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Arpaio ’16 and the Death of a Bully

2 Mar

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a message for Barack Obama: Lemme see your papers, boy.

Thanks, Sheriff Joe for your efforts to revive a long-resolved non-issue! It will remind voters that the Republican Party is now owned and operated by fringe reactionary conspiracy theorists. (Layers! Layers! Layers!)

Meanwhile, our local talk-radio station hosts a morning guy who is right on top of the “Obama killed Breitbart” theory, and an afternoon guy who calls women with whom he disagrees a “slut” and a “prostitute”. WBEN should be ashamed of itself for broadcasting this despicable hate-speech on public airwaves, and don’t hold your breath waiting for any Republican, anywhere to dare criticize Limbaugh for anything.

As for Andrew Breitbart, while I feel sorry for his wife & kids, I’ll eschew any phony “RIP”, or gee-I-f*cking-hated-that-guy-but-he’s-dead-now-so-I’ll-write-something-respectful, because he was someone who did not exist to engage in political discourse or to persuade – he existed solely to destroy. Upon the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, Breitbart did not suddenly find a shred of humanity and respectfully observe that event. Instead, he wrote hateful and derogatory things, cheering the Senator’s death. Breitbart wrote,

Why do you grant a BULLY special status upon his death?

Why, indeed. So, I won’t grant Breitbart any special status upon his.

I’m tired of people quietly going along with what is really amounting to fascistic rhetoric out of the rudderless, ideology-free American right wing.

Deep Weiner Thought

7 Jun

Andrew Breitbart may have been vindicated by Anthony Weiner, but let’s not forget that Breitbart remains a lying smear artist who has intentionally destroyed many more lives and livelihoods than Weiner could ever imagine.

How to Eat Like a Child, Redux

29 Jan

Andrew Breitbart, chief sponsor/benefactor of “Liddy Jr.” James O’Keefe III, shows how to argue like a 3 year-old. And I don’t mean that as a joke. I literally mean that’s how a petulant, immature little child argues. Changing the subject, repeating the same unpersuasive line over and over, and otherwise behaving like a petulant twat*.


*twat is funnier and possibly mildly less offensive when pronounced as the British do, so it rhymes with “at”. Not the American way where it rhymes with “rot”. Thank you.