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#BuffCashMob To City Wine Merchant

4 Aug

We asked you to nominate a local business to receive a visit from the inaugural Buffalo Cash Mob and you’ve chosen in overwhelming numbers…the City Wine Merchant.

If this is the first article you’ve seen about the Buffalo Cash Mob, here’s a refresher.

Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you like social media? Are you someone who digs doing cool stuff with cool people? Do you love supporting local small business? Well, welcome to the hastily formed #BuffCashMob!

This is a tough economy and many small businesses in Buffalo and WNY are looking for ways to increase cash flow. That’s where we, the organized social media denizens of Western New York, come in.

Rather than do the slacktivist thing, posting links to businesses we like and writing on their Facebook pages, let’s get out, en masse, and show them some straight up cash love. Buy their goods, pay for their services, patronize their establishments. And have a great fucking time doing it!

The goal will be to get 100 people to “flash mob” a local establishment to spend $10-$20 each on the goods and services offered. No discounts, no coupons, no special deals. Just spend $10 in their business.

You nominate the business and whichever garners the most votes, will receive a visit from the mob.

We received over 300 nominations for the first BuffCashMob visit, but City Wine Merchant received almost double the votes of any other retail establishment. So, clearly, there is some real love for this store at 715 Main Street (Click for map and directions) which has been open since 2009. As owner Eric Genau told Buffalo Rising when he first opened,

Years ago I lived at the corner of Chippewa and Main,” Eric told me. “And there was nothing happening down here. Now we have the Medical Campus and the lofts… there’s the Washington Market. I see young professionals, a hip artistic crowd and an entrepreneurial spirit… that wasn’t here five years ago. We’ve even raised the City of Buffalo flag on the building.

This is a quality, locally owned business that cares about its community and its product,

When you walk into the City Wine Merchant remember that you are not walking into a mega Walmart-sized wine warehouse. Rather, you are stepping into a wine boutique where every single label has been hand selected by the owner. Whether a bottle of wine is $8 or $80, Eric assures his customers that they are getting the best value when it comes to quality.

City Wine Merchant offers wines at all price points from $9 to $90 and offers a full line of glassware and wine accessories.

So, please join us in supporting an entrepreneur who took a risk and opened his business in the theater district. Support locally owned businesses operated by individuals who love their city and have a passion for the product they sell.

Join us between the hours of 4-7PM tomorrow and spend $10 or more at City Wine Merchant, tell them the #BuffCashMob sent you.

Follow @BuffCashMob on Twitter or Follow the #BuffCashMob hashtag for updates on what’s next or like us on Facebook.

Buffalo ReUse Announces Massive Price Drop

3 Jan

Buffalo ReUse is proud to announce a January Price Drop at The ReSOURCE, 298 Northampton St (click link for map and directions), beginning January 4, 2011.

Buffalo ReUse Employees Are Amped Up About Your Arrival!

This sale is being held in celebration of the New Year and Buffalo ReUSE’s continued commitment to offering the public great deals on reusable building materials.  There is a catch to this fabulous sale – customers must buy up before discounts go down!  Each week, the discount will change as follows:

January 4-9         Customers will receive a 60% discount

January 11-16     Customers will receive a 50% discount

January 18-23     Customers will receive a 40% discount

January 25-30     Customers will receive a 30% discount

On February 1, all items will return to their usual low prices.

The ReSOURCE is fully stocked with awesome lighting fixtures, plumbing, tubs, sinks, tile, flooring, trim, spindles, railings, furniture, windows, doors, and more.  Most items found in the ReSOURCE can be purchased at the discounted rate.  Radiators, lumber, cabinet sets, hardware, and antiques can be purchased at their usual low, low prices.

The ReSOURCE is open for business Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 – 4:00 pm.

Kevin Hayes, Interim Executive Director for Buffalo ReUse, invites the community to visit the ReSOURCE to browse the stock and learn more about services and activities we provide.  Each Saturday, the organization holds small events geared to educate, engage, and excite the public about home repair and self-sufficiency.  This month, Saturday activities begin at 11:00am and focus on staying warm all winter long.

Additionally, Buffalo ReUSE accepts material donations year-round. Anyone with reusable materials, surplus supplies, or tools is invited to donate by dropping them off at the ReSOURCE or calling to schedule a pick up. Tax-deductible donation receipts are available at the time of donation.

Buffalo First?

27 Nov

Maybe it’s time to take the buy local angle in a new direction.

I was preparing to write a post on the proposed bailout of the automotive industry.  While I was doing some research about the impact of auto plant closures on rust belt cities, I came across this little gem.

Whenever the City of Lansing, MI buys something or hires companies to provide service, it will first look to companies who hire, buy their raw materials and contract other services within the city limits.

The official executive order can be found here.

Why not use the purchasing power of government to bring business into the city?  The City of Buffalo is not managed by executive order but, this might be an idea for the Common Council to take under consideration.

It’s not a mandate, but it does encourage local service providers and manufacturing companies to at least establish a nominal presence in the City of Buffalo.  Strenghtening our urban core is a must if we are to grow as a region, right?

You can tell me this idea is bullshit, but at least it’s a idea…