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The Answer Is 42 Times

8 Feb

And the question is; “How many times can Bill O’Reilly interrupt President Obama during a 14 minute interview?”

During the Super Bowl pre-game show, President Barack Obama sat down for an exclusive, live interview with the King of Right Wing Self-Important Condescension, Bill O’Reilly.  The President must have known going into the interview that he was signing up for his part in the top-rated ongoing Fox News theatrical drama, “OsamaObama Is A Krazy MuslimSoshalista Who Wants To Take Yer Jerbs And Kill Yer Grandma!”  However, I think even he must have been taken aback with the contempt showed to him by O’Reilly during this interview.


O’Reilly was guilty of backhanded remarks, interruptions, snide asides, leading and loaded questions, and unbelievably, asking the President, “Does it bother you that so many people hate you?”  Talk about your passive aggressive insults which pander to the Fox audience.  I’m surprised O’Reilly didn’t ask him “Did you stop beating your wife yet?” or “They sell any mens clothes where you bought that suit?”

There is a difference between being an aggressive interviewer who asks follow-up questions and just being an old fashioned arrogant jerk.  O’Reilly doesn’t seem to understand that difference.  Before his next interview with the President, perhaps O’Reilly could watch a textbook example of solid, aggressive interviewing by an Irish reporter from 2006.


Unfortunately, he’ll probably just stick to pandering to his dummy audience and asking insulting questions.  Here’s a random sample of that nightly O’Reilly audience.