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The Morning Grumpy – 6/26/12

26 Jun

All the news, views, and filtered excellence fit to consume during your morning grumpy.

Meet the “Not-So-Amazing Spiderman”


 1. The most amazing bowling story ever. I never thought I would type that combination of words in that exact order, ever. 

Most people think perfection in bowling is a 300 game, but it isn’t. Any reasonably good recreational bowler can get lucky one night and roll 12 consecutive strikes. If you count all the bowling alleys all over America, somebody somewhere bowls a 300 every night. But only a human robot can roll three 300s in a row—36 straight strikes—for what’s called a “perfect series.” More than 95 million Americans go bowling, but, according to the United States Bowling Congress, there have been only 21 certified 900s since anyone started keeping track.

Bill Fong’s run at perfection started as most of his nights do, with practice at around 5:30 pm.

This is a fantastic story with a phenomenal twist of an ending.

2. Harris Interactive conducted a “Mobile Mindset Study” to measure the behavior and attitudes of smartphone users. They found that nearly 60% of Americans can not go more than one hour without checking their phones for updates.

The study also found that nearly 90% of us feel either “panicked” or “desperate” if we are without our phone.

The study also illustrates how behavior that was once considered rude has become common, with 30% of respondents saying that they check their phones while having a meal with someone. 

Our dependence on our phones has become near debilitating. While we can hardly remember what it was like to wait on queue at a store, bank, or office without the crutch of reading articles on our phones, we’ve become nearly incapable of living without a constant stream of media stimulus. We need downtime to synthesize the information we consume…the constant input is murdering our attention span. Speaking of that…let’s ride bikes! No, wait, let me check Twifacesquaregram and see where all my friends are ZOMG! a text from dog! I need to rate something on UrbanYelpSpoon@!@ Take a picture for my Tumblr!

I’m no luddite, but maybe we should all cool it with the god damned phones, huh?

3. Yet another poll and story demonstrating the people oppose “Obamacare” but overwhelmingly support the provisions of the bill if polled individually

Fifty-six percent of people are against the healthcare overhaul and 44 percent favor it, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from Tuesday through Saturday.

Support for the provisions of the healthcare law was strong, with a full 82 percent of survey respondents, for example, favoring banning insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

Sixty-one percent are in favor of allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26 and 72 percent back requiring companies with more than 50 employees to provide insurance for their employees.

Being the President of a nation of easily influenced dolts must be fucking exhausting.

4. Mitt Romney is the most obnoxious liar in American political history. And no, that’s not an overreach. Sure, some have lied about bigger and more important issues, but no one has lied with the frequency of Mitt Romney. He has mastered the ability lie to and use the short attention span of the American public, the swift nature of the news cycle, and the cowardice of reporters to never recant. It would be impressive if it weren’t so disturbing.

Now, in general, those of us in the pundit class are really not supposed to accuse politicians of lying – they mislead, they embellish, they mischaracterize, etc. Indeed, there is natural tendency for nominally objective reporters, in particular, to stay away from loaded terms such as lying. Which is precisely why Romney’s repeated lies are so effective. In fact, lying is really the only appropriate word to use here, because, well, Romney lies a lot. But that’s a criticism you’re only likely to hear from partisans.

This is perhaps the most interesting and disturbing element of Romney’s tireless obfuscation: that even when corrected, it has little impact on the presumptive GOP nominee’s behavior. This is happening at a time when fact-checking operations in major media outlets have increased significantly, yet that appears to have no effect on the Romney campaign.

What is the proper response when, even after it’s pointed out that the candidate is not telling the truth, he keeps doing it?

Romney lies about his lies and waits for the news cycle to churn on to another issue. It’s so incredibly cynical that it can’t possibly continue into the full heat of the general election campaign…or can it?

5. Why republicans are simply not to be taken seriously when it comes to deficit reduction.

As Matt Yglesias points out, “there’s no Republican support at a grass-roots level for any measure that would lead to substantial deficit reduction.” If you’re not willing to increase revenue and you’re unwilling to seriously cut any of the three major government cost centers, how in the hell are you going to cut spending? The republicans are a fundamentally unserious party.

Fact Of The Day: If it stood alone as a country, the Great Lakes economy would be one of the largest economic units on earth (with a $4.5-trillion gross regional product).

Quote Of The Day: “A conservative is one who admires radicals centuries after they’re dead” -Leo Rosten

Video Of The Day: Awesome slow motion Slinky video. If you hold a Slinky by one end and drop it, the bottom end doesn’t actually move until the top end catches up with it. The design and physics are amazing, here’s the science.

Song Of The Day: “Revolution” – Nina Simone (Beatles Cover)

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