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Carlos Danger & IOKIYAR

24 Jul

Because everyone’s a puritan busybody, everyone will call on serial sexter Carlos Danger (aka Anthony Weiner) to pull out of the New York City mayoral race in the wake of new evidence of his horny behavior. Lost in this is that the only thing he’s known to have done is text dick pics to women who were willing participants in the sexting. I’m not condoning or condemning what he did any more than I condone or condemn whatever you want to do sexually. 

To the holy rollers who are all a-shocked and a-stunned, consider why Louisiana congressman David Vitter is still happily in congress and spouting off about “family values” despite being caught up in a prostitution scandal – involving actual sexual intercourse – and diapers. Why should that creep still be in office and Weiner be treated any differently? 

Yesterday, Howard Stern interviewed Alec Baldwin, and the two talked about Bloomberg, Weiner, and Spitzer. While Stern is a fan of Bloomberg’s, Baldwin is not, and expressed that he thinks the billionaire three-term mayor has made New York City a worse place to live for everyone except the ultra-rich. They then turned to Spitzer and Weiner, and rhetorically asked, “do you really think Spitzer wants to be New York City comptroller?” Baldwin suggested that they’re both so incredibly ego-driven that Weiner saw this race as his political comeback, and Spitzer – not to be outdone – thought, “why not me?” and entered his race at the 11th hour.  The argument was that both of them were in it for their own egos than for any desire to serve the public (and both Baldwin and Stern would be exquisitely in tune with that motivation). 

I’m not saying Spitzer and Danger should get a pass. On the contrary, I think their behavior calls their sincerity, maturity, and seriousness into question. But Weiner committed no crime, although Larry Craig may have. Spitzer did, but so did Vitter. Chris Lee’s shirtless Craigslist trolling was one notable exception of a Republican screwing up and getting the hell out of dodge, mostly because his white, elderly, conservative constituency would never go for that sort of thing. Why is there a double standard here whereby it’s ok if you’re a Republican

I don’t think that’s necessarily the way it works, and Lee proves it. What this does is harken back to the way in which the Supreme Court had treated broadcast indecency and obscenity cases – the law leaves it up to “community standards” to dictate what language is and isn’t acceptable. 

It therefore follows that community standards in New York City – a place where 8 million people are constantly in each other’s faces and privacy is at a premium – is going to have a different tolerance for nonsense than, say, East Amherst. Louisiana has a weird, permissive culture all its own – unique for the South – that Vitter can get away with diaper whoring. 

In the end, Weiner said there’d be more, and now there’s more. Don’t act so shocked. 

Anthony Weiner Asplodes

6 Jun

He shouldn’t have sexted, sure. He especially shouldn’t have lied about it. He shouldn’t have denied it for a solid week. He is such a strong progressive voice in the Congress, and is among the most vocal critics of Republicans and their policy. He may not have resigned, and he will stand for re-election next year where this sexting issue will be front and center. It is, I think, right to let his constituents decide whether he merits their further support, but it wouldn’t be a horrible thing if Weiner resigned at this point, either.

The guy is damaged goods. For now.

Because until today none of the images could conclusively proven to be Weiner, I withheld commenting on it in any substantive way. In the end, the images are of him and he sent them and he could have just admitted it last week when they came out. At least Chris Lee had the wherewithal to know to quit while he’s ahead and get out of public office before the tranny hunting came to light. Weiner didn’t have the same self-awareness to come clean knowing there might be more out there.

Had he done that, it would have just been about sexting. Now it’s about lying – to lots of people. Chris Lee had more class than Anthony Weiner.

And that trainwreck of a press conference. Weiner was late. The smug, unctuous Breitbart hijacked it for 13 minutes taking questions, eagerly awaiting his redemption after so many lies. He got it. He even got an apology.  When Weiner finally took the podium, he was contrite, teary-eyed, candid, and too late. He took questions for what seemed like a painful eternity.  The press conference that Breitbart had hijacked turned quite quickly into an Anthony Weiner therapy session.

As David Frum tweeted, “What I learned from the Wiener press conference: sexting is not the only form of narcissistic exhibitionism.”


I think the idea was that after a week’s worth of running, he was going to stand there like a man and take every question. He’d stand there, alone and ashamed, and answer questions as impertinent as why wasn’t his wife on the stage, and that he was pretty sure all the women involved were of age. Ugh.

Each one of his answers will edit down very nicely in myriad attack ads.

The whole thing was a farcical distillation of how idiotic this country has become. If it’s not Sarah Palin’s painful mangling of the ride of Paul Revere, it’s some egotistical lean congressman showing off his pecs to strangers. But he stood there – he stood there until Howard Stern Show head writer Benjy Bronk asked Representative Weiner whether he had chubbed up for those pictures or if he was fully erect.

Weiner is right to let his constituents decide what should happen to him in 2012. Perhaps he should consider resigning now and then running for the special election. It kills two birds with one stone – it shows contrition for lying and covering up, but also lets his constituents hold the reins as in a vote-of-confidence. Malfeasance + (time x contrition) = Americans are historically forgiving. In the meantime, minority leader Nancy Pelosi will be initiating an ethics investigation into all of this.  Weiner has a reputation for being brash and obnoxious, so perhaps this doesn’t harm him as much as it might some other person.

And for the Republicans who are gloating – David Vitter. John Ensign. Larry Craig. Let’s not gloat too hard. K? Weiner isn’t busy going to Congress to moralize about sex, so he may be a liar and a stupid freak, but he’s not a moralizing hypocrite, FWIW.

It’s a very sad day for the Weiner family, indeed. I think losing Weiner’s voice in Congress – and losing that voice’s stature – makes it devastating for the country, and for the causes Weiner believes in.

Weiner Open Thread

6 Jun

So today’s bizarre example of how not to do crisis management can be on-topic. More later, but smh.

Quote of the Day

14 Apr

“I follow Twitter for the Tea Party and just show up to fuck with them…”

“No, I don’t do that. I just sit at my desk and they send me talcum powder every couple of weeks.

Representative Anthony Weiner

On The Cost of Government

26 Mar


A quick message to budding teabag terrorists across the country:

I realize that you’re as angry about the cost of government as you are crazy, and especially hornet-angry about the cost of “socialized medicine” and the “end of America as we know it” by this “socialist” or “national socialist” (because you’re stupid and use them interchangeably) “Muslim” “antichrist” “usurper” who won’t just “show us the birth certificate“.

But when you decide to, say, send a note to a Congressman recommending that he “drop dead” and include some unknown but harmless white powder in the envelope, understand that there will be a massive law enforcement and environmental reaction to that:

The NYPD, the FBI and other emergency management officials responded as a precaution, spokesmen for the agencies say. Weiner’s Kew Gardens office will be closed pending the completion of the investigation.

Now, I realize that you didn’t want to really kill Weiner or his staff – you just wanted to scare them (you might want to re-read the definition of “terrorism”) – and I realize that you’ve probably hyper-rationalized this as being appropriate because you’re a patriot just like Samuel Adams, and Weiner should be happy you’re not tarring and feathering him, because he deserves it for voting differently from how you wanted, and even though Weiner is an elected representative of a defined constituency, you want to equate him with “taxation without representation“.

But that’s just because you’re dumb. We can’t change that.

But when the cops and FBI and hazmat teams have to be sent to Kew Gardens to make sure you didn’t send some sort of dangerous chemical or biological hazard, that costs a lot of money. Taxpayer money. If you were really so concerned about socialism and the cost of government, then instead of terrorizing congressional district staffers, you’d go about joining your local Republican committee and helping someone to defeat Weiner electorally.