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Best of Buffalo: Food Dissent

15 May

The Artvoice Best of Buffalo 2013 winners were announced Monday, and I suppose it’d be gracious to congratulate the winners, so congratulations. 

But voters, jeez have I got some bones to pick with you. 

Fat Bob’s Smokehouse

Best BBQ? Fat Bob’s location might be swell, and its food may be passable, and it might have a lively bar scene, but best BBQ in Buffalo? Absolutely not. The best BBQ joint in Buffalo is Suzy Q’s – hands down, and it’s not even a competition. This scrappy little joint up near the GM Powertrain plant is a diamond in the rough, which serves up smoked pork, beef, chicken, and Polish sausage that’ll make your taste buds sing and a grown man weep. 

Betty’s Restaurant

Not quibbling with this result, although it’s not my first choice. But do people even do brunch anymore? Is this still a thing? 

Grover’s Bar & Grill

This is a knee-jerk reaction people have, but it’s totally wrong. Grover’s had burgers the size of frisbees, but although the meat is still big, it’s not like it used to be. At a recent visit, the meat was gray and dry and totally unsatisfying, especially given the lengthy wait. Ruzzine’s Rock Bottom directly across the street is infinitely better.  The Roaming Buffalo makes a fantastic burger. Vizzi’s is good. People swear by the Sterling Place Tavern. But Grover’s? Only in your memories, not in real life. 

Mighty Taco

Mighty Taco deserves to be on no list. It is emergency food; when you’re too broke or too drunk to eat anywhere else. 

SPoT Coffee

If I can make it better at home, it doesn’t belong on a “best of” list. I can make better coffee at home. 

Lake Effect Diner

I have a problem with Tucker Curtin after his lobbying against the food trucks. I’m not a big fan of rewarding anticompetitive behavior. 

Papa Jake’s Saloon

Wiechec’s. But really, best fish fry is who can best dip a frozen fish from SYSCO into a Pitco Frialator. 

Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Are you out of your mind Buffalo? Anderson’s is fine, but my God the ambiance in there is 70s Burger King. The ice cream is ok, but it’s not the best in Buffalo. The best ice cream being made in WNY right now is Lake Effect Ice Cream out of Lockport. They make wonderful, rich ice creams and create innovative flavors.  Get your heads out of your asses. Hell, even for custard, Abbott’s and Hibbard’s are way batter. 

Chef’s Restaurant

I love Chef’s as much as the next fat white guy, but it’s not the best Italian food in WNY. Not by a long shot. It is a spaghetti parm factory. San Marco (caution: annoying noise)? Mulberry? Lombardo’s

Amy’s Place

I’m not in college anymore, so The Original Pancake House

La Nova

Not remotely. Romeo & Juliet’s, Trattoria Aroma, Siena, 800 Maple, Rocco’s, La Hacienda of Niagara Falls, Pizza Oven, Elm St Bakery all make pizza that’s head and shoulders above La Nova’s floppy stuff. 

Jim’s Steakout

I don’t know from after 2am, but the best subs are at DiBellas and Weggies

Russell’s Steaks, Chops & More

There’s room for improvement. 

That’s it. Get it together, Buffalo. Don’t make me tell you how to vote next year. 

The Artvoice Best of Buffalo Awards 2011

29 Apr

For the sixth straight year, several members of the WNYMedia family have been honored with nominations in the Artvoice Best of Buffalo poll.  For that we’d like to thank our loyal readers, supporters, listeners, friends and enemies.  Sincerely, we’re always pleased to find that people enjoy what we do and we’re grateful that you have helped turn a small local blog into “kind of a big deal“.

It was an exciting year for us with the Carl Paladino story, appearances on the Rachel Maddow Show and Keith Olbermann, and coverage of our exploits in The New York Times, Der Spiegel, The Washington Post, The Guardian and hundreds of other outlets.  We’ve grown our partnership with WECK Radio and we’re currently figuring out the next avenue for expansion.  All of that happens because each day, an average of 8-10,000 local people visit our website and read or listen to what we’re talking about.  So, thank you very much for your support of us and our advertisers.

In 2011, we’ll be covering the the special election in NY-26, the Erie County Executive race, as well as the redistricting and downsizing of Erie County legislature districts which will lead into a free-for-all election for those redistricted seats in November.  It’s going to be silly season all summer long.  As usual, we’ll be right in the middle; muckraking, causing trouble and having a good time.

The nominees:

Best Blog – BuffaloPundit and WNYMedia.net

Best Twitter Feed – @Buffalopundit and @WNYMedia

Biggest Naysayer – Chris Smith

Best Stand Up Comic – Kristen Becker

Best Scandal – Carl Paladino’s emails

Most Over-Covered Story – Carl Paladino’s emails

Best Local Radio Personality – Brad Riter

Best Activist Group – Buffalo ReUse (WNYMedia bloggers and our favorite non-profit partner)

Scoundrelatory Tactics

16 Mar

The reason why you should vote Pundit for Best Buffalo Blogger in the annual Artvoice balloting goes beyond facts such as, e.g., I actually blog regularly; I keep my posts shorter so that regular people can read them during their busy day; I provide you with quality posts just about every day; other bloggers often merely pick up on points I’ve already made, and regurgitate them by using links primarily to prove how well-read and special they are.

No, the reason why you should vote Pundit for Best Buffalo Blogger has to do with the fact that Chris Smith has taken to mounting a vicious, false, and nasty negative campaign, trying to persuade people to vote for him by attacking me. That tactic, obviously, merely underscores the lack of merit behind his effort.

Vote Pundit: a Working Blog for a Working Western New York.

Artvoice Best Of

23 Apr

Thank you for the nomination, and congrats to fellow nominees Robby Takac, Newell Nussbaumer, Bruce Jackson, and Jennifer Smith.

But I shall crush your troika of fail!

Also –

Kudos to bloggers Alan Bedenko (BuffaloPundit) and Chris Smith (BuffaloGeek), both of WNYMedia.net, for waging a an actual, albeit tongue-in-cheek war for votes in the “Best Blogger” category. Readers win when bloggers compete. Chris, you nearly broke into the top five. Yow.