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DiPietro’s Poll and Unintended Consequences

8 Jul

Yesterday morning, David DiPietro – Tea Party candidate for State Senate SD-59 – sent an email to an unknown number of people, including me. There was no text or other explanation for why I received a grammatically incorrect, poorly spelled poll report that showed DiPietro trailing Pat Gallivan.

DiPietro has never before seen fit to send me an email or otherwise correspond with me in any way, and although the complete list of recipients was hidden in a bcc block, I imagine I wasn’t the only one to get it.

So I printed it, and simultaneously emailed him back a list of questions about the sourcing of the poll. We discussed it yesterday afternoon on Brad Riter’s radio show on WECK 1230. Today I discovered why I received it.

From Allen Coniglio from the Ostrowski wing of the local Tea Party:

In any case, in recent days, pressure has been put on Dave DiPietro to leave the 59th district senate race. Polls show Domagalski far behind, gathering only single digit support, while Dave and the pension padding Gallivan are neck and neck. Dave refuses to get out of the race and this is really upsetting the folks at the TeaGOP machine as Domagalski is their major line of support within the Republican machine. Langworthy, who as you may already know, is the guy who was appointed by Domagalski to replace him when he stepped down to run in the 59th race, is an errand boy who will find nothing to support him when Domagalski, TeaGOP, and the Republican machine inevitably crash and burn. Langworthy should do the honorable thing and step down now but he won’t as he has no honor. Thus, TeaGOP is in a very difficult situation. They cannot release their endorsements as the 59th race is a true burden for them. Remember, it is the fact that Rus Thompson tried to force Domagalski in as the tea party candidate in the first few days of April and Jim Ostrowski’s and my refusal to go along with such an obviously phony candidate, that caused the original breakup of the TPC. And, it was from this thwarted move that RT said to Langworthy 10 days later that he has a plan to take us out at the knees. Why take us out at the knees? Because we were in his way and he needed us destroyed so that he and the GOP could control the tea party in Buffalo and Western NY. You have seen much of their work right here on ReformNYS as they tried to blacken our names and they have done the same thing on other blogs as well. Well, they are still busily at work, trying to thwart the will of the people and trying to establish the TeaGOP machine as a subsidiary of the Republican machine.

Notice how “subtle” these people are. In printing Dave DiPietro’s request for petition help on their TeaGOP newsletter, they took the special step of misspelling Dave’s name in order to send a very clear and compelling message. It is copied and pasted below for you to see. Instead of writing “DiPietro”, they wrote “DiePietro”. The subliminal intent is quite clear and as crude as everything else they do. “Die Pietro”.

So, DiPietro is being pressured to leave the race so that what – Domagalski has a shot against Gallivan? Stepping gingerly through Coniglio’s self-righteous conspiracy theories, that’s what seems to be going on. That would explain why DiPietro would send an unsolicited email showing one poll answer from a greater poll.

But commenter Fat Tony says – not so fast.

…now that DiPietro publicly released these results to you, state Election Law requires that he release the full poll, including all questions and results, cross tabs, sample size, demographics, margin of error, etc. The law is in place to specifically prohibit what he is trying to do, which is selectively release information. For all we know, the preceding questions leading up to the one he sent you might have been pushes to kill Domagalski Furthermore, I doubt the question was open-ended as it appears in what he sent you so how they identified each person really matters.

The question would normally be: there are three Republican candidates running in a primary election for State Senate: former Erie CountySheriff Patrick Gallivan, former East Aurora Supervisor David DiPietro and former Erie County Republican Chairman Jim Domgalski. If the election were held today, for whom would you be voting.

I looked into it and confirmed that Election Law Section 3-106 requires the BOE to set up a “Fair Campaign Code” as part of their rules. Rule 6201.2 of that Fair Election Code applies here.

Click to enlarge

So, 24 hours down, 24 hours to go for DiPietro to release the poll – in its entirety – to the Board of Elections. If he doesn’t, there is a complaint procedure to follow.

In the words of political philosopher Ke$ha, Tick tock.

The Tea Party Guy and His Scary-Influential Google Group

12 Jun

Apparently, I’ve been likened by Jim Ostrowski to a character in an Ayn Rand novel. What a nerd-dope.

Anyhow, Ostrowski’s last remaining ally in local politics is a very silly tea party guy who so badly wants to be paid attention to, so badly wants to be relevant, that I won’t ever use his name again, thus denying him the recognition and attention he so craves. So here’s what that silly tea-party guy who runs the Google group and is a full-fledged birther, has to say about me:

Ellsworth Toohey. That is funny. I don’t know why this guy wastes everyone’s time posting his inane drivel. I have allowed you and your fellow back alley snipers on ReformNYS for all these months, bp, and all you do is look for ways to trash me for expressing my opinions, and I see you do the same thing to others here. Do you not know that it is not yet illegal in this country to express one’s opinion despite your efforts to make it so? There is no censorship and no moderation of comments on ReformNYS which means that anyone can post anything at any time except insults to another member and yet, you lie on your crappy blog and say that I have to approve everything.

Firstly, let me say this: there was a time that I had been removed from this person’s Google group, and when I made a stink about it on my blog, I was reinstated – or my access to its content was. I haven’t ever posted to it, nor do I feel compelled to. I also don’t obsess about Coniglio’s little online salon the way he seems to think I do. But here’s exhibit A of this individual’s unintentional hilarity. This line:

Do you not know that it is not yet illegal in this country to express one’s opinion despite your efforts to make it so?

Here’s a challenge for this person. Point to a single, solitary thing I’ve done or said that would tend to be evidence of an “effort” on my part to make it “illegal” for one to “express one’s opinion”. Just because you have the right to clumsily express your silly opinions, doesn’t mean I don’t have a concomitant right to mock or criticize them. HTH.

You are a liar, Bedenko. A liar has no worth. Face that. You say that I throw people off my list who disagree with me. In the 5 years I have been running ReformNYS, I have thrown 5 people off the list. Several years ago, one swore and cursed list members constantly and refused to stop, so I removed her. I got rid of three a month ago when TeaNY orchestrated lying attacks on me on ReformNYS and refused to stop until I threatened legal action for slander. I had enough of them as they were liars. You know what I think of liars. Don’t you? The fifth was you, at the behest and urging of Rus Thompson. I can only guess why he wanted you off that list so much. Maybe he just wanted to cause further enmity between us, between the Truth and a lie.

Again, with the list. I would love to see the “slander” that was allegedly published on an online forum, rather than spoken. I don’t give a crap about your list, except insofar as I get to read the nonsense you – and the small handful of people who still align themselves with you – write.

You whined for a while to TeaNY, I answered you and them together, I crushed your every whimper, I challenged you to a debate which you refused, and then I felt sorry for you because you had nothing to say and I let you back on. That was my mistake.

“Let me back on” to what? I don’t engage in debate or otherwise post to your Google group. I have no idea when or to whom I “whined” or “whimpered”, but I certainly didn’t do it to Rus or anyone else. Not about you, for sure. I’m a liar? In what way? What have I posted that’s false? Nothing. Not a single thing. It just sucks for you that no one takes you seriously, you can’t get TV time like Jim or Rus, and you’re basically a joke.

Also, I never saw a challenge to a debate (mostly because I don’t obsess about you the way that you believe), but my God, why would I waste my time? What is there to debate, precisely?

I thought you had some decency. I have learned since then that you have none. You cannot compete with me. You are small minded, unkind, and full of hatred. What could possibly have caused a human being to become so miserable and so full of negativity, so contemptuous of life, and of a humanity which seeks to be free? You do not deserve freedom because you abuse it in order to continue your lie. You know what I think of liars. You are fortunate that I am a compassionate person. I will say no more.

The indecent accusing me of indecency. I’m not trying to compete with cretins. I’m trying to educate people and expose you for the small-minded, wrong, attention-craving ignoramus you are.

The Root of the Tea Party Schism in WNY

12 Jun

Albert Matteo is a member of Lenny Roberto’s Primary Challenge, and is the third person to corroborate this exact sequence of events that led to the ultimate split of the various local WNY tea party groups.

Pay especial attention to the details surrounding the meeting & ensuing emails concerning Domagalski’s entry in the race for the Volker seat.

After squiring her around WNY, promoting her as the great hope against Brian Higgins for months, Jim Ostrowski has now taken to insulting the intelligence of Dr. Jill Rowland, who is running for Louise Slaughter’s seat, and who is no longer employing Mr. Ostrowski. See, it turns out that Dr. Rowland, whom Mr. Ostrowski recruited, doesn’t live in Higgins’ district. What a difference a few months make.

Mr. Matteo’s story:

What I am writing is in response to blogs by Jim Ostrowski that I’ve read. One thing I have learned is that Jim and reality don’t always meet. In other words, what goes on between Jim’s ears and what goes on in the rest of the world aren’t always the same thing. I am learning Allen Coniglio has the same problem. I didn’t want to do this. I tried to ignore it but sometimes you just can’t.

Let me make one thing clear – The tea party has not split! Did you get that – THE TEA PARTY HAS NOT SPLIT!!! The tea party is made up of many different groups. It has been going on for more than 5 years. It didn’t just start. It didn’t just end and it didn’t just split. The “Tea Party Coalition” collapsed, that and only that group.

What has happened to the “tea party movement”? Over the last six months or so, many of its elements here in the Buffalo area did begin talking to see if we could work more closely together. It was an experiment. There was a meeting called by Jim Ostrowski. I was hopeful. It was an idea I had thought about also but never acted on. Many others were skeptical. Time proved them right.

The first meeting did not go well. Many of these people had tried to work together before and the results were not always good. Sitting at this meeting it became evident why. Old resentments were not easily hidden. It didn’t help that the person who asked for the meeting began to attack other groups, specifically attacking Primary Challenge. Apparently, we weren’t doing what he thought we should be doing, therefore we “failed”. Great way to bring people together, huh? After this “Failed” meeting some did not come back. (Although Jim thought the meeting went great. Another case of Jim and reality not meeting.) We had decided that we would try again the next week. I hoped that we would be able to overcome this “disastrous” start and I felt I had a responsibility to be “involved”.

The second meeting wasn’t much better. Let me sum up the results – nothing got done. It was the same in most meetings and it wasn’t just my opinion. Without going in to more needless detail let me say that I went away from almost all the meetings asking myself, “Why did I go to this meeting?” The only good thing I got out of it most days was really good oatmeal and a good cup of coffee.

The signs of impending collapse were there from the beginning. Some personalities and egos just don’t go well together, neither did the name calling, mischaracterizations, rewriting and re-rewriting “tea party” history, with slants usually favoring the rewriter.

Everything came to a head the week of Easter. Both Dave DiPietro and Lenny Roberto had expressed interest in the 59th State Senate seat that is currently held by Dale Volker. I don’t believe either of them had “officially” announced. Now, Dave was very involved with the “Coalition”. Lenny was at the first meeting and foresaw that this was not going to go well and did not come back. There were several of us from Primary Challenge there so it wasn’t like the group wasn’t represented. This was when Carl Paladino was just starting to work on running for governor. Jim never seems to talk about his participation in the “meeting”. There Carl, Rus, Lenny, Dave, Jim O, Mike Caputo (Carl’s campaign manager), and Jim Domagalski met to discuss the upcoming campaign for the state senate seat. At that time it was to be a 4 person race. Not very good odds for someone. Lenny wisely dropped out of that race and switched to 27th Congressional race, which had no announced GOP candidates. There was to be a meeting on Saturday at noon involving Dave, Jim Domagalski, and Carl.

HERE IS THE MISSING ELEMENT: The night before that meeting Jim O hastily calls a phone conference meeting of the “Coalition” for Saturday morning to discuss whether to endorse Dave or Lenny. Now Jim knows that Lenny has dropped out and so do a few others, but he neglects to mention that in the e-mail. Some of us caught on immediately that something wasn’t right. This was an obvious attempt by Jim, a paid political consultant, to manipulate the group. In retrospect I think the whole “Tea Party Coalition” idea was and still is a tool to be used by Jim.

Needless to say, many e-mails ensued from many directions. It was very ugly. At that time I felt it was best for Primary Challenge to back out of the “Tea Party Coalition” but left the final decision to the board. Most were surprised I had stayed in that long. The Board voted to leave the “Coalition”.

I learned that Primary Challenge wasn’t the only group to leave. At this point there are maybe 5 or 6 people involved in the “Tea Party Coalition”. Why? I blame Jim. As is displayed in his writings Jim is a very angry, bitter person. He is extremely resentful of the success that Rus and Lenny have had. He especially craves the spotlight. He won’t say it. He might even argue publicly against the idea but I am convinced that he desperately craves it.

What he doesn’t understand is “POLITICS” or “SUCCESS”. Yes he has been at it for years and years but he still doesn’t understand it. Politics is a game of negotiation and compromise. If you can do this without compromising principle you will be very successful. If you can’t negotiate, you lose. If you won’t compromise, you lose. If you compromise your principles, you lose. It is a balancing act but it can be done.

I believe that Rus and Lenny have learned this. Jim has not. He has only succeeded in driving people away and has done so for many years.

In conclusion let me say that we have not won the war to regain our government and the fight is not over. There is much to be done but we are making progress. Those who were considered the “enemy” are now seeking our endorsement. The success of the movement across the country has shown that we are relevant and that we are powerful. If we keep up the fight, if we cast aside distractions, if we work with those we can and disassociate from those with whom we can’t, we will win.

In the end the tea party has not split. It has not died. The MOVEMENT is ALIVE and VERY WELL. Most of us still work together and there is a lot of overlap among the groups.

Only the “Tea Party Coalition” has collapsed. It collapsed from within. The poison that was at its root was the cause.

Third Party Line: Hmmmmm

10 Jun

Carl Paladino has put out the call for help naming the minor party line he is creating, and on which he’ll run come November.

Your suggestions go in comments.  We promise, we’ll send them along to the Paladino campaign.  After all, we’re conspiring with Paladino supporter Rus Thompson and the Republican machine to send Allen Coniglio and Jim Ostrowski to Kenya with Obama to burn down the Reichstag and stuff.  I’ll post the best ideas in this post by way of update.

Matthew Ricchiazzi : Ineligible for SD-60

9 Jun

The requirements to run for the state senate in New York are pretty clear. You need to be 18, have lived in the New York for at least 5 years (preferably not with your parents) and most importantly, you must have been a full time resident of the senate district you want to represent for the 12 months immediately before the election.

So, if someone wanted to run against Antoine Thompson in New York’s 60th Senate district, that person would have to have lived in that district since at least November 2, 2009.

Over the weekend, the Ostrowski/Coniglio faction of the local WNY tea party endorsed a handful of candidates for this years state elections. Among them was Matthew Ricchiazzi. You might remember him from such failed campaigns like last year’s Mayoral race and most recently, last month’s Buffalo School Board election.

His first two attempts at getting on a ballot having failed, Mr. Ricchiazzi is looking for a trifecta with his current run against Antoine Thompson.

WNYmedia has learned that Mr. Ricchiazzi could be considered ineligible to run for the New York State senate’s 60th district seat.

Ricchiazzi recently sent a “press release” out trying to paint WNYmedia blogger and Carl Paladino supporter Rus Thompson as a democrat:

Monday morning, Ricchiazzi blasted off an email to just about every local media email address he could harvest – even the kid who covers the online-bargain beat for the Channel 2 morning infotainment hour got an email. In it, (see it here in its entirety), Ricchiazzi pleases his new political ally – Ostrowski – by blasting Erie County Republican Party chairman Nick Langworthy for, among other things, endorsing “Democrat Rus Thompson”. (Ricchiazzi’s website is here).

Anyone who knows Rus, even if by name only, can tell you that despite his current BOE status, Rus is about the farthest thing from a Democrat out there.

When dropping out of last year’s mayoral race, Ricchiazzi wrote:

Let’s be honest–a 23 year old, openly bisexual, half-Indian, registered Republican running for Mayor of Buffalo was a long shot.

Like his self-described sexual orientation (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Ricchiazzi is just as undecided about his political affiliation.

Matthew Ricchiazzi was a registered Democrat for most, if not just about all his voting life (six years):

In January of 2009, before President Obama was even inaugurated, Ricchiazzi changed his party affiliation to Republican.

Yet in numerous interviews over the last two years, Ricchiazzi has claimed to be a fiscally conservative, socially liberal “Republican”. Know any of those?

Hell, I’m a bleeding-heart liberal, but also consider myself a fiscal conservative.  Do you know anyone on either side of the aisle that likes high taxes?

I digress.

In his attempt to run for Buffalo School Board and sometime in April 2010, the Erie County Board of Elections sent Ricchiazzi mail which came back undeliverable. At the time, it was discovered Ricchiazzi did not live at the address on Brinton Street he supplied:

Until this morning,  Ricchiazzi was considered an “inactive voter” by the Erie County Board of Elections. His voting record only tallied vote was in one Presidential Election back in 2004, which seems to also be the last time he was a legal resident of Erie County for the length of time needed to run for office.

After graduating from Sweet Home High School, Ricchiazzi attended Cornell University until 2008 and then Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, until a few weeks ago.

Obviously, it’s hard to be a full time student at Cornell and live in north Buffalo. Ricchiazzi’s Facebook status reveals that he was living in Tompkins County as recently as May 15th:

And back in March when he was coming “home to Buffalo Amherst” for spring break to collect petitions that would eventually be deemed invalid for the Buffalo School Board Election:

And in February when he was snowed in during an Ithaca snow storm:


Calls to the Tompkins County BOE confirm Ricchiazzi never registered at his most recent residence near Cornell University. When he filled out his Democrat -> Republican enrollment registration card in January 2009, he maintained his given address on Margaret Drive in Amherst, well outside the 60th Senate District.

Parts of the The NYS Public Officers law place a heavier burden on the residency of candidates as opposed to an average voter.  If challenged in court, Ricchiazzi would have a hard time confirming his residency in the 60th district for 12 consecutive months. Due to the district falling in both Erie and Niagara County, the issue would have to be brought before the State Board of Elections and to State Supreme court in Albany county.

Are we meant to believe that Mr. Ricchiazzi wants to go to Albany to be a legislator, yet cannot be bothered to properly register to vote? Cannot be bothered to vote at all in five years?  Are we meant to believe that he would well represent his prospective constituents, but cannot be bothered to meet (or research) the basic requirements to run for a particular public office?

While Jim Ostrowski denigrates his former allies, calling them “regular office seekers”, his coalition is busy endorsing a kid who in 2 years has run for 3 offices, doesn’t own a home, probably hasn’t paid a property or income tax, and who until today was not registered to vote, doesn’t vote, and quite possibly is now ineligible to run for the office he seeks to hold.

That’s not just sloppy.  It’s lazy and stupid.

Rus Thompson Draws Formerly-Friendly Fire

8 Jun

Ordinarily, you’d expect me to further cheer the daily deepening of the rift between the two competing local tea party factions.

On the one hand, you have conservative Republican wing represented by Carl Paladino and Rus Thompson. Tea New York is registering voters, getting petitions signed, recruiting candidates, supporting and promoting them, and working to a certain degree with the local Republican party apparatus to facilitate all of the above.

On the other, you have a strange amalgam of Jim Ostrowski’s glibertarian cult and Allen Coniglio, a person of such unintentional hilarity that quite literally no one takes him seriously. Their so-called “tea party coalition” finds its home here, at Ostrowski’s own book-plugging site, and on Coniglio’s listserv. They haven’t had much luck recruiting candidates, or keeping them once they do, they have done poor promotion and desperate support, and refuse to cooperate with those in a position to assist them.

The Thompson/Paladino wing is winning. The Ostrowski/Coniglio wing isn’t.

I like Rus Thompson even though I don’t always agree with him. He is a guy who is involved politically for the right reasons. He has been active on the tolls issue, on pushing for reforms and better government for years.

The whole thing blew up in a very dirty and politically vicious way this past week. One of Ostrowski’s clients is an online publisher, and it became quite evident over the weekend that Ostrowski, or someone who is part of his faction, fed that website a great deal of hateful things about Rus Thompson, calling him a “political whore”. It seems that Jim Ostrowski’s personal Higgins opponent, Jill Rowland, was convinced to run instead against Louise Slaughter, leaving Len Roberto to battle Higgins in his annual failed campaign.

Ostrowski’s group held a candidate’s night event a few nights ago and among the people it endorsed is Matthew Ricchiazzi for state senate. It appears that Ostrowski’s “coalition” consists of five old guys. You may recall Ricchiazzi ran for mayor of the city of Buffalo last year for a brief time, gaining little traction but attracting some attention, particularly online.

Monday morning, Ricchiazzi blasted off an email to just about every local media email address he could harvest – even the kid who covers the online-bargain beat for the Channel 2 morning infotainment hour got an email. In it, (see it here in its entirety), Ricchiazzi pleases his new political ally – Ostrowski – by blasting Erie County Republican Party chairman Nick Langworthy for, among other things, endorsing “Democrat Rus Thompson”. (Ricchiazzi’s website is here).

Say what now? Rus is a lot of stuff, but to make him out to be some kind of liberal democrat is patently nuts, assuming that the reader is a complete moron. Thompson switched his party enrollment in 2009, expecting to run a primary against Antoine Thompson this year. With Carl Paladino’s entry in the governor’s race, Thompson opted instead to help that effort. Ricchiazzi strikes:

…Langworthy is left impotent, powerless, and unable to deliver.

Such was the case last week, when he failed to garner any significant level of support outside of Erie County for his endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, at the state’s GOP nominating convention. Sources tell me that Langworthy pushed hard to nominate Democrat Rus Thompson in the 60th senate district (as a favor to Carl) at a hastily convened meeting of the Republican Party Committee last Saturday morning, on May 29th. He was flatly denied, (no fault of Rus’s) and was unable to garner a majority to nominate.

Really, Nicholas? You’re going to pull an Ed-Cox and try to give the Republican line to a Democrat? Wasn’t it you telling us that Chairman Cox shouldn’t endorse a Democrat?

Rus Thompson isn’t Steve Levy. Steve Levy was brought it by Ed Cox to help Cox’s son in the NY-1 congressional race. Rus was doing what Lenny Roberto (currently running against Brian Higgins) said people ought to do – run in primaries, rather than general elections. After all, most WNY electoral districts are gerrymandered to the point where general elections are seldom relevant – it all comes down to what happens on primary day.

I contacted Nick Langworthy, and he sent along this statement in response to Ricchiazzi’s rant:

I am simply focused on electing Republicans. I had reached out to Matthew by email after meeting him at a Paladino fundraiser last month. I asked him if he would like to have formal discussions regarding his candidacy. He declined my invitation.

So, it would seem that while the local Democrats are self-destructing into three warring factions, the Republicans have their own three factions. So in actuality we have what amounts to no fewer than six distinct political parties locally, so that’s fun. But ultimately, when a self-important media slut-cum-political prince takes to the nomenklatura’s muckraking site to impugn the integrity of a Rus Thompson, I think that’s beyond shameful and despicable.

The WNY Tea Party, Tinfoil Hats and Paladino

13 Apr

After being informed that he was discussing our website, I begrudgingly tuned into Sandy Beach’s radio show on WBEN.  Of course, the content of the discussion was the Carl Paladino horse porn/racism kerfuffle and the “liberal media” and “liberal blogs”.

Beach claimed that by publishing Carl’s own words, we were unfairly maligning members of the local tea party as racist hatemongers.  Umm, ok.

I generally don’t paint people with a broad brush. “Labels disable” and all.

However, there is a mountain of evidence that some members of our local tea party movement are fully badged members of the tinfoil hat mafia.

Might they be motivated to protest for reasons other than their stated opposition to “out of control government spending” and “tyranny”?  Might they be simple, mildly educated and misinformed voters who have been sold a line of propaganda that “the blayyycks” and “the messicans” are coming to take their jobs and move into their neighborhood?

I mean, there has to be a reason why life just hasn’t turned out the way they imagined it would, right?  Their job sucks, they don’t earn enough, their wives won’t sleep with them, their kids are disappointments.  Someone has to be to blame…must be the government and those damned unions and the black guy who stole the Presidential election with those black ACORN commies.  He pals around with terrorists and plans to take their guns and freedom!  Hell, Barry Soetero is a Muslim from Kenya!  An islamo-fascist sleeper agent sent here to destroy America and force them to pray to Mecca.  THEY WANT THEIR COUNTRY BACK, DAMN IT!

So, is Sandy Beach right?  Are we unfairly maligning some members of the WNY tea party?  Spend a little time on the Tea Party Google Group Mailing List, “Reform NYS” and make your own decision.  We report, you decide and all that jazz.

Allen Coniglio is the leader of  the local chapter of the Tea Party.  He introduced all the speakers (including Carl Paladino) at yesterday’s Tea Party Express event in Buffalo.  After his turn as master of ceremonies was complete, Allen Coniglio was asked to comment on the WNYMedia story about Carl Paladino’s racist and bestiality email history. Here’s what he said:

Buffalo Tea Party organizer Allen Coniglio told me that Paladino is a “decent person” and that this story is a smear.

Coniglio made it clear that he and the Buffalo Tea Party denounced the content of the e-mails and “do not support any racist positions of any kind. ” This story, he said, was the kind of thing he’d come to expect from the media and liberal activists.”

I’m glad to see Coniglio denounce Carl’s racist and pornographic emails, perhaps he should move on to denouncing his own words.

Coniglio, discussing if American society can be “saved” from big government and whether we can “salvage a cancerous and devastated system”.

People are different (ed. from the 18th and 19th century) because there are many more unproductive slackers due to big government, new slaveholder interventions and slave breeding programs. People of the type created by these programs would not have existed in any measurable quantity as there would have been little possibility of survival prior to the advent of the modern welfare state.

Slacking is now in the genes of the people who have been on welfare for 3 or 4 generations or more and these people are now, for all intents and purposes, societally worthless, ineducable and probably beyond redemption.

Yes, they are different because they have been bred to do nothing but slack and vote for Democrats by their slavemasters Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy, the Clintons, etc..

and then there is this doozy:

If blacks knew what was best for them, they would all run from the plantation mentality, new slaveholder Democrats and their evildoing lapdogs in the media.

The actual fact of the matter is that very few humans are fully capable of governing themselves despite many libertarian’s utopian fantasies and, without a strong government presence in the society at large, chaos will inevitably ensue. After the cleansing of humanity and the removal of large numbers of reprobates and worthless, violent slackers (which has already begun), libertarians may have a better chance of selling their now, untenable and impractical philosophy.

It’s not just frequent talk about the new slaveholders, the plantation mentality, the general malevolence towards and fear of “the other”, it’s also general tinfoil hat stuff as well.

It is my concern that something like this [the Reichstag fire – no seriously] will happen in the US. I do not doubt for one minute that obama and his thugs are capable of such an action and I am more than certain that should he find it impossible to to rig the elctions  in 2010 or 2012 to allow him to continue his policies or, if he finds himself on the verge of being exposed as a noncitizen, having been born in Kenya, that would be his cue.

This man (Obama) is a terrorist, a thug, an unscrupulous, classless human being. He will do whatever he believes he can get away with. He is not bound by any ethical or moral concerns as most people would be. Like Hitler, he will do anything to impose his will on the people of this country and ultimately, the world. Prepare yourselves. Do not abandon your efforts. Be eternally vigilant, as that is the price of freedom.”

This is America. People get to have an opinion, I get it.  However, if you want to play in polite society or be the Governor of New York, it’s often a good idea to disassociate oneself from the lunatic fringe.

This email list is chock full of absolute conspiracy-laden insanity. They are believers in the New World Order and the Trilateral Commission, make predictions of a Mexican invasion of America, are fearful of forced vaccinations, talk about the government putting the “mark of the beast” on them, casually discuss how Obama is an illegitimate muslim communist maoist, etc.

These are the people who make up the vital core of Carl Paladino’s electoral base.  This is who supports him.  This is who he sought counsel from prior to running for office.  Allen Coniglio is the man who introduced Carl at the Tea Party rally yesterday.

So, are we making these people out to be racists, demagogues and fringe lunatics?

No, they’re doing a perfectly solid job doing it on their own.

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Collins' Obamaphobes React

29 Sep

One of the favorites among Obamaphobes is to send around chain emails that detail the fact that Obama is, e.g., an Aramaic translation of “666” thus proving that he was born the anti-Christ to a Kenyan heretic and has taken on Hitlerstalin’s cause of fascismsocialismnaziism to destroy America.  Yesterday, I was sent this idiocy (debunked by Snopes) by a person who commented on this site, claiming to have created Tea New York, and came from a domain.   It was cc’d to Chris Smith and Allen Coniglio.  I replied:

First of all, that’s not written by the person you say wrote it:

Secondly, if you think that forwarding this to me would suddenly make me realize that Obama really is black Hitler, you’re woefully misguided.

I will, however send this along to your endorsed candidates for county legislature and ask them again why they’re associating themselves with such false and ignorant hatred.


I honestly don’t know why they do, and I honestly don’t know what on God’s green Earth Obamaphobia has to do with reforming New York or downsizing the Erie County Legislature or anything else about our governmental or economic crises here in New York State.

The Republican Party has sunk pretty low if they have to pepper “less government” and “lower taxes” (something they seldom achieve when in power, incidentally) with “Obama is worse than al Qaeda” or whatever else they dream up.

Well, Coniglio himself replied to me, since he was copied in on the silly chain email I received, and I hit “reply to all”.  I will let it speak for itself.

Who is this guy talking to? I didn’t send him anything. I also am very familiar with the piece he is raving about and I realize the man listed as the author most likely did not write it as he has denied it. That is very old news. Additionally, I never said obama is the black anything, let alone Hitler. obama is just another tyrant wannabe, a creepy little fascist/socialist (just like Hitler, not so coincidentally) who will fall eventually to his own treacherous and diabolical ways. History will be very certain about that. What is this race stuff? Why is it necessary to bring it up?  I do not dwell on a person’s race although it is very apparent that those on the left seem quite obsessed with the subject. In fact, in all the time I have been working to change things in this county and beyond, I have never heard anyone I have been associated with say anything about race except in passing or in response to the drivel that seems to come daily from the left. What is going on with that? Why are they so obsessed with a person’s race? That seems more than a bit strange to me. As a tea party person, the only thing I have ever said and/or written about race is that black people are held in servitude to the left, falling, unfortunately, for the slick packaging and incessant lies and propaganda the left is noted for, and that we need to find a way to bring more black people into our movement and to liberate them from the new slaveholders. The most difficult thing for me to tolerate is a liar and a hypocrite. It seems that is all we are able to mine from those who mindlessly oppose us. Think. On what grounds do you oppose us? Our goal and stated mission is to preserve the constitution of the United States and to insure liberty and justice for all. Strangely enough, that used to be a good thing until the fear driven assault from the left began in force in the 1960’s. Who are these people and why do they insist on making no sense?

BTW, why do you find it necessary to threaten me? What is it supposed to mean that you are going to send things to other people that I purportedly said or disseminated? Am I supposed to be afraid of you? I never say ANYTHING that I cannot stand behind or back up and if I say something, I will admit it. Just what kind of foul thinking snitch are you? Maybe you can send this on to obama’s snitch website so he will know whom to put on his enemies list. When you do, ask him to produce a birth certificate. If he and the other evildoers of this world did not own the courts and the media from top to bottom, and if they did not wield incredible political power backed by the treasury of the United States of America, he would never have made it to the White House in the first place. Pelosi knew about his illegitimacy and she worked to cover it up. She too will have to face the consequences for what she has done as will all those who have allowed this to go as far as it has. It appears, however, that America will soon have her day in court. Here is part of what I posted to ReformNYS regarding a lawsuit which may well force the issue of obama’s legitimacy.

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The Collins Quartet & the local Birchers

28 Sep

In follow-up to this post and Chris’ post, I sent the following email to candidates Dixon, Hardwick, Fudoli, and Schratz:

At least one (if not more) of the members of this coalition holds some pretty extreme, fringe viewpoints.  As in it makes the John Birch Society seem mild in comparison.

Thanks in advance,


I received two official campaign responses.

Professor Hardwick sent this along:

Although I doubt any two people in this community agree on the appropriate role of government or level of taxation, I think most people would agree that there is too much government in Erie County and taxes are too high. I, therefore, am pleased that the coalition believes I am the candidate for 10th District Erie County Legislature most likely to address these issues.

Lynne Dixon sent this along:

While I never sought the endorsement, if their basic principles are that of lower taxes, less government and creating a better business climate in Western New York, then I appreciate that they believe I am the better candidate to address those issues.  As an Independent who left a long journalism career to try and do what’s best for the people of Erie County, regardless of party, that has been and will continue to be what guides me in my campaign.

One of the people on Fudoli’s contact page responded to me, but indicated that his reply was not the official campaign reaction.  Schratz never replied in any way.

So, shorter Dixon/Hardwick would be: I don’t care who they are, if they support me and are for lower taxes/smaller government, I’ll take it.

I’m very disappointed that they don’t think this is a big deal.  Because it is, to me.

One of the members of the Tea Party Coalition holds some pretty repugnant views.  First of all, the members of that coalition who chose to join with him have some soul-searching to do.  Secondly, the candidates who are apparently enthusiastic about the Tea Party Coalition endorsement should be ashamed of themselves.

I wouldn’t join a group, or accept the endorsement of someone who says this:

“[T]he only other solution might be a civil war in which the people or factions thereof, attempt to take back control of their destinies from a dangerously out of control and inept ruling class . . . Expect devastation, famine, starvation, disease, war and disaster after disaster before the ship rights itself. It will not be pretty but, in a way, I welcome it because I know that it is the only way out of the morass in which we have become mired.”


“[T]here are many more unproductive slackers [today] due to big government, new slaveholder interventions and slave breeding programs. People of the type created by these programs would not have existed in any measurable quantity as there would have been little possibility of survival prior to the advent of the modern welfare state. Slacking is now in the genes of the people who have been on welfare for 3 or 4 generations or more and these people are now, for all intents and purposes, societally worthless, ineducable and probably beyond redemption. Yes, they are different because they have been bred to do nothing but slack and vote for Democrats by their slavemasters Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Reid, Kerry, Kennedy, the Clintons, etc.”


We need to protest the bias of the state run media and how they have bcome nothing more than poop boys for the messiah, obama, and his radical, fringe, take down America agenda.


I have been associated with the tea party movement since March of 2009 and in spite of all the nonsense I hear coming from such small minded people as Pelosi, Reid, Carter, and both obamas, I have yet to hear one member of the tea party movement utter any kind of racially insensitive remark or claim that they oppose obama because of his race. When you tell certain people, liberals, to be precise, that you oppose obama because of his national socialist policies and his wanton disregard for the US Constitution and the rule of law, they seem confused and disbelieving, unable to grasp, I believe, that anyone could oppose him for those reasons….They are convinced that we are part of a Republican cabal, a vast right wing conspiracy dedicated to keeping the masses of poor people permanently enslaved so that we can use them as a never ending source of labor to enrich ourselves and our evil fellow collaborators, Republican racists every one. I don’t know about you but I have never belonged to any political party and I never will. I do, however, vote in every election in which I am allowed and I always vote for the best person – man or woman, of whatever race and/or political party. I think that is more than we can say for our liberal accusers.

The fact that they are endorsing only Republicans must be a coincidence.

I believe that obama has plans to legalize illegal aliens in this country, possibly limiting it to only those from North America which would be mainly Mexicans, and thus guarantee himself and the dems a victory in the midterm elections. This, of course, would come at a time when polls are showing that the dems are going to take a beating of historic proportions in 2010 and possibly lose control of both the House and the Senate. Truly, this would be an act of war against the American people, using a foreign army of illegals to steal from American voters something which obama and the dems could not win in an honest election. This will, of course, spark widesprad protests, possibly some violence, and would give obama an excuse to call out the national guard and place America under martial law. At this point, he would have near dictatorial powers and he would then constitute his dreamed of “civilian” armed corps which he has spoken of openly on more than one occaion.

When confronted with this sort of explicitly ignorant drivel, Dixon and Hardwick punted – they accepted the endorsement anyway, and did not even take care to denounce the specific rantings of this leading member of the group that endorsed them.

Candidates Hardwick, Fudoli, Dixon, and Schratz have had an opportunity to read these things and to weigh in.  A simple:

“I recognize that the Tea Party Coalition is made up of several individuals who don’t always agree with each other on every issue, nor do I agree with each of them on everything.  With respect to the hateful conspiratorial writings you and Chris highlighted, I expressly reject that, and repudiate it.  I will accept the endorsement of any person or group that believes in lower taxes and smaller government, and I will continue to work towards my election to the county legislature, so I may promote that agenda on behalf of all the people of the ___ District.”

…would do. See, that wasn’t so hard.

I wrote last week:

then I’d like to know if, as a Republican, you’re going to be a limp fish and go along with such viciously ignorant hatred, or if you’re going to be like William F. Buckley, Jr. and take a firm stand against the lunatic fringe.

I electorally reject anyone who won’t reject the John Birch Society crap I’ve quoted above.  William F. Buckley would be ashamed.

It’s early, and I’m running late this morning, but I’ll have more to say about this. Seriously, I find it appalling.

Well, Well, Well. What Do We Have Here?

24 Sep

UPDATES BELOWI sent a copy of this post and Chris’ to the four candidates in question on Friday morning.  As I receive replies or statements, I will update this post below.

Back when I ran for office, I ran as a Democrat in an overwhelmingly Republican district. I was urged by many people many times to try and get my name on a second party line, whether it be WFP or on a custom-made line, so that the people who refuse ever to vote for a Democrat would hold their nose and vote for me on the Zigazig-Ah Party line or whatever.

But I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it because it would betray my belief that fusion voting is a cynical piece of electoral shite. I lost, but I didn’t compromise on that issue, so in my mind I didn’t lose as badly as I could have.

There were a few endorsements I actively sought when running. Good Government Club, Stonewall Dems, casino opponents, Buffalo News, town committees, etc. I didn’t seek the endorsements of groups with whom I generally disagreed.

Which brings us to a group that Chris Smith has dubbed the “Collins Four”.

The local teabag contingent has banded together to endorse candidates for the County Legislature: Dino Fudoli (5th – Terranova incumbent), Kevin Hardwick (10th – Iannello incumbent), Lynne Dixon (12th – Reynolds incumbent), and Shelly Schratz (14th – Loughran incumbent).

There’s this:

Jim Ostrowski, editor of the blog,, said the group is putting forth its own issue agenda of cutting the county budget by ten percent, cutting the county workforce by five percent and abolishing all pensions for elected officials statewide. “Many career politicians are hanging around for decades just for the pension,” he said. “The best form of term limits is abolishing pensions.”

WTF do pensions for “all elected officials statewide” have to do with county government, and how does one go about retroactively rescinding benefits that a state employee has already earned, you ask? You don’t need an answer. Just a wild platform plank.

Setting aside whether anyone’s going to cut the county workforce so that there is only one guy left named Jim working for the county, mowing the grass at Chestnut Ridge Park and administering HEAP, Chris points out that this teabag coalition holds some pretty sickening points of view.

For instance, Allen Coniglio, the head of “ReformNYS” is a full-fledged birther. I wasn’t aware of any in Buffalo until now. Coniglio also thinks that Obama wants to change the constitution and thus end the USA, and figures that Obama’s going to steal the 2010 midterms by granting citizenship to all the illegal Mexicans and getting them to vote Democrat. I’m sure there’s more, but there’s only so much conspiratorial brain-vomit I can wade through.

Now, I don’t know (nor do I care) why the group of people who make up Buffalo’s tea party grouping would choose to associate with something so wrong on every level, but they do. I’m all for freedom of association. I’m also for freedom of thought and speech (or, in this case, lack of thought and silly speech). So, this isn’t about Coniglio, and I hope he trolls WorldNutDaily for new tidbits of Biblical prophecy declaring Obama to be our Commie Hitler Kenyan anti-Christ to post to a Google Group. God Bless America.

This is about these candidates for public office.

I don’t know whether they’ve solicited or accepted the endorsement and support of this group. I’ll tell you that, going back to my own experience, if some group endorsed me and I discovered that their viewpoint was in some way abhorrent, I would reject and disavow that support.

I’d like to know whether candidates Fudoli, Schratz, Hardwick, and Dixon agree with this. I’d like to know whether they accept this support. As Smith says,

I would expect that each of these politicians will renounce anything to do with fringe whackjobs who claim the President is a terrorist thug who intends to put them in prison. Or who believe he was born in Kenya and thinks the state is coming to raid their homes to force them to get vaccinations which will only make them sicker as part of some new world order conspiracy. It’s troubling that any responsible politician would accept the support of people like this.

This is a big deal to me. I have no worries with people disagreeing – even strongly – with every Democrat or progressive who comes down the pike. I don’t care if someone dislikes and disagrees with Obama and his policies. But if you’re busy spouting John Birch Society madness, then I’d like to know if, as a Republican, you’re going to be a limp fish and go along with such viciously ignorant hatred, or if you’re going to be like William F. Buckley, Jr. and take a firm stand against the lunatic fringe.

This is an issue.

UPDATE 2:  Lynne Dixon’s statement:

While I never sought the endorsement, if their basic principles are that of lower taxes, less government and creating a better business climate in Western New York, then I appreciate that they believe I am the better candidate to address those issues.  As an Independent who left a long journalism career to try and do what’s best for the people of Erie County, regardless of party, that has been and will continue to be what guides me in my campaign.

UPDATE:  Professor Hardwick’s statement:

Although I doubt any two people in this community agree on the appropriate role of government or level of taxation, I think most people would agree that there is too much government in Erie County and taxes are too high. I, therefore, am pleased that the coalition believes I am the candidate for 10th District Erie County Legislature most likely to address these issues.