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Lenny Roberto: Just Another Republican #WNY Homophobe #NY27

27 Oct

Did you know that Brian Higgins has an opponent?  It’s perennial candidate Lenny Roberto, whose only claims to fame are (a) relentless runs for office after office; and (b) “Primary Challenge“, which has enjoyed one success in 6 years.

As it turns out, high school graduate Roberto has a big problem with gay people, equating them with murderers at a recent campaign stop.

The Jamestown Post-Journal published a letter to the editor penned by Greg Rabb, the President of the Jamestown City Council, who says he is the “only openly gay” elected official in the eight counties of WNY.

Is the Republican party in Western New York only capable of producing candidates for public office who are, at best, ignorant about many of their potential constituents or are they potential constituents or are they blinded by sheer prejudice unbelievable to me in the 21st Century?

Mr. Roberto apparently stands by his recent remarks as reported in The Post-Journal and seems to be proud of his ignorance and bigoted remarks and, what is worse, hides behind God.

I was raised a Catholic, having been taught from kindergarten through my bachelors degree by the Felician sisters, and the Franciscan and Jesuit priests and brothers. I was taught to respect all people and celebrate the diversity of human life and not to judge others. I was also taught that it was blasphemous to claim to know the will of God.

But this is not about religion nor is it about politics. It is about human rights and human dignity – all humans.

When elected to office you are there to represent all the people including those who are different than you. You have an obligation to reach out to and get to know all the people especially when they disagree with you. But you never resort to, at best, ignorant remarks and, at worst, prejudicial statements about people you never met or about whom you apparently know nothing.

The original article that sparked the controversy is found here. An excerpt:

Roberto spoke to about 40 people about his candidacy Tuesday, when he said he made comments about sexuality not thinking the media was present. On Wednesday, however, he said that was “tongue-in-cheek,” adding he wants his opinions to be “crystal clear.”

Speaking about the Tuesday meeting on Wednesday, Roberto said he wants people to know “what you see is what you get” if they vote for him. What they will get if he is elected in November, he said, is someone opposed to gay marriage.

He said he wants that known in an environment that expects people to be politically correct in an attempt to placate everyone. Instead, he said he opposes gay marriage as a pastor based on his understanding of scripture. He said he is not “a hatemonger” adding God loves homosexuals but not homosexuality; (God) loves murderers, but not murder, Roberto said.

Roberto said he wants people to know his position instead of relying on ambiguities that surround social issues.

“Truth often offends people,” he said, adding the truth of his stance is homosexuality is not acceptable as people do not have the right to “corrupt themselves.” Roberto has aligned himself with gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. Roberto said a political group he founded, Primary Challenge, has helped with Paladino’s petitions.

If I remember correctly, Carl Paladino also got himself into some hot water making ignorant and hateful comments about homosexuals.  You can be “politically incorrect” all you want, but when it transcends mere politeness into palpably ignorant hatred, expect to be criticized for that.

That, and what could quite possibly be the worst, most amateurish, over-the-top, horrible political advertisements ever.

Here is one reason, and another to re-elect Brian Higgins.  Here is a handy search for anything mentioning WNYMedia.net and Higgins, and I have to say that his tenure in Congress has been among the most beneficial, positive, and important for all of Western New York.

Because Welfare Recipients Must Be Punished

8 Aug

Carl Paladino is New York’s most pro-penal-work-camp gubernatorial candidate.

Carl Paladino has shifted from interesting to disgusting to relentless to disturbing in record time.


22 Oct

There’s an effort underway to get the military to not just act to reduce its carbon emissions, but also to begin finding energy sources that aren’t reliant on imported fuels. It barely make sense for the country at large to rely so heavily on imported fuel – it makes no sense for our armed forces.

But there’s some opposition out there. Specifically, one Republican congressman claims that talk of reducing emissions and reducing the military’s reliance on foreign-sourced energy is Mao or something.

I believe that any veteran lending their name, to promote the leftist propaganda of global warming and climate change, in an effort to control more of the wealth created in our economy, through cap and tax type policies, all in the name of national security, is a traitor to the oath he or she took to defend the Constitution of our great nation!” Mr. Metcalfe said in his e-mail response.

“Remember Benedict Arnold before giving credibility to a veteran who uses their service as a means to promote a leftist agenda. Drill Baby Drill!!!”

Rep. Metcalfe, who served in the U.S. Army from 1980-84, defended the remarks, saying “if the type of policies that an individual promotes undermines the Constitution and the law of the land in our country, then they are not patriots.”

Yes, he did actually type out “drill baby drill”. It appears that, in addition to the environment, Representative Metcalf has a big problem with gays and Muslims:

he opposed a resolution declaring Domestic Violence Awareness month in Pennsylvania because, in addition to the mention of those abused by spouses, the resolution included a reference to men suffering domestic abuse as well. Mr. Metcalfe said he interpreted that to mean people involved in homosexual relationships and said he would not support it because it “had a homosexual agenda.”

Last year he refused to support a vote to honor the 60th anniversary of a Muslim group in the state because “Muslims don’t recognize Jesus Christ as God.”

So – declarations decrying domestic abuse against men promotes homosexuality, and Muslims are going to hell. Also, you’re a traitor if you are in favor of reducing military pollution and reducing reliance on foreign oil.

It’s small wonder that only 20% of Americans identify themselves as Republicans

Palin/Taitz 2012!

22 Sep

The Teabaggers’ own Gabor sister, Orly Taitz, doesn’t know when to quit when it comes to the birther soldier case. I love that about her.  The birther soldier herself is en route to Iraq and complaining about Taitz.

Fundamentally Flawed

13 Sep

Here’s a video from Glenn Beck promoting the anti-Colored President march that was held yesterday in DC:


See that?  Congress and the Democrats are just like all of America’s mortal enemies!  George III! Hitler! bin Laden! Saddam Hussein!  They all underestimated America!  And so did the evil Congress!

Seriously, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, and anyone who looks at it and even thinks for a second that it’s in any way persuasive, intelligent, poignant, pithy, or positive really ought to check himself.

Ooga Booga

14 May

Well, clearly this explains everything.

Godwin’s Law-esome

29 Apr

Here’s that Robert Saviola show that Amherst Town Board Member Guy Marlette appeared on. Seriously, the best opening montage ever .

HT Mike Wrona

Michele Bachmann: Epidemiologist Extraordinaire

29 Apr

Michele Bachmann, a Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, has discovered the source of swine flu.

Bachmann, speaking on Pajamas TV, noted: “I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president Jimmy Carter. And I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.”

Apart from the fact that the 70’s outbreak happened under Republican President Gerald Ford, she’s got a point, there!

Excellent Political News

24 Feb

Fresh from being an ineffective yet deep-pocketed Democratic failure, Jack Davis is poised to return to his Republican roots and complete the switch to an ineffective yet deep-pocketed Republican failure.

One wonders whether his… unique… views on immigration issues will find a receptive ear in the GOP.

Jack Davis’ Crazy of the Day

2 Sep

Yesterday, “Upset Clarence Parent” left the following comment:

Today I witnessed the true Jack Davis. I was volunteering for Kristen Koslowski in the Clarence Center Labor Day Parade. As we were loading a trolly – which included children – I heard a large commotion and turned to see Jack Davis screaming at someone – later found out it was Jon Powers, the guy running for the same seat. The guy (Mr. Powers) had his hand extended trying to shake Jack Davis’s hand and Mr. Davis exploded, yelling and screaming for Powers to leave, at one point cursing so load it echoed in the neighborhood.

I am sorry Mr. Davis, but that is NOT how you should portray yourself in a campaign. Especially when the parade was lining up with children and women near by!

Another gentleman on our trolly witnessed the other guy (Mr. Powers) shake the hand of Alice Kryzan a few minutes before and they had friendly exchange, in a professional manner. I know they debated yesterday, but they were both at least professional.

Mr. Davis has proven himself to be completely unprofessional, and a very angry unstable person.

Happily, Davis’ complete breakdown in sanity was also captured by the Buffalo News:

Sitting behind the wheel of his gleaming black Excalibur at Monday’s Labor Day Parade in Clarence Center, Davis saw one of his opponents in the race for the Democratic nomination for Congress, Jon Powers, approaching.

Powers, who has been engaged in an exceptionally bitter battle with Davis, went up to his opponent and extended his hand — and Davis refused to shake it.

Instead, growing flustered, he simply shouted: “Get out of here!”

Powers, after persisting for a moment, simply sulked away, muttering under his breath.

“I just wanted to say hello, and he wasn’t interested in saying hello,” said Powers, who also noted that he asked Davis — who has avoided debates so far — if he was going to debate.

As for Davis, he said: “He wanted to shake hands with me — and I called him a lying politician.”

The funniest thing to me is that the guy who is running for Congress for the third time; the guy who created his own political party not once, but twice; the guy who admitted paying off the wives of the chairs of the Erie and Monroe County Independence Parties is accusing a first-timer of being a “lying politician”.

Davis need only look in the mirror to find that.