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Gun Owners Pretend Behaving Like You’re Calling in to WBEN is OK in Real Life

30 Jan

When you get gun owners angry about the coming confiscation and equate it with the holocaust, you get ugly scenes like the one yesterday at the Clarence library. One presenter relates that they were there to show a Powerpoint to educate people about the NY SAFE Act, and instead of taking a few minutes and some questions, they were continually heckled and yelled at; the “meeting” took 3 hours, with people in camouflage taking over the podium at times, claiming that this was about “Nazis” starting a “new holocaust”. 

The “responsible gun owners” aren’t comporting themselves very responsibly. 

Gun meeting draws anger in Clarence

The Land of Make-Believe

12 Jan

While explaining how bad it is to “politicize” the attempted assassination of a politician by a madman with odd political views, the right wing has further politicized it by trying to create a “Loughner was a leftist” meme.  Have it both ways, you can’t.

With that said, one would have hoped that a bullet going through the skull of a congresswoman targeted by a hit list may have given people pause and contributed to a soul-searching about violent rhetoric that’s been quite popular on the right, especially in the last year.

No such luck.

Instead, the right has denied, denied, denied that (a) its rhetoric was in any way overheated;  (b) that overheated, violent rhetoric is perfectly ok; and (c) the left is as bad if not worse.  Oh, well.  We all know that this right here is absolutely what happened on Sunday.  Attempts at equivalency have been uniformly lame and unpersuasive, pointing to apologized-for Olbermannian metaphors, or Obama quoting from the Untouchables (ignoring the fact that, in that particular instance, the other side would have already come armed with knives).

Since it’s clear that the right wing absolutely refuses to accept any blame for anything, ever, here are some handy tips provided by Josh Marshall for what ought to be generally acceptable political behavior.  Conservatives are welcome to ignore them, I suppose, since there’s nothing wrong with any of it, or because the left-did-it-too-but-there’s-really-no-proof-of-that.

1. Refrain from telling supporters that winning the election may require active exercise of their “second amendment” rights.

2. Refrain from suggesting it’s time for “armed revolution”, even if Thomas Jefferson once kinda sorta suggested that.

3. Refrain from holding political fundraisers focused around use of automatic weapons, especially target practices with initials, name or images of your political opponent.

4. Refrain from telling supporters you want them to be “armed and dangerous.”

5. Refrain from making campaign posters with opponent’s head in gun sights.

6. Refrain from saying that bullets will work if ballots don’t.

7. Suggest that supporters not bring weapons to opponents’ political rallies.

All seven of those examples are genuine things that happened in 2010.  There was no problem whatsoever in 2010.  The Republicans are going all Barbrady on everyone’s ass.


Say what you will about the Buffalo News, but its editorial yesterday was exactly on target.

…with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Fox News taking up the cudgel. Today, no slander is too vile, no lie too pernicious to be leveled as conservatives, in and out of government, thrash at President Obama and his agenda. Coulter calls Democrats treasonous. Sarah Palin says the health reform law creates “death panels.” Her website put cross hairs on the districts of elected officials she was targeting for defeat. One was Giffords’.

It happens in New York, too. Last year’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Carl Paladino, repeatedly charged over the line in criticizing his opponent Andrew M. Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and even former Republican Gov. George E. Pataki.

Against that onslaught, the liberal insults of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow seem almost benign, though some on the left have this in common with their right-wing adversaries: They, too, have a stake in casting issues as black and white, driving the sides further apart and making compromise ever more difficult. Why didn’t Republicans work to improve last year’s health care reform bill instead of working to subvert it? Because in the current climate there is no percentage in making government work.

There’s a lot of sowing, but not enough reaping.  I sure wish that the Republican mainstream would stop egging dummies on with rhetoric that basically equates Obama and the Democrats with SatanHitlerMao, but they won’t because it helps shore up the whackjob vote they apparently so desperately need.  I sure wish that the Republican mainstream would stop fetishizing guns in conjunction with their “the other side is a bunch of death-panel-making commienazi” rhetoric, but to do so might mean that they’d have to participate in a government with Democratic majorities.

Let’s just put it this way – it’d be swell if no more lawmakers were shot through the head.  Have a great day!

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Binghamton Teabagger Comments that Win

6 Oct

Teabaggers sometimes get a bit touchy when they get called teabaggers, because the term itself is a double-entendre.  But for the 70% of Americans who don’t identify with Bush dead-endism and the same old Republican ideas that Republicans have been pushing since time immemorial, it’s a noun that just fits.

Also, they’re jam-packed and oozing with nothing but pure class:

Naturally, “Tom L” was too busy dipping his profane, homophobic teabag to use his full name. I wonder why?

Alan Bedenko wrote:
@DanB: I’m always intrigued by people who start out comments on this blog by being assholes. & I confess to not knowing very much about Robert Duffy.


No, but I have heard them call themselves teabaggers.  Hell, they coined it.



Anyway, Tom L is using a Binghamton-area IP, which is funny because there’s a state senator from Binghamton named Tom Libous who has appeared at tea party gatherings with Carl Paladino.

Carl Paladino Sends an Email

12 Aug

Received via email today, all misspellings [sic]. Presented, for now, without comment.

August 11, 2010

To: Buffalo Media

From: Carl Paladino

Subject: The Bass Pro Debacle

After decades of frustration, our waterfront was finally set to come to life. Instead, once again, Buffalo’s obstructionists piped up at the last minute and buried Canal Place.

Nine years ago, Bob and Mindy Rich encouraged Johnny Morris and Bass Pro to come to Buffalo. Five years ago, the successful national retailer gave up. Morris told Mindy that Buffalo’s negotiators were incompetent and had no idea how to put a deal together.

Always determined, Mindy then asked Larry Quinn, an apolitical doer, to apply his laser beam focus and make the deal work. Larry spent four years putting the Bass Pro project back together. Then Buffalo’s obstructionists killed it.

According to Buffalo News columnist Donn Esmond, “at least we are done getting jerked around…by Bass Pro honcho, Johnny Morris.” Esmond, Mark Goldman, Bruce and Scott Fisher, Tim Theilman, Michael LoCurto and their other self-absorbed obstructionist friends – especially Rep. Brian Higgins – took control of and destroyed a project that, for Buffalonians, would have been a dream finally come true.

The misery Johnny Morris and Bass Pro have had to go through throughout the process was paralyzing.

First was the Project Labor Agreement (PLA), an illegal (agree or we picket the job) intrusion by trade union leaders into what elsewhere would be an open shop project. A PLA requires that all contractors be union, allowing them and their crony union leaders to increase project costs 35 percent.

Initially, the intent was to put Bass Pro in the Aud, then at the water edge, and finally on the north end of the Aud site. Tim Thielman and his merry band of preservationists complained about every site and caused multiple redesigns.

Then enter Mark Goldman and the Fishers. Bruce Fisher, who nearly destroyed Erie County as the father of the red and green budgets, now has a do-nothing job at Buffalo State College sucking more of our tax dollars into his Machiavellian world. His brother Scott is no slouch: he grabbed $10 Million from the city to build the Ani DiFranco “Babeville” cultural center, which is no more than a private banquet hall built with City funds.

Bass Pro would bring Buffalo $600,000 in annual rent and $3 million in additional annual sales tax revenues. Still, the omniscient Mark Goldman objects to using tax incremental financing to offset the onerous cost burdens of building anything in over-regulated and over-taxed New York State.

The three sued to stop the project. Let’s see: Bruce Fisher promoted Bass Pro when he was at the county. Scott Fisher took millions from the City. Goldman is little more than a whiner. We are expected to trust these guys?

Finally came the Community Benefit Agreement. LoCurto and Higgins – our liberal, progressive, arrogant, and elitist congressman – want prospective tenants of Canal Place to pay their employees $3.00 more per hour as a so-called “living wage.” Why would a business agree to be uncompetitive? Does competitor Gander Mountain pay $3.00 more hourly? I don’t think so.

And then Higgins, who has never developed anything, with no consultation and for no logical reason other than political opportunity, blamed Bass Pro for time delays and gave them an ultimatum?

Bass Pro is building in Illinois and in Tennessee where they don’t have PLAs, prevailing wages, Wick’s Law, Community Benefit Agreements, or obstructionists. Earning profits is acceptable there. Our community has failed on the watch of the obstructionists, yet we continue to listen to them as though they preach gospel. It simply makes no sense.

The United States is in a terrible recession; Buffalo is far worse. Retail sales are down and retailers nationwide have shelved store expansion plans. There are no retailers knocking on the door to come to the second poorest city in America for all the reasons Bass Pro encountered.

The Richs and Larry Quinn have put their hearts and souls into winning Bass Pro, the perfect anchor for a mega project that will include multiple other retailers, a hotel and residential and office development. They know of a lot more potential than can be released to the public. Other food and soft goods merchants will not come to the waterfront without a destination anchor. Bass Pro can attract three million people a year and that’s exciting to small businesses.

But why listen to the development people who have been doing this all their lives? The obstructionists, who are experts in everything, live in a fantasy world of ever changing planning. The images they conjure last for a while, some longer than others, and then they disappear.

Enough is enough. Johnny Morris deserves an apology from Higgins and the business community must organize and bring Bass Pro back to the table.