the same voice as the prerecorded sets. The end result of prerecorded and custom prompts is a multi-lingual business phone system with a consistent and professional sound throughout.
Asterisk Library

Asterisk Library is a daily new media site that delivers Asterisk related news, information, how-to’s, best practices, and editorials from Asterisk professionals in a format that easy for the non-Asterisk or VoIP professional to read, understand, and apply.

That sounds like a pretty good service offering.  I think I might have read it somewhere before…oh yeah!  It’s the same exact service offered by Sayers Media Group, a reputable up-and-coming technology firm in Buffalo

Ali cribbed the marketing information (word-for-word) from their site for use on his own (designed by Microsoft Word).  You’ll find that most of the products and services “offered” by Ali’s company are descriptions of those offered by other, more successful companies.  I contacted Sayers Media Group and spoke with Garrett Smith, their Director of Business Development and he confirmed that they had never done business with Ali in any capacity nor had they given him permission to re-purpose their marketing materials as his own.  In fact, they had never heard of Ali nor his company until I called them.

Now that we’ve found that Ali’s company doesn’t offer much in the realm of actual services, let’s check out his corporate filings.  The NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations, Entity Information Database shows that Ali formed SAIL-IT Incorporated as a Domestic Corporation in October of 2007 with a registered address of business of 568 Breckenridge Avenue in Buffalo, NY.  Where might this corporation which bills itself as the “the largest Virtual Information system service outsourcing provider in the entire world” choose to operate from in Buffalo?  Here:


SAIL-IT’s filings with the Erie County Clerk are similar (and handwritten) and specify this house on Breckenridge as his place of business.  After further inquiries, there were unconfirmed reports that Ali once had a place of business on Abbott Road in South Buffalo, but there is no public listing for that business in any record or directory.

As a systems engineer for one of the top IT vendors in the world, I deal with pretty much every IT department (big and small) in the City of Buffalo and WNY.  Never once has anyone that I work with stated they knew of or had done business with Mr. Ali.  His frequent pronouncements of incredible business growth were coupled with poorly written press releases and a website BuffaloPundit’s eight year old daughter could have made.  Based on public records reviewed to this point, his company is not what he claims it to be.

This is a guy who can’t seem to get out of his own way.  Is he behind the chain of emails which claimed a senior member of the Brown Administration was having hot gay sex with a local reporter?  Who knows?

Was he subjected to bright light questioning in a dark room at the Main Place Mall at the hands of unnamed, nefarious city hall officials and rogue police?  Maybe.

If he was treated that way, it is pretty sad that Ali will have trouble proving his claims since his entire professional reputation appears to be based in alternative version of reality.  Based on the information about his company, Ali lacks credibility.  Is he playing the patsy in some backroom political war between political camps in Buffalo?  Perhaps.  If so, whoever chose him to be the front man, chose wisely indeed.

There is more to this story, hopefully Geoff Kelly over at Artvoice will keep pursuing it and find where it leads.

The Ongoing Saga of Syaed Ali

6 Feb

On the front page of, you’ll find the supposed defamatory content that Syaed Ali allegedly sent out via press release in an attempt to embarrass the Byron Brown Administration.

By now, most people in WNY have heard something about the plight of Syaed Ali.  Ali has been accused of sending emails and instant message transcripts to media outlets which claimed various indignities and shenanigans conducted by members of Byron Brown’s administration.

These emails surfaced shortly after a shadowy political organization alleged as loosely affiliated with Steve Pigeon and Responsible New York called Mothers and Fathers Demanding Answers launched a scandalous and anonymous campaign targeting one of Pigeon’s longtime adversaries, State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt.  At the time, it seemed as if the internecine squabbling between various forces in the Democratic Party had reached an all-time fever pitch.  After Joe Illuzzi published private emails between Assemblyman Hoyt and an Albany associate, all hell broke loose on the media front.  No one was sure as to the veracity of WNY First’s claims, nor did anyone know who sent the messages.

The content of the press releases was comical in its lameness and fakery and with Ali making daily appearances on the pages of Artvoice, Gramigna’s News and Scientology Today website and the venerable Buffalo News, I thought it was time to post what everyone has been dancing around for months.

From: WNY First []
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2008 5:41 PM
Subject: Breaking News: (Name Redacted) Caught Pants Down with Male Journalist

WNY First
Press Release
Sunday, August 17, 2008

For Immediate Release

(Name Redacted) Caught Pants Down with Male Journalist

Buffalo, NY – A top official in Buffalo’s Mayoral Administration has confidentially and anonymously disclosed a series of emails, and text messages, between (name redacted) and a local journalist.

Et cetera, so on, and so forth.

To my surprise, the boys over at Artvoice put up a video interview with the alleged perpetrator of the lamest political scandal in Buffalo History.  The interview is replete with the standard issue facial shadows to hide Ali’s identity.  After watching this interview, I kept thinking that the guy in the interview sounds like an incredible doofus.


Whatever you make of the allegations or the veracity of Ali’s claims, this is just good times for fans of massive political FAIL.

A Word of Advice for Syaed Ali

29 Jan

Not that I’ve met or spoken with the guy, but maybe he ought to listen to his lawyer and keep his mouth shut for even just a little minute. Seriously.

All-Out War on Syaed Ali

16 Jan

Glenn Gramigna has two stories detailing the apparently illegal harassment that Ali suffered at the hands of law enforcement because he allegedly sent out some emails accusing Byron Brown of teh gay and Joe Illuzzi of soliciting blow from Steve Casey. All of those emails were so over-the-top that they were patently false to any objective observer. I’m sure the Mayor was pissed beyond belief, but it doesn’t mean you break the law. Two wrongs, etc.

HT Dick Kern

Syaed Ali

10 Jan

At least two people sent me this article from Artvoice, detailing the very disturbing case of one Syaed Ali. Back in November – right after election day – Mr. Ali was served with a search warrant, had many of his personal belongings taken by the police, was alternately told that he was, then wasn’t, charged with a crime, and was threatened with criminal charges if he lawyered up or went to the media.

Mr. Ali has now done both, and there are massive question marks surrounding the propriety and legality of the search warrant executed against him, and although he has not yet been charged with any crime, his property has not yet been returned to him.

Why is the city going ballistic against a young Democratic activist like Ali?

It’s alleged that he was the author of a series of pre-election-day emails sent from anonymous Gmail accounts under the name of a fictitious group called “WNY First” and “Buffalo First”.

Those emails, which were so defamatory that I was loath to even refer to them here, threatened to release video of Mayor Brown in a scandalous situation. These were sent to every media outlet in town, including and me, and they were hilarious not just in terms of the outrageous allegations being made, but also in the eagerness with which local media – most notably Channel 7 News – wanted those tapes OMG RIGHT NOW! The author of the emails had a habit of replying to individual news outlets’ requests by hitting “reply to all”. I alluded to it once or twice on the site.

In the end, no tapes were produced, and the whole thing was a small-time exercise in libel and breathless anticipation. I doubt whether any of it was criminal, and at this point it seems to me as if the city and police are just screwing with this guy to get back at him. I don’t quite understand why they’d go all Dick Cheney on him rather than just charge him with a crime or bring a civil action.

Glenn Gramigna: Journamalist

9 Feb

Illuzzi Lite Glenn Gramigna wrote this today. It’s in all caps, so it must be of critical screaming importance:

Pundit Publishes Phoney Brown Chats…But Why?
Written by Glenn Graminga, Editor



I particularly enjoy Gramigna’s usage of the royal “we”…

…and who said they were Brown chats?

Anyway, we published them because it’s interesting, newsworthy, and Chris and I thought it would be interesting for people to weight the whole Syaed Ali story against what he was accused of sending out. We also thought that people could and would do what they did – compare the writing in the chats to the writing habits of whoever puts together SAIL-IT’s web content.

We were both crystal clear that we thought the chats were so phony (that’s how you spell it, Glenn) as to be downright humorous.

Names were redacted to protect them us (because the emails are clearly defamatory). In fact, anyone with basic intelligence could have read my post or Chris’ post and figured out “why” we posted it. It is written out in English, after all.

Here’s a different question that’s raised. Now that Ali’s company is an advertiser of Gramigna’s, why does Gramigna or Ali care if these materials are posted if they’re so clearly untrue, and weren’t sent by Ali?

Paladino’s People Parse the Porn

14 Oct
Horny horse protest of Carl Paladino
Image by WNYMedia via Flickr

The snide, snarky manager of a campaign that has run far off the tracks has issued a response  yesterday’s dump of more (NSFW) Paladino porn emails.

WNYmedia is a collection of Buffalo misfits and miscreants who are obsessed with Carl Paladino and pornography.

While we may be misfits, to call us miscreants is to accuse us of criminality – a scurrilous and ridiculous charge that we call upon Paladino to back up.

Right after he gives us the names of “three of the four” Cuomo mistresses.

The Democrat activists have also been accused of falsifying emails in the past, and not just by Carl Paladino.

Yes. We’re Democrats.  Guilty.  But falsifying emails?  Can you believe what’s being invoked here?  Many moons ago, pay-for-praise webneb Glenn Gramigna was paid by Syaed Ali to accuse me (as well as housing activist Dick Kern) of being the author of emails sent around during the 2009 Buffalo Mayoral race by “WNYFirst” accusing Byron Brown of something.  It all resulted in this retraction of the claim:

We were wrong to quote a source who wondered out loud as to whether the Buffalo Pundit site, led by Mr. Alan Bedenko was the source of those slanderous e-mails that were being circulated about Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. He wasn’t. We have taken that story down and apologize to Mr. Bedenko and his associates. At the same time, we also hope that those who have stated or implied that Mr. Syaed Ali is the culprit will also apologize since there is no evidence of that either.

Gramigna’s clumsy allegation was later picked up by a Niagara county based publication, which was just as false.

But what is this?  Is Carl now denying that these are his emails?  Is he saying this is somehow false?  He admitted sending them in April


…and Caputo did the same just yesterday to Channel 2:

Williams says they remain quite concerned over racist e-mails which Paladino admitted (back in April) to forwarding to friends, and which continue to dog his campaign even though Caputo contends that the e-mails should by now be “irrelevant”.

“These e-mails are old, the news cycle on that has passed …It was bad judgment and he apologized for it,” Caputo reminded reporters.

“That (the e-mail issue) still kind of trumps anything else he might talk about as far as issues…and I’m not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt to be the Chief Executive of our state,” Williams said.

And regard, if you will, the utter chutzpah of Paladino’s people to accuse others of fabrication when he has yet to produce so much as one of the three names of supposed Cuomo mistresses from decades ago.  Talk about irrelevant and remote.  Talk about false accusations.  Talk about politically motivated smears.

Paladino’s prowess at smearing opponents is legendary.

During a media op yesterday afternoon, Caputo was asked about lawsuits and threatened legal action against Marc Odien.


I think it’s fair to say that when your campaign is posing as a tough guy by threatening lawsuits, it’s desperate and sinking.  There won’t be any lawsuit.  Money has nothing to do with it.  Carl has loads of it, and is a partner in a law firm. Now, Caputo isn’t a lawyer, but his boss is, and Carl knows exactly what’s involved in litigation and the discovery process.  It’s comical to think that Paladino would willingly perpetuate this story by causing all of the prominent local recipients of his porn and racist emails to testify under oath.  We’re talking about some notable government officials, community leaders, and industrialists; a long and distinguished list.

Carl himself would also be subject to questioning under oath.  The emails are authentic.  Carl knows it, he’s admitted it, and he’s not stupid enough to waste time and money prosecuting a pointless case.  Furthermore, he’s a public figure and we have adequately verified our facts.  Nothing that’s ever been written on our site is false or defamatory.

They tried to derail our campaign once before with emails of questionable origin. Soon, the world forgot about them and they devolved once again into irrelevance. This is just an attempt to breath life once again into their dying unprofitable Web site by maligning a Buffalo community leader. None of this is new; none of it is relevant

Hey, is Carl Paladino running for governor against Because his statement makes the emails self-evidently relevant.  If it was irrelevant, he would not have responded at all. Our irrelevance is only reflected by our traffic, the conversations about our region and state, and the work that we do in our community.  A Google search of “Paladino emails” generates 895,000 results. “Paladino horse” generates about 231,000 results. ”Carl Paladino emails”, results in about 2.3 million results.  If that’s irrelevant, well, I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish when we are relevant.

The April emails weren’t forgotten.  They’re mentioned constantly in the press. Gawker, CapCon, The New York Times, the Buffalo News,  Capital Tonight, Rachel Maddow, the Jackson Sun, aw hell – just look at the 500,000+ Google results for “Paladino porn” from just the last 1 month.

The Paladino campaign lurches from crisis to crisis, rudderless.  For instance, on Sunday Carl gave a speech that some Hasidic rabbis gave him moments earlier. It was mean to gay people.  On Monday, Carl stood by his speech.  On Tuesday, he apologized for it.  On Wednesday, the rabbi who invited him revoked his endorsement.  Slick move there, ace.

And what of that speech Carl delivered to the rabbis?  Did you note in this video, at around 6:50 where he pledges to support family values to “seek ways to protect everyone from obscenity on the internet“?  The man who succumbs to the vapors over men grinding in speedos, forwarded videos of women inserting bananas into their various orifices on some site entitled “FistFlush”, then has the temerity to accuse Cuomo of being a bad father.


Carl purports to be proudly politically incorrect.  He claims to shoot from the hip and to speak his mind. But if he truly believes that gay people have civil rights, why did he say otherwise in order to pander to a roomful of rabbis?  Because he’s just another politician.  And a poor one, at that.  Good politicians don’t whine about the media reporting the dumb crap they say.

What a difference a couple of weeks make.


Mickey Kearns Can’t Win

10 Jul

gimmeMickey2.JPG (JPEG Image, 559x597 pixels)

He can’t win and he’s wasting his time.

There, I said it.

I’m not the only one who is saying it as several local Democratic operatives, journalists, legislative staff members and politicos have shared the same feeling with me.  Kearns hasn’t been able to drum up support from much of anyone in the elected ranks.  The other politicians who overlap his district (Schroeder, Higgins, Stachowski, etc.) have all pledged support to Byron Brown.  Kearns was able to wrangle a tepid endorsement from Assemblyman Sam Hoyt earlier this week, but Hoyt and the Mayor have been locked in mortal combat for years.  It’s not like Hoyt had any other options.

We’re just going through the motions with a primary challenge to Mayor Brown that will precede an inevitable 70%-30% general election trouncing of whatever Republican decides to take a bullet for the team.  Which is a shame, because we have a petty, small minded autocrat running this city without a vision for success.

In every single interview I have seen or heard with Kearns, he comes across as completely unserious.  He lacks the soberness, gravitas or political will to run a city as troubled as our fair Queen City.  His “platform“, such as it is, is woefully lacking any bright shiny initiative that differentiates himself from the incumbent.  Mickey’s “issues” page is  filled with schlock about neighborhood quality of life centers, improving failed processes and “streamlining” red tape.  It’s the agenda for a councilman, not a serious candidate for Mayor of the second largest city in New York State.

Take, for example, his interview with Elena Buscarino at Buffalo Rising, it’s total and utter crap…no offense.


He’s sitting face-to-face with a person who isn’t going to ask him a tough question and he comes across as a kid running for Student Council Vice President promising Coke Machines in the lunchroom.  She lobbed more softballs than the drunk guy from accounting at the corporate picnic and the best he could come up with was some vague process improvements and a promise to do something the Mayor has already pledged to work on (Smart Code).

There is a hard truth in this campaign.  For many citizens of Buffalo, Mayor Brown is a pretty solid guy.  His administration has reduced crime in some of the city’s most distressed neighborhoods and he always appears to be “doing something“.  In Buffalo, that goes a long way.

Those of us who pay attention to the inside baseball stuff, the corruption, the half-assed machiavellian tendencies, the political machinations, overpaid staff,  and the general lack of a vision…we all know Brown is as useless as tits on a bull.  For those schooled in public policy, Citistat is bullshit.  It’s a garbage in-garbage out data collection system which simply allows for the Mayor to look very serious dozens of hours each week on public access television.  For those of us who care about ethics, this administration is an embarassment.

From Pete Cutler allegedly drunkenly hiding under a car after allegedly hitting a motorcyclist, to Brown’s son joyriding around the east side and destroying property, allegedly confiscating Syaed Ali’s underpants and deodorant, to the epic FAIL of One Sunset, to slamming crappy hotels for cronies into plum waterfront development sites, to the staffers pulling multiple salaries from multiple departments and all the other bullshit…this administration makes the Masiello crew look like choir girls.

Sadly, most people in the third poorest city in the nation don’t give a rat’s ass about any of that.  They know they have cameras on their corners, lower crime rates, the taxes have gone down a couple of bucks and shitty houses on their blocks are being demolished.  And everywhere they turn, Mayor Brown’s smiling visage is seen on billboards and the TV screen.  He’s everywhere, the king of press conferences and studies to plan studies that will assemble committees to fix problems.


What does Mickey have to counter that?  Not much.  He needs a message, an idea, a vision.  In the Buffalo Rising article I referenced above, Mickey claims to be a “big picture” kind of guy.  Sadly, everything he says makes him look like he hasn’t the slightest idea of what he’s gotten himself into.

And we’re all going to be the worse for it…guaranteed another four years of incompetent and misguided leadership from the Brown Administration.