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9 Oct

Yesterday, President Barack Obama agreed to negotiate with and talk to House Republicans, on the condition that they vote for a clean continuing resolution, and re-open the federal government at its current sequester-level funding, and remove the threat of a debt ceiling crisis. House Speaker John Boehner rejected that idea, calling it an “unconditional surrender”.  

But funding the federal government isn’t a win for Democrats any more than it’s a “surrender” for Republicans – it’s what government is supposed to do

Raising the debt ceiling isn’t a win for Democrats any more than it’s a “surrender” for Republicans – it is routinely done in the usual course of government business. 

Here’s what this is in a nutshell: Boehner and the Republicans demand that Obama “talk” and “negotiate” with them, while Boehner’s got Obama tied up and he’s holding a gun to his head. Obama’s asking Boehner if he’d be so kind as to drop the gun and untie him, and then they can talk. Boehner refuses, because untying him and dropping the gun would amount to unilateral surrender.

The rope is the shutdown – the gun is the debt limit. They demand that Obama “negotiate” under duress. It violates every concept of good faith and fair play. It is unconscionable. 

This isn’t business as usual. This is a Constitutional crisis – a borderline coup. Sedition by another name. Chris Collins supports it, wholeheartedly