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The Morning Grumpy – 1/24/2012

24 Jan

All the news and views fit to consume during your morning grumpy…Republican Debate edition!

1. For Pete’s sake!

Not only could Mitt not have illegals working for him because he was running for office, he also couldn’t keep his Swiss bank account open. He closed it in 2010 after an adviser told him it would be “embarrassing“. According to his just released 203 page 2010 tax return, Mitt paid an effective tax rate of 13.9% on a total of $45.2MM in income over the years of 2010-2011.

The attacks on him in the primary should settle down as under all competing tax proposals from the other candidates, Mitt would pay less and would even pay zip, zero, zilch under Newt Gingrich’s plan. However, President Obama would have a field day with this if Romney were to become the Republican nominee. Thank you, #Occupy!

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By the way, Mitt Romney’s version of a middle class tax cut plan? It doesn’t really cut taxes for the middle class, but it sure gives a truckload of cuts to guys like him.

2. Jay Rosen and his brief theory of the Republican Party 2012.

A Brief Theory of the Republican Party: 2012

In so far as a political party in the United States can “decide” anything, the party decided not to have the fight it needed to have between reality-based Republicans and the other kind. And so it is having that fight now, during the 2012 election season, but in disguised form. The results are messy and confusing.

In an election when Newt Gingrich can claim, with a straight face, that he is an “outsider”, it has become clear that this is a party filled with people who can say anything and not worry about the consequences.

3. Last night at the Florida Republican Presidential Debate, Rick Santorum pledged war against Iran as the potential of a nuclear armed “theocratic government” was simply not acceptable. Of course, the irony is lost on Mr. Santorum that his pledge to make Abraham’s law part of our central legislative identity just makes us a different kind of theocracy. Reminds me of this old image…

4. Meanwhile, back at Sanity Ranch, Bill Moyers interviews Reagan’s Budget Director David Stockman about crony capitalism and the entitled class of Wall Street financiers.

Sayeth Mr. Stockman:

We have neither capitalism nor democracy. We have crony capitalism.

Yes, Reagan’s budget director. We’re through the looking glass.

5. If you have a minute, take Bill Moyers’s financial crisis IQ quiz. If you don’t score a 100% on this quiz, go do some reading.

Fact Of The Day: Think this Presidential campaign is the nastiest ever? Has anyone published print material accusing another candidate’s Mother of being a whore? No? Well, John Quincy Adams did just that to Andrew Jackson in 1828.

Quote Of The Day: “If a government or a people is to progress, its goal must ever be a little beyond its reach.” – Robert F. Wagner

Song Of The Day: “Shade and Honey” by Sparklehorse

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