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20 Apr

Courtesy of Paladino for the People campaign manager Michael Caputo and the strategic political marketing & messaging shop they’ve retained, “Grasstop Concepts“, comes this:


The fact that Caputo has inserted himself into the campaign as a personality is hilarious in its narcissism.

It also reminds me of this. A lot:


The Iranian Opposition Platform

17 Jun

1 (Girl in street): Defending civil rights
2 (Boy next to old man): Counterbalancing poverty/deprivation
3 (Boy pushing away donation box): Nationalizing oil income
4 (Man standing on rooftop): Reducing tension in international affairs
5 (Boy sitting next to satellite dishes): Free access to information
6 (Girl sitting besides her mother): Supporting single mothers
7 (Girl with cast):? Knock down violence against women
8 (Boy): Education for all
9 (Boy infront of man locking car): Increasing public safety
10 (Girl on rooftop): Ethnic and religious minority rights
11 (Man on rooftop): Supporting NGOs
12 (Girl in front of wall): Public involvement
13 (Boy and girl): We have come for? change
14: Change for Iran

I always find political campaigns in foreign countries to be fascinating, to see the issues that matter most to them. In any event, HT to Andrew Sullivan on this. The man has been unstoppable posting about Iran.

Campaign Kick-Offs Today

27 May


Today at 6pm, Comptroller Mark Poloncarz kicks off his campaign this evening, as does the as-yet-unnamed Democratic candidate for Sheriff. Rumor has it a Captain in the Cheektowaga Police Department will be announcing this evening. Across town, the Republicans will introduce their candidate for Comptroller at 11am.

In the News: Part Two

3 Dec

Former West Seneca Supervisor and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the County Executive nomination Paul Clark was convicted yesterday of misdemeanor charges arising from some very shady goings-on with respect to campaign financing:

Clark acknowledged that he “knowingly and willfully” failed to report to his campaign treasurer a $10,000 contribution from [Roger] Peck, who was Clark’s top contributor and an energy consultant to the Town of West Seneca. He then admitted having Peck pay $10,000 to Joseph J. Illuzzi for “services rendered” on a Web site he devotes to political advertising and failing to report it as required by election law.

Peck, in turn, acknowledged paying the money to Illuzzi — again for “services rendered” — and not reporting it. Illuzzi then mounted an extensive campaign on his Web site accusing Clark’s rival in the 2007 Democratic primary for county executive, James P. Keane, of being a racist.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Frank J. Clark said he will not pursue felony charges he originally threatened against Michael W. Mullins, who first revealed that he illegally paid Paul Clark’s marketing consultant with two bags containing $20,000 in cash. Mullins, the former campaign aide who told The Buffalo News in October 2007 about the Clark scheme, is expected to face similar misdemeanor charges by the end of the week, the district attorney said.

Mullins, for what it’s worth, may have done wrong, but he’s the whistleblower – the one who blew this whole scheme wide open. Had he lawyered up from the get-go, he could have sought and received immunity from prosecution. Instead, he’s taking his lumps.

Devoted “to political advertising”. Heh.


31 Jul