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Dying Cities and Tacos

14 Aug

There are a lot of blog posts and happytweets about a Buffalo-born chef saying he really likes Ted’s and Might Taco in a national magazine. Renaissance!

A few months ago, Forbes Magazine added Buffalo to a list of the 10 Fastest-Dying American Cities.

Lost amidst the back-patting about our local hot doggeries and taquerias, is the news of a summit held in Dayton, OH yesterday where representatives from the governments of 9 out of 10 of those dying cities attended to discuss strategies to make them less dying-ish.

Take a wild guess which city’s government sent no one from a governmental position.

Buffalo sent non-profit wunderkind from Buffalo ReUse, Michael Gainer.  No one from city government or county government appeared.  Kudos to Michael, but Buffalo’s roster should have been longer.

I don’t care that it’s an election year, that is utterly and fundamentally disgraceful.

After hearing him speak about the Pittsburgh area’s recent successes, I think it would be far more valuable to invite this gentleman to come and speak to business and political leaders in Erie County than, for instance, former mayors who come to advocate for the removal of highways and whatnot.  Pittsburgh will be hosting the G-20.  Buffalo touts tacos and events featuring deep-fried items.

Remember 2005?

10 May

Gosh, it was heady – Masiello was on his way out no matter what and this young and energetic young State Senator was going to come in and be innovative and change the way Buffalo ran itself. He was going to implement CitiStat and impose real, measurable reform in city government. He was going to streamline the permits and zoning process to make it so much easier for businesses to get started and stay in Buffalo. People were hopeful, having discussions in new fora like Buffalo Rising about all the cool stuff going on in the city, and how everything was at the very beginning of an incredible, sustainable renaissance of meritocracy, youth, culture, cool retail & restaurants; all the creative people would be able to flourish and implement all their wonderful ideas to really shake the foundation of Buffalo and turn it again into a regional economic and cultural juggernaut.

Unfortunately, 2005 looks a lot like 2009, except most of the talk of renaissance and hope has morphed into talk of stasis and opportunities lost.

Mayor Brown will run on that record of hyperpolitical maneuvering and mediocrity, and will win in a landslide.

It’s Buffalo. Mediocrity always wins.

You Are the Mayor / County Executive

25 Jun

You are the Mayor of Buffalo or the County Executive of Erie County.

Name 5 things that you would implement right now that would have a significant positive impact on the city or region.

(Photo credit: Eye8Pudding via Flickr)