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Fear & Propaganda

27 Mar

Lost amid the sound and fury of the race for the Republican nomination is how candidates Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and even former candidates like Cain, are really focusing on issues and not engaging in race-baiting or hyperbole. 

Nah, I’m just kidding. The issues are secondary. This is all about how Obama has destroyed / is about to destroy America, grandma, apple pie, and Chevrolet. Why, yesterday Obama got caught on a hot mic telling Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev the truth – that missile shield talks need to wait until after the election, at which time Obama will have “more flexibility”. 

Given that Mitt Romney went on record yesterday all but demanding war against Russia, Obama’s position is a bit more sane. 

So, here are some pretty awesome advertisements that Santorum and Cain’s PAC have put out in recent days. I’d call these “blatantly false propagandistic fearmongering”, but Limbaugh and his clones tell me only Democrats do that. 

 This one is from Rick Santorum. It’s got everything – how Obama destroyed the economy while he was President in 2008, how Ahmadinejad is going to rocket-destroy America and, like, take it over – maybe with Obama’s help, because he’s a seekrit Kenyan Mooslim!

Herman Cain isn’t going to be outdone by the patent insanity of a Rick Santorum. So, he’ll start out by displaying his hatred for “stimulus” by having a little kid kill a goldfish: 

And, not content with sanctioning the killing of a 10-cent fish, Cain pays for some really poor CGI showing a guy shooting a bunny rabbit in mid-air. 

Because nothing says, “I disagree with Keynesian economic pump-priming” like blowing a rabbit into little bits!

Your 2012 GOP: Totally out to lunch!

The Campaign for President 2012

20 Oct

I have been neglecting my punditry duties, I suppose, by deliberately and completely ignoring the Republican debates. There have been many, and I’ve watched the news reports summarizing them, and I’ve been following the media focus as it swung from Gingrich to Bachmann to Perry to Cain to Romney (more or less).

I’m not going to be voting for any of these people under any circumstances, so any attention I pay to them is purely academic. The only heartening thing for me is that Jon Huntsman is in the race, and he seems to be the last of the “sane centrist Republican” Mohicans. The last of that Bill Weld, Christie Whitman type Republicans who are fiscally responsible, smart, open to new ideas, and didn’t gay-bait or scare people by screaming “SHARIA LAW” every three secons.

Cain has gained traction with his 9-9-9 tax reform proposal, which would raise taxes on every American except the wealthy. It’s a Republican’s wet dream, that. (They love to remind you that 47% of Americans are too poor to pay federal income taxes – they do, however, pay state sales, income, and other taxes). Except part of that “9” is a federal consumption tax, which would act like the Canadian GST, only 2 points higher. If Cain’s plan became law, we here in Erie County would pay 17 3/4% sales tax, and Cain’s plan.  I can’t imagine a more regressive and punitive tax on the middle class and poor.  Well, maybe the idea that someone making $12,000 per year needs to pay the same tax rate as someone making $120,000 or $1,200,000 per year.  Hell, even Grover Norquist dislikes Cain’s idea.

In any event, I’ll be paying more attention shortly, and here are a couple of videos that I found interesting.