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Teabaggers Endorse County Legislature Candidates

24 Sep


I know when a candidate is running for office, he or she doesn’t really want to turn down the support of any group.  It’s tough to alienate people who might support your campaign with volunteer hours or money.  However, I would encourage Kevin Hardwick, Lynne Dixon, Dino Fudoli and Shelly Schratz (heretofore dubbed “The Collins Four”) to take a pass on this endorsement in their campaigns for Erie County Legislature.


Leaders of the local tea party movement are endorsing four challengers for the Erie County Legislature and promising to make the growing tea party movement a force in local politics. The group also includes local business owners and bloggers.

Endorsed candidates are Dino Fudoli (5th Dist.), Kevin Hardwick (10th Dist.), Lynn Dixon (12th Dist.), and Shelly Schratz (14th Dist.).

Rus Thompson of said, “These candidates have earned our support by pledging to support smaller government and a more business-friendly environment.”

Jim Ostrowski, editor of the blog,, said the group is putting forth its own issue agenda of cutting the county budget by ten percent, cutting the county workforce by five percent and abolishing all pensions for elected officials statewide. “Many career politicians are hanging around for decades just for the pension,” he said. “The best form of term limits is abolishing pensions.”

The tea party coalition includes:

Allen Coniglio (ReformNYS)*
Ellie Corcoran (Primary Challenge)
David DiPietro (former Mayor of East Aurora)
Laurie Kostrzewski (ReformNYS)
Jim Ostrowski (
Mike Rebmann (
Leonard Roberto (Primary Challenge)
Roy Scherrer (Tonawanda)
Rus Thompson (
Jul Thompson (

You’re probably familiar with Jim Ostrowski and Mike Rebmann from the libertarian brain drool they leave all over the various WNYMedia comment sections.  However, I’d like to introduce you to one of the other “endorsers”.  The following are statements or emails sent to a local mailing list called “ReformNYS“.

Allen Coniglio (Group Moderator of ReformNYS):

Here is a good article which succinctly outlines just what I believe Obama will do by the 2010 elections. As I have said many times on this list, I believe that obama has plans to legalize illegal aliens in this country, possibly limiting it to only those from North America which would be mainly Mexicans, and thus guarantee himself and the dems a victory in the midterm elections. This, of course, would come at a time when polls are showing that the dems are going to take a beating of historic proportions in 2010 and possibly lose control of both the House and the Senate. Truly, this would be an act of war against the American people, using a foreign army of illegals to steal from American voters something which obama and the dems could not win in an honest election. This will, of course, spark widesprad protests, possibly some violence, and would give obama an excuse to call out the national guard and place America under martial law.

At this point, he would have near dictatorial powers and he would then constitute his dreamed of “civilian” armed corps which he has spoken of openly on more than one occaion. I am telling you now that obama and his demons will not allow the American people to freely decide the 2010 elections and after that any future elections if it appears that he is likely to lose ground. It will be his actions during those elections which will bring in the New World Order which George Bush the first spoke so openly of and which Clinton the first lusted after almost as much as his afternoon trysts with his congressional pages.  Henry Kissinger has spoken openly of obama being in position to now establish the New World Order.

If you have any interest in Biblical prophecy, you might like this one.

obama is ruling by deceit. He is a liar.


Or, this one:

Look at this. Here is information on the upcoming swine flu vaccinations and how they will attempt to get rid of those who refuse to take the shots. We are dealing with bad people here. Do not doubt that for a minute.

Well, allllllrighty then.  Let’s chalk up an endorsement for the “Collins Four” from New World Order guy predicting Mexican invasions and forced vaccinations.  Good times.

Each fringe missive by Coniglio or one of his pals is greeted with email affirmations and the forwarding of right wing urban legends about chips being implanted in Americans for tracking purposes, internment camps for republican dissidents, and mandated food shortages by Obama.  These people are the heart of the birther and deather movements and still suspect Obama is a terrorist thug or a muslim sleeper agent sent to take the last few pennies from their pockets.

You really should sign up for the list just for the pure entertainment value provided by the fearful children of the local right wing.

While it’s fun to laugh at the people in the tinfoil hats, it’s probably unwise to accept their vocal endorsement of your campaign and platform.  Do you really want to be associated with this kind of garbage?  An endorsement from people who make Glenn Beck look sane?

Here’s An Idea – Pick Up the Damn Phone

6 May

First, the press release from County Legislator Michele Iannello:


Legislator Michele M. Iannello (D-Kenmore) believes that County Executive Chris Collins is playing political games, by ignoring Legislative action, which called for the donation of a 2003, 12-passenger van to the Village of Kenmore for senior transportation.

Last month, the Erie County Legislature unanimously passed a resolution, prepared by Senior Services Commissioner Brenda Ward, authorizing the County Executive to turnover the van to the Village of Kenmore, as the County was no longer using it. The Legislature took this action after months of discussions and meetings that were organized by Legislator Iannello. Legislator Iannello, Commissioner Brenda Ward, Kenmore Village officials and Dawn Coniglio, Nutrition Specialist of the Kenmore Community Center, were involved in the process. The van was delivered to the Kenmore DPW garage prior to passing of the resolution for inspection by the Kenmore mechanics. Kenmore mechanics have been working on getting the van road-ready for transporting seniors.

Yesterday, in a surprise move, Erie County DPW worker’s picked up the van and delivered it back to the County garage. Dawn Coniglio discovered this and immediately called Legislator Iannello upset and looking for answers.

“The seniors were asking about the status of the van so I sent my driver Ron Robertson down to the DPW to check on it, only to find out the van had been taken back by the County without any prior notification. We were all confused by this and it caused distress and disappointment with my seniors,” stated Dawn Coniglio.

Legislator Iannello made several inquiries and was given poor excuses by the administration. She stated, “It is my belief that this is another example of Mr. Collins’ political game-playing targeted toward me. However, the victims are the senior citizens of the Village of Kenmore. This was a ‘win-win’ for the County and the Village.”

The resolution called for the County to donate the van, the Village would do all necessary repairs and for the first time, have a senior-friendly vehicle providing the much-needed transportation for the senior citizens of Kenmore.

“I am outraged at these actions with no explanation, not even a phone call to notify anyone. That is not the way Erie County does business and that is not the way I do business. A resolution is legal and binding. Someone needs to explain that to the County Executive,” added Iannello.

Collins’ response & my take after the jump Continue reading

ECHDC Canalside Public Hearing 2/25/09

26 Feb

Last night at Buffalo’s Waterfront School, the New York State Urban Development Corporation (ESDC), as Lead Agency on behalf of its subsidiary corporation, the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC) held a scoping hearing in preparation of the General Environmental Impact Study (GEIS) for the Canalside Project.

Once the public scoping period is complete, NY ESD will publish the Draft GEIS in the summer of 2009 with more public hearings to follow.  Once that process is complete, the Final GEIS will be published and work can begin, likely in late 2009 or early 2010.  That timeline assumes this project sails through the process and there are no legal challenges or negative impacts found.

Damn, that was a mouthful.

If you’d like to read the Draft Scoping Document, click here.

This is the first step in the process of getting the project ready for construction. If you want a refresher on what the Canalside project looks like, I’ll direct you to this post from December.

My analysis after that press conference is summed up as follows:

What I’d like to talk about is that this whole presentation was a steaming pile of horseshit.  It’s a pie in the sky conceptualization of what the ECHDC would like to do with a plot of land in Buffalo.  A plot of land, mind you, that already has an approved master plan that was codified into law in 2004.

Photos of the current design:

Last night, we heard from several people who are concerned that the original 2004 master plan is being ignored and they feel the design is antithetical to a cultural tourist destination on the waterfront.


The crowd seemed to rally around the idea that the ECHDC needs to be more senstitive to the historic district of the waterfront.  There was also a lot of support from the community that there needs to be a fallback option in the event that Bass Pro does not sign a contract to place a store in the Canalside District.  As of now, if Bass Pro does not eventually sign on the dotted line, we have no alternative.

Angelo Coniglio has an alternative plan that could be incorporated, but to date he has had little success getting traction on the idea.

Oh, if you didn’t catch my allusion to it, Bass Pro has still not signed any formal agreement to place a store on Buffalo’s Waterfront.  Eleven years and counting on that one…