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Tim Howard's Radio Ad

21 Oct

Yesterday, our current Sheriff aired a radio ad that touted the fact that he captured the Bike Path Rapist, Altemio Sanchez.

That’s nice. Except it wasn’t just the Sheriff’s Department, it was a regional task force that brought Sanchez down. Officers from the Amherst Police Department, Buffalo Police, Erie County Sheriff’s Department and N.Y. State Police participated in the task force.

Although Sheriff’s Detectives did amazing work in cracking the case, on the day that Joan Diver went missing – September 29, 2007 – he told the Sheriffs where she likely would have gone running, judging by where her car was parked. Sanchez had moved Diver’s SUV as the search for her commenced. The Sheriffs immediately treated Diver’s husband as a suspect and commenced a search which ignored his recommendation; a recommendation the deputies considered suspicious because of its detail. Scientists are known for detail.

The Sheriff’s office called off the search for Joan Diver on September 30th. The next day – October 1st, Tim Howard was taking in a Bills game while community volunteers continued searching for Joan Diver. She was found that day by a boy scout troop.

That’s not something to be proud of. Not even a little. I’m amazed that Howard is using it in an ad for his re-election.