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Mouth Agape, I Read the Stupid

16 Jul

Today, local tea Party “leader” nitwit Allen Coniglio was interviewed by WBEN, which spent almost its entire broadcast day wondering why the Negroes from the NAACP were getting especially uppity lately.

Some quotes from his interview:

“There are always going to be people like that, no matter where you are,” Allen Coniglio, coordinator of the Tea Party’s Western New York contingent, tells WBEN. “Whether you’re in the Tea Party movement, or somebody’s bridge club. You’re always going to find people who do things like that. It has nothing to do with what we’re trying to promote, which is simply to get the government out of our lives.”

In fact, Coniglio says he’s handled the few bigots who’ve approached him in exactly the way the NAACP is asking for he national Tea Party to handle them.

“Over the past year and a half or so, since the Tea Party got started, I’ve heard from one or two. And I don’t even know if they’re real Tea Party people, or if they’re just somebody who’s just trying to get a rise out of me, or get me to say something. Really, it’s not an issue.”

“Out of 150 to 200 emails a day, over a year and a half, I’ve gotten two [with bigoted or racist viewpoints],” Coniglio explains. “That’s not a whole lot. And I doubt if those two were even legitimate. So that’s how much of an issue it is… it’s not an issue. It’s only an issue to those who want to make it an issue.”

Coniglio believes the NAACP is “making it an issue” in a attempt to besmirch the Tea Party. He thinks the NAACP’s leaders are afraid of “losing” their supporters to the Tea Party movement. But he insists, the Tea Party is just as against bigotry as the NAACP.

“I’ll disavow [bigots]. I want nothing to do with them. I’ve written back and said, we’re not interested in that, don’t expect us to respond to that in a positive way. And that’s basically the answer that I’ve given.”

“I’d like to, right now, publicly invite every single person, regardless of their color, to join with the Tea Party movement and help us to take down big government… to return government to the way it should be, a servant of the people,” Coniglio proclaims. “To allow us to live like we are supposed to be living in this country, as free Americans – this is all we want. And we want this for every citizen.”

At least on the local level, it appears both the NAACP and the Tea Party are condemning bigotry, and the extremists who detract from the Tea Party’s mission.

I wonder if WBEN’s Rachel Kingston bothered to look at Coniglio’s own newsgroup, because just a few days ago, he posted – and commented that it was the funniest damn thing he had ever seen, ever – a video that used images from the Little Rascals to depict President Obama as a pickaninny, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as a whore, and “joked” about assassinating the President.

Nope, no bigots welcome in the local tea party at all.


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