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It's Not a Cash Mob, It's a Beer Mob!

1 Nov

An old-school neighborhood tavern is one of the things that makes Buffalo a special place. These corner pubs are important “third places” between work and home and serve as a hub for fun, collaboration, and community. In essence, they are the connective tissue of a neighborhood. Regular visitors stop in for a beer or two, maybe a fish fry and catch up with their friends and neighbors. Buffalo and other rust belt cities have them in spades and we want to make sure they stay alive.

So, in the spirit of embeering Buffalo and celebrating the importance of the neighborhood tavern, Community Beer Works (of which I am a part-owner) will be sponsoring monthly BeerMobs at classic Buffalo taverns and pubs.

The first of these Beer Mobs is tonight from 7-9PM at the Nortel Grill found at 732 Hertel Avenue in Buffalo.

We’ll put some beers on tap for one night (Frank and Batch 100 Schwartzbier) and ask you to come down and share a pint or choose another beer from Nortel’s cooler. Maybe grab a sandwich, play a few board games, or just hang out and tell some stories.

Come and celebrate a local tavern that makes Buffalo a special place. See you there!