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Why We Need a Plan

19 Jun

Buffalo Geek nails it, with respect to the proposed Yahoo! datacenter in Lockport. He suggests that it should have been sited somewhere in the city, or at least closer to where the computer nerds in the region are. The data center will create 75 jobs, which, when you factor in all of the tax breaks and incentives being handed out by the state, comes out to a subsidy of $1.35MM per job. Yet WNY still refuses to dictate so much as a single term to Yahoo!

Placing the datacenter in Lockport, away from the academic clusters and other related industry limits the potential for spinoff, such as it is. While Lockport is a much better choice than Pembroke or Cambria, I wonder why New York State did not encourage Yahoo! to locate its facility in the urban core of Buffalo or Niagara Falls or even Amherst. Oh, wait…I know! It’s because we don’t have a plan. Practicing ad hoc economic development is no way to go through life, guys. Here’s a lesson for local leaders, if you’re going to give away over $1MM in incentives per job created, you have the responsibility and right to dictate some of the criteria for site selection.

Too Easy

18 Feb

The New York Senate Democratic Majority ran a propaganda video on social media video site “Vimeo” earlier this week, and Buffalo Geek posted the video.

He also tried several times to congratulate the Senate on its propaganda video, and each time the comment was deleted. Finally, they took the entire Vimeo account down.

The Geek Blogs Again

30 Jul

Nothing like a bit of smug self-righteousness from self-important Buffalo power elites to get Buffalo Geek to lock & load.

Friday Videos – 11/9/2007

9 Nov


The week in viral videos brought to you by gratuitous amounts of energy and a hope to never see the 2Girls1Cup video ever again…

Vagina Power

Power Thirst

I Think We’re Dying!

Achmed, The Dead Terrorist

Classic “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Huge Vagina

One Day of US Air Traffic As Seen From Space:

Live Election Night Coverage From WNYMedia

6 Nov


Click here to check out the scene from Erie County Democratic and Republican Headquarters as we stream live. We have dozens of interviews lined up and we’ll keep you updated on the vote totals as they roll in. Also, I’ll be bringing my customary truckload of snarky, sarcastic analysis with me as I dish the news of the night with Glenn Gramigna from New WNY Politics and other WNYM writers.


Jim Keane: Honorary Goo Goo Doll?

30 Oct


I wonder if Jim Keane called Robby Takac or John Rzeznik and asked permission to steal the melody from their song “Better Days” for his latest commercial. I also think it’s pretty humorous to tap into the emotional currency that the Sabres generated with that video during last seasons playoff run. People finding your campaign to be soulless and floundering? Lets subconciously remind everyone how hopeful we were during the Sabres Stanley Cup run last year!

Jim Keane Version

Goo Goo Dolls/Sabres Version

Vote Alan Bedenko

30 Oct


Last night, our very own Buffalo Pundit appeared at a candidates forum in Clarence, NY. He had the opportunity to answer questions from the community while sitting side by side with 18 year incumbent Mike Ranzenhofer.

We had a camera on hand to capture the event.

Alan Bedenko For County Legislator from WNYMedia Video on Vimeo.

Blogging 101 Recap

11 Oct


Last night, several local bloggers were invited to an event titled “Blogging 101”, hosted by The Buffalo News. It was an opportunity for us to discuss what blogging is, the effect it has had on our lives, and in our community. Each of the bloggers on stage spoke about different issues and their motivations for entering their opinions and perspectives into the public discussion.

The team from Yourhub did an excellent job and put together a forum that should become a more regular event. The more people involved and online, the better Buffalo will be. Due to their ubiquitous print presence, The Buffalo News is the primary vehicle to get non-connected people introduced to the world of online social media and get them connected to causes and activism. Once people in this community can rediscover the power of their own voice, they’ll be shocked at the difference they can make.

Al Gritzmacher
was kind enough to record each of our presentations and host them on his own blog. Head over to check them out if you are so inclined.

I was the last blogger on the panel to present and I hit a lot of different topics. Mainly, I wanted to convey to the audience how blogs serve as the connective tissue in our community. Twenty years ago, people sat in corner pubs and diners to discuss the events of the day and share their inside or outside perspective on issues that mattered to them. In today’s isolated world of destination commuting and car based culture, we rarely have those opportunities to build that sense of urban connectedness. Blogs have become the vehicle with which we do that.

This blog started out as a place for me to vent a little about politics in WNY and has opened up avenues for me to make a difference in my community. The blogs at WNYM represent the vox populi and are read by politicos in City Hall, the Rath Building, Albany, and beyond. We’re involved in the news, we make news, and we also cover it.

I think it’s a pretty great way to spend an hour or two each day.

Top 10 Search Terms – BuffaloGeek

2 Oct


Every once in a while, I like to poke around my Analytics report to see what brings people to this little corner of the blog universe. It is interesting and educational.

10.) Buffalo Rising Sucks
9.) Buffalo Old Home Week
8.) Block Club
7.) Ice Bowl
6.) Empire Grill Buffalo
5.) Maglietto unqualified
4.) Feroleto
3.) Casey corruption
2.) Student Loan Scams
1.) Buffalo politics

What do you make of my list?

Wroblewski v. Locklear: Erie County Legislature, District 9

12 Sep


Since defeating Tim Wroblewski for the 9th District Erie County Legislative seat in 2005, Cynthia Locklear has been a fresh face of reform and openness. She has called for increased transparency and accountability in government and has advocated for a new direction from the typical union pandering and backroom deals which typify our the legislative process.

She has openly disagreed with her Democratic counterparts, sided with the Republicans when it made sense, and generally acted as an independent legislator. Sure, she might be excluded from the occasional party caucus meeting or be left out of the “in-crowd”, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

Well, it sure seems that way if you evaluate from whom her opponent has received checks. Tim Wroblewski is back and looking to regain his former seat in the legislature. In the past year, he has accepted contributions from some pretty familiar names.

SEIU, AFSCME, Asbestos Workers Local #4, Erie County Sheriff’s PBA, I.U.O.E. Local 17, Iron Workers Local #6, and the IBEW are all donors to Mr. Wroblewski. You think this might have something to do with Locklear’s virulent opposition to the Apprenticeship Law which essentially eliminates competition in public construction contracts?

Wroblewski has also received contributions from local politicos like Mark Schroeder, Bill Stachowski, Paul Clark, Jim Keane, Michelle Iannello, Paul Tokasz, Tim Kennedy, Norm Polanski, and Fran Warthling.

On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that Cindy has picked up any donations from local politicos of note nor any union money…unless I am missing some insider name that I am unfamiliar with.

Sometimes, you learn more about a candidate when you read through the finance reports than you do from reading their campaign literature.

Cindy deserves another term and hopefully, we can add another independent candidate to the legislature to work with her.