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Baseball Season

8 May

Now, Carl Paladino has won elected office and can no longer just throw stones. Now? He has to produce tangible results. 

The Buffalo schools are a huge problem, and I wish the new board – including Mr. Paladino – well in their efforts to bring about positive changes. We’ll see if the baseball bat approach works, I reckon. 

It will also be interesting to watch Mr. Paladino’s interaction with the superintendent’s office, but also with the Special Assistant to the Superintendent for Community Relations. 

Communication Breakdown

2 May

On April 28th, the Buffalo News’ editorial page offered up its recommendations in the upcoming school board races. One of the most intensely watched races is that of developer and tea party gadfly Carl Paladino. While the News expressed support for Paladino’s proposals for fixing the school board – many of which are totally reasonable – it would not endorse him. 

But we won’t endorse Paladino, either. He insists that he is not racist, but he shows no comprehension that the emails he forwarded not only suggest that – and powerfully – but that they would be painful and insulting to thousands of minority families and students in the district he wishes to serve.

While he is, in some ways, the candidate this district has needed, we cannot lend the weight of this page to a candidate who still insists those vile emails were funny. No one is perfect and it is always necessary to allow people their failings, but in life, there are some bright lines. Paladino crossed this one.

Nevertheless, it seems all but certain that Paladino will win this race; the South Buffalo neighborhood supported him overwhelmingly in his 2010 campaign for governor. If he does win, it will be his chance to prove that he is not racist.

He could go a long way toward showing that by acknowledging the despicable nature of those emails.

These emails (NSFW)

To be clear, I read that editorial very carefully – it’s not condemning Paladino for sending the emails, but instead for not acknowledging that they were disgusting, misogynist, and racist. There’s no question he sent them around, but he can’t just say, it was stupid, it was wrong, I’m deeply embarrassed and sorry. He’s like Otto from A Fish Called Wanda

So, what does Paladino do? He blasts some more emails out calling the News and its editorial page writer Dawn Bracely names. 

That’s not enough, though.  Paladino pal Larry Quinn had to chime in, too. 

Both of these guys need to take some remedial reading comprehension classes. Perhaps a lesson in humility wouldn’t hurt, either. It must be nice to be so righteously indignant over a perceived slight. It’s also easy to see all the answers for Buffalo’s failing schools from atop a mountain of white privilege. 

The Paladino Mailers

25 Apr

Never let it be said that Carl Paladino can run for elected office and not be reminded of horse porn




Mr. Paladino responds, 


Paladino, Higgins, and McCarthy

4 Mar

In an article that appeared in Sunday’s Buffalo News, Congressman Brian Higgins and his cousin-by-marriage Carl Paladino exchanged metaphorical f*ck yous. Frankly, it’s hardly news that a Democratic politician is at odds with opportunistic tea party figurehead Carl Paladino. 

But in Bob McCarthy’s article, it was revealed that the rift became irreparable after Chris Smith, Marc Odien, and I reported on Paladino’s happy forwarding of ugly racist and pornographic text and images to political figures and developers around the region

Release of the emails

Paladino’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign seemed doomed after a Buffalo website revealed his practice of emailing racist and pornographic jokes to friends.

At the time, Caputo (who has since broken with Paladino) told reporters he had been approached by a Higgins “emissary” who promised “everything would come out” if Paladino ran for governor.

Though he sent jokes to many friends on his email list, Paladino then and now blames Higgins’ staff for the leak.

“That was the end,” Paladino says now. “I knew he did it. And it only caused more anguish in the family than we already had.”

Typical narcissistic tween stuff, that. Paladino doesn’t blame himself for sending out images using the word “nigger” or showing the President of the United States and his wife as a pimp and whore – it’s someone else’s fault that he got found out, causing “anguish” to his family.  Had he kept his racism and pornography to himself, Mr. Paladino could have saved his own family all that “anguish”. 

[Rus] Thompson said the Paladino campaign engaged investigators to track the email trail.

“So we know where it came from,” he said.

I publicly challenge Rus Thompson – Paladino’s driver and errand-boy – to release the “investigation” that “tracked” the email trail. I would like to see proof in some form to back up what he’s talking about. Does Rus really think, for instance, that if he forwards one particular chain e-mail that Microsoft and Bill Gates will pay him money

Higgins denies that he or his staff leaked the emails, pointing out that Paladino’s email list included dozens of people who could have released the jokes.

Here’s a question – at any point do you think that the Buffalo News’ Bob McCarthy contacted Chris Smith, Marc Odien, or me to ask us to confirm or deny whether we received the Paladino emails from Brian Higgins or his people? Do you think that the author of this article made the effort to take to Facebook, Twitter, this blog, Artvoice, WNYMedia.net, or asked one of his colleagues for our numbers to see what we had to say about this particular matter? 

At no time did McCarthy ask the people who published the emails where they came from, or whether they came from a Higgins source. Think about it – the emails were sent to a long string of people. They were not secret – many, many people knew about them and former campaign manager Michael Caputo has stated that he knew about the emails, that he knew they were an issue, and that they focus-grouped them, finding that the racist ones were particularly problematic. 

When your campaign knows that the emails are an issue, and that any one of the recipients – or the recipients’ recipients – could have leaked them to the press, pointing the finger at the local Congressman who disagrees with your conclusion that Obamacare is worse than 9/11, to maintain a feud over them is idiotic. 

In the end, Carl Paladino is unable and unwilling to acknowledge that his own behavior is his own fault. These are things that normal people learn before they enter middle school. And journalists learn to check their sources – if Paladino and Rus Thompson say they know how the emails got to Chris, Marc, and me, you should probably check with one of us. 

Don Carlxote versus Everybody

6 Aug


If you’re somewhat politically involved, there’s a very good chance that in recent weeks, you’ve been subjected to a variety of emails from local developer and unfortunate politician Carl Paladino. Earlier missives had branded former Senator Al D’Amato a “predator”, while more recently he’s turned his venom on State Senator Tom Libous. 

No, I don’t know enough about Senator Libous to adequately explain why Carl Paladino would publicly embarrass him. But Don Clarey, the chairman of the Albany County Republican Committee had something to say about it: 

From: Donald Clarey [mailto:donclarey@xxxxx.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 1:11 PM
To: Carl Paladino
Subject: RE: Letters to Senator Tom Libous

Dear Carl, I am tired of your pathetic screeds that you send me. The latest, about Senator Libous has caused me to respond.

I have known Tom for over thirty years – long before you became a Republican. Tom Libous has done more for the Southern Tier and the State of New York than you have done for the Niagara Frontier and our State. While no elected official is perfect, Tom compares favorably with his predecessor, Majority Leader Warren M. Anderson – perhaps the greatest legislator this State ever had. But I am sure that by your standards you would consider him a RINO for working to Save New York State with Governor Carey (gasp! a Democrat).

I have read your rantings and ravings over the past several months and frankly they show how ill-informed you are about civic affairs and politics. Let us do a little math: The Governor is a Democrat (in part because of you). The Democrats control 100 of 150 seats in the Assembly (many from Buffalo). The Republicans, until the recent Special election in Brooklyn, controlled that body by one seat. Is that a formula for enacting the laws you mentioned in your letter? Unlike you, I live in the real world. While I would like the Triborough Amendment and the other measures you mentioned repealed, it can’t happen under the current political make up. Your efforts to undermine Senator Skelos and his members will only make it worse. Nice job. By the way, I know you were trying to get a primary opponent against George Amedore here in Albany. It was fun to chase you ass out of Albany County on that one.

I am embarrassed that I voted for you in the primary and general election in 2010. Your clownish, thug-wannabe campaign cost us Harry Wilson’s victory, one House seat (NY1), and at least one Senate seat. Your continued effort to hurt the Republicans lead me to believe you are a double-agent on behalf of the Democrats – by the way, when did you switch parties?

I sure that irrelevance is hard to take – and you sure are taking it harder than most; please crawl back into your clown car and drive it back into the hole you came out of.

By the way, take me off your email list. I am afraid you might forward racist, obscene, and misogynistic e-mails like you have done in the past.

With minimum high regard,

Donald A. Clarey
Chairman Albany County Republican Committee

That’s entertaining enough, and good reading. But Carl felt compelled to reply: 

In response to your letter below Don, whatever you think Tom was, he has evolved today into a sellout—a poster child for term limits. I have no ego to fulfill sir.  If relevance is on your mind, you should be concerned with your own.  You obviously have learned little in your career about public service.  Running for office was only the beginning statement for me.

You say you know about enacting laws.  Did you know it takes three to do anything in Albany? 

If the Republican party continues in its present disarray with only good old boy leadership it will continue its trip into true irrelevance.  We fought hard to regain a Republican majority in the Senate.  The only way to hold on to that was to provide real opposition to the liberal progressives advancing a Republican agenda and Republican values.  Even after their defeat of 2010, the Senate RINOs chose to run scared and climb in bed with the Cuomo/Silver cabal.  They played footsie with each other using illusion and theatrics with a complicit press scared of the Albany ghosts.

As long as the Republicans control 1/3 of the of the vote in Albany they can veto anything.  That’s where the bargaining comes in, Tit for tat.  Did you see any of that in the last session?  Of course not. The RINOs make excuses like that to hide their incompetence.  Do you really think Dean Skelos has the intelligence and ability of a Warren Anderson?  Warren would have beat the loving hell out of the democrats over the last 2 years.

By the way I did not try to get an opponent for Amedore and you did not chase my ass out of town.  If I had tried to do something, the likes of you wouldn’t stop me.

Also Harry Wilson only lost because you and your RINO buddies advised him not to campaign with me.  Had he stood at my side in the mid and western parts of the state he would have gotten the same percentages I got there and he would have won.  You obviously are not intelligent either.

Like your treacherous predecessor Graziano, you live in a unique area of the state where the people do not suffer the financial peaks and valleys suffered elsewhere in New York.  You are insulated from reality by the thousands of fat and comfortable state jobs living off the fat of the land.   You never suffer recessionary pressures.  You live and participate in the Albany petri dish of corruption and incompetence.   You read a newspaper (frightened by the Cuomo/Silver threat of intimidation) more interested in advancing the progressive elitist agenda than doing the right thing for the taxpayer.  Why?  Because you are one of the worst of the RINOs.  You get excited when in the presence of the three men in a room power brokers. You’re the loyal slob willing to kiss their rings to get into their favor for the nickel dime patronage and breadcrumbs they throw at you. 

I watched the smitten look on your face when at the Republican convention in Rochester the Reda, LaValle, Savino RINO boys hijacked the convention and denied Wendy Long the party endorsement by railroading the 2nd vote.  You just sat there on your fat ass. You said nothing as the terrible injustice was performed before your eyes. 

At the convention my assistant had the proxy of Melody Burns.  You intimidated and assaulted her with your finger in her chest yelling at her that you wanted her to vote for Bob Turner instead of Wendy Long.  I learned about it later or you would have met me at that time.   Need I remind you that 63% of the rank and file in the 2010 primary for Governor voted against the good old boys insular candidate Lazio and County chairs like you.  Wendy Long kicked the ass of her 2 opponents in this year’s primary. The writing is on the wall but it seems that the RINOs are still in denial.

You see Don, the days of you and the good old boys are coming to an end very quickly. If the best that Libous can do is to send a washed up politician like you after me it illustrates just how weakened and insecure he is.  He had an opportunity to change his tune but chose the easier and cowardly way.  If you and he can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, move out of state and let his committee on vacancies pick a good successor.  What happens when he gets indicted?  Does he have such little regard for his constituency and for that matter his family that he will put them through that nonsense. Whining and foolish letters like yours will get you nowhere.  You should work on getting yourself a life.

There’s more. 

From: Rob Simmons [mailto:rrsimmons@xxxxx.net] 
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 11:18 AM
To: Carl Paladino
Subject: Re: Carl Paladino to Donald Clarey

What is the value to the NY GOP of this sort of public lashing?

Robert R. “Rob” Simmons
Congressman, 2001-2007
Colonel, USAR, Retired
268 ———————
Stonington, CT 06378

Did Carl just let that one go? What do you think? 

Rob, the N.Y. GOP is in disarray. They’ve lost the trust of the people.  The rank and file are held captive by a bunch of self-interested, lazy and corrupted Albany establishment RINOs including a good number of Republican legislators and County Chairmen who would rather bathe with the Cuomo/Silver progressives who feed them an occasional breadcrumb. 

They seek to keep their patronage and campaign contributions to protect and fund their incumbency and live off the bone marrow of the taxpayers.  As a result the status quo in Albany is alive and well and there is no viable opposition to call out the progressives who seek to create a permanent democratic majority by having the most liberal social welfare programs known to mankind which invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to come to New York to lay on the backs of New York taxpayers.

The Cuomo/Silver cartel have perfected the art of illusion and theater.  It is not an oversight that there is absolutely no transparency in state government.  It’s part of the art form that protects the deceitful establishment and the incumbency of incompetent and dysfunctional elected officials.  The entitlement people coming to the state in droves are passing on their way in the exiting vibrant youth who can’t find a job and the taxpayers who can’t stand the tax burdens.   The status quo is killing business and jobs in New York with debilitating taxes and regulation. 

The NY GOP only has a faint pulse at best.  The State Party commands no respect and therefore cannot raise money to support statewide candidates.  It is more about hapless locomotion by an establishment group of unintelligent office holders, downstate county chairs and good old boys like Skelos, Maziarz, Libous, Clary, Reda, LaValle,  etc., etc., etc., or washed up greedy lobbyists like D’Amato.   They are all opportunistic narcissistic parasites intent on squeezing the last juice out of the grape rather than advancing the rank and file needs and values.  It’s not hard to connect up the dots.

Until we clean up the Republican party leadership the party will not grow into a viable alternative for New Yorkers.

Is there anything else you need to know Rob?

The whole thing takes petulant bullying to a new level. But I won’t now leave you with any sort of snarky analysis of how Don Carlxote is tilting at windmills throughout the state. Instead, I link to the “Breaking Point Blog”, which fisks all of Carl’s recent insults and analyzes it in a provocatively titled essay.  

In government, even a person identified as a political firebrand doesn’t approach a fraction of the divisiveness or resistance to compromise showcased in Paladino’s writings.  And this is true even in the current political climate where divisiveness and non-compromise is the order of the day, especially among Republicans. To Paladino, anyone on his side of the aisle who strays in the least measure from his vision for the party is a target for being branded, in his terminology, a RINO (Republican In Name Only).  And woe unto he who is marked by Paladino’s scarlet letters, for Carl Paladino speaks for the “grassroots/tea party” base of the Republican Party, and without them, as he threatens to Senator Libous, “your career as an elected official will end this year.”
Indeed, Paladino’s messages are full of intimations of a kind of political insight that extends far beyond the observational and into the prophetic.  “The Albany establishment is on its way out,” he writes without a trace of uncertainty.  “In a few years it will be gone.”  The man is so blindly assured of his viewpoints on everything that he has apparently convinced himself that he can tell the future.
But in view of the rest of his remarks in a number of letters, I’d say that that’s not just an outgrowth of his unquestioning convictions. Rather, it’s part and parcel of a severe messianic complex.  His letters are permeated with unrestrained anger, but they are also paradoxically peppered with slightly religious language.  Apart from painting himself as the sole arbiter of judgment as to one’s true allegiance to the Republican Party, which, incidentally, he formally joined only seven years ago, he also takes up the mantle of a priestly dispenser of political absolution.
The whole thing is worth a read. Now, why is it that this person is – at least as far as politics is concerned – now considered to be a well-funded paranoiac, but is still afforded some semblance of respect by WNY voters and media? 

Board of Education Did Not Violate the Open Meetings Law

12 Jul

State Supreme Court Justice Donna Siwek heard argument yesterday on Carl Paladino’s Article 78 action to render the School Board’s retention of Dr. Pamela Brown as Superintendent. Judge Siwek rendered her decision later in the day, and it’s shown below. 

The tl;dr: Paladino alleged that the School Board violated the letter and spirit of the state’s Open Meetings Law by retiring into a closed executive session to discuss whom they would hire, and contractual details. The Court ruled that the Board was entitled to go into executive session to discuss the qualifications and other personal information regarding the various applicants, although the Board broke a technical rule by failing to properly announce that they were doing so. On the second point, the Board was within its rights to go into executive session to speak in confidence with their attorney regarding contractual matters relating to the new hire. 

Paladino may have lost, but in this case he thought the Board had acted improperly, and he took it upon himself to protect citizens’ right to know. More like this, please. 

Judge Siwek order on Paladino Article 78 Action vs. Buffalo School Board

Happy Father’s Day! Love, Carl

21 Jun

On Sunday, Governor Andrew Cuomo (through his campaign apparatus) sent out an email honoring Father’s Day. It doesn’t get less controversial than this: 

Dear Friend,

Nothing is more important to me than my role as a father. Watching my three daughters grow up to become thoughtful, beautiful and strong young women has been, and is, the greatest joy in my life.
I can only hope that I can be the role model for them that my father has been for me my entire life. He taught me the importance of family, friendship and public service. I continue to turn to him for his wisdom and support.
This Sunday, I hope that you will be able to share this special time with your loved ones.
Happy Father’s Day from my family to yours.


Andrew M. Cuomo Signature


Buffalo’s own Sarah Palin, Carl Paladino, took to Facebook to say this about his former election opponent: 

You know what else good fathers and role models do? They keep their mouths shut. They aren’t homophobes. 

They don’t have multiple families that they keep hidden. They don’t sire children out-of-wedlock. They don’t party ’til the wee hours in Allentown drinking holes. They don’t make up lies about “legendary prowess“. They don’t giggle at anal horse porn, or send around racist and mysoginistic e-mails.  

But above all, good fathers know to dummy up when it comes to hypocritically attacking the morality of others. 

Newt Gingrich: Incredibly Disliked

20 Apr

Today, Carl Paladino will host a campaign rally for all-but-dropped-out Newt Gingrich. Gingrich is the preferred choice of the right wing of the Republican Party who can no longer vote for theocratic lunatic Rick Santorum. 

A recent poll shows this about Gingrich

That’s a close match with George W. Bush’s final favorability rating of 25%. In other words, about the same number of people who like Gingrich still liked Bush as the world financial meltdown of 2008 was underway. True believer right-wing Obama-hating people who probably forward loads of false “N0bama” chain emails that they didn’t first run through Snopes. 

This sounds less like a campaign stop – because really, there’s no campaign left – and much more like a paid personal appearance. And no one ever voted for Newt Gingrich ever again. The end. 

Kearns Defeats Fahey in A-145

21 Mar
Kearns, LoCurto, Rivera

Photo by Flickr user Whitney Arlene

Mickey Kearns? Really? 

The 15% of the electorate who turned out elected a Democrat running as a Republican whose only recognizable platform plank was to do battle with Shelly Silver?  Kearns has said he’ll caucus with the Democrats – so Republican efforts to spin this as a victory will ring particularly hollow. 

The New York State Assembly is a particularly malignant and useless construct. On the one hand, you have majority leader Sheldon Silver, who rules his Democratic caucus with an iron fist. On the other hand, you have a collection of the most useless political castrati – the Assembly Republicans. To call the Assembly a legislature is an insult to the notion of democratic representative lawmaking. To call a member “independent” is synonymous with “impotent”. 

That’s why, when I have in the past advocated for a nonpartisan unicameral legislature, I’ve made it clear that we can’t just abolish the Senate and supplant it with the Assembly. Each redundant body is dysfunctional in its own way. 

Yesterday I posted a perfectly benign reminder that an election was taking place and that people who live in that district should go out and vote. I didn’t endorse or attack either candidate, except to say that Kearns’ run as a “Republican” was, to me, inexplicable. Of course, I had some knuckle-dragging Republican attack me for that, and longtime commenter Starbuck, who is quite reasonable although I disagree with him, pointed out that it was “quite explicable” because of party bosses and giving people a choice and Sheldon Silver and Len Lenihan. 

Yes, I understand that Kearns’ ambition would not be stopped by such trivial matters such as party loyalty or ideological consistency. Such is the nature of politics and politicians – win at all costs, even if you jettison your principles.

(By the way, if Carl Paladino and his insult billboardatorium really want to be rid of Sheldon Silver, perhaps he could help find, fund, and support a challenger to Sheldon Silver down in Manhattan. That might actually work.) 

Chris Fahey isn’t a Higgins puppet despite his ties to Higgins’ office, and so what if he was? Brian Higgins is – and has been – among the best representatives of Buffalo and Western New York throughout his political career. While not perfect, he has done tremendous good especially when it comes to waterfront revitalization. Fahey is a bright guy and he’ll do great things – he’s a well-respected and thoughtful behind-the-scenes policy researcher and formulator – a wonk’s wonk. 

Much was made of Kearns’ ties to Carl Paladino, but that support amounted to a few thousand dollars and a Palinesque Facebook post here and there. 

The winner here isn’t Paladino, it’s Byron Brown, who has rid himself of another troublesome common councilmember. Kearns’ vacancy will be filled by the other councilmembers – and the council is now made up primarily of Brown allies, so Brown has an opportunity to further consolidate his control of the city’s policies. Probably one of those unintended circumstances we often read about.  I suppose this indirectly benefits any Republican running in a countywide race, thanks to the longstanding, well-known but denied agreement between Brown and the GOP that no Republican challenger will come to the plate in November, thus suppressing city turnout.

Funny how similar it is to write about Erie County politics as it is to write about, say, organized crime. 

The coverage of this contest was a ridiculous recitation of who’s ahead, who’s behind in the horserace. Aside from his rejection of Sheldon Silver, what’s Mickey Kearns going to do in Albany? Aside from his ties to Brian Higgins, what would Fahey have done there? Well, Fahey outlined a few plans he has to make the environment better for creating jobs. These guys deserved pointed questions about reform, Albany dysfunction, the Cuomo agenda, abolishing authorities, reduction of state corruption, etc. Instead, we got questions about party labels and who was whose puppet. 

Being a maverick isn’t policy – it’s politics. 

Congratulations to Mickey Kearns. I look forward to the analysis of his almost-inevitable rapprochement with Shelly Silver, or his switch to the Republican Party (one of these is going to have to happen if Kearns is going to accomplish much else besides becoming a master Sudoku player.)

Now, let’s see whom Paladino recruits to run against Higgins himself this November.  


The Morning Grumpy – 1/10/2012

10 Jan

All the news and views fit to consume during your morning grumpy.

1. What goes around, comes around. Anthony Baynes, former Chairman of the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority has moved on to real estate development since his term ended on the authority in 2008. His most current project is the adaptive re-use of a former industrial building at 100 S. Elmwood in Buffalo into a high end residential and office space. As his budget for the development project spiraled out of control, Baynes sought tax breaks from the ECIDA to help bring the project to a close.

Newly elected County Executive Mark Poloncarz was the sole opposing vote on incentives for the project. His opposition might have something to do with a principled objection to incentives that fail to generate a wide-ranging community benefit or it might have something to do with payback for the brinksmanship between Baynes and Poloncarz over county borrowing back in 2007 and 2008. In a town where everything is political, I’ll let you decide on Poloncarz’s motivation. Regardless as to the outcome of this particular issue, this vote from Poloncarz signals that the ECIDA will soon begin conducting its business in a very different manner.

2. Carl Paladino, Buffalo’s ambassador to the rest of the country.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Dolina, http://www.tommunisms.com

While on the stump for Newt Gingrich, Carl Paladino had some choice words for national republicans and just about everyone other than your Mother.

Ron Paul’s about to “get on the mother-ship and go back to the mother planet,” Rick Perry’s going nowhere unless it’s to “hang around the shooting range,” and Jon Huntsman clearly loves the Chinese so much he “should move to China.”

Huntsman in particular rubbed him the wrong way by speaking Chinese on stage in the previous debate.

“‘Oh, the Chinese are so strong,’ what the fuck is wrong with these people?” he said. “He should move to China.”

Always the diplomat. He also had some strong words for New York media and their coverage of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first year in office.

“He didn’t do anything. What did he do? He contrived a $10 billion deficit, you guys never inquired as to why. … He never gave you a line item of where it existed. He never showed you how it all added up to a $10 billion deficit,” Mr. Paladino said of Governor Cuomo and the media. “And then, he solved it and said, ‘Hey, I solved it.’ You never asked him, ‘Well, show us the solution, show us the formula, show us the numbers.’ You never asked him for it because it never existed, it’s an illusion.”

An absolute embarrassment to Buffalo and WNY.

3. Last night, I felt like watching something mildly informative, so I flipped over to The History Channel, Instead, I was confronted with back to back episodes of something called “Pawn Stars“. After three minutes of watching this contrived bullshit reality show, I could actually feel myself getting dumber. How this is “history”, I’m not sure.

So, here’s a quick history lesson for The History Channel.


4. The Wall Street Journal examined 77 businesses Mitt Romney invested in while running Bain Capital from its 1984 start until early 1999, to see how they fared during Bain’s involvement and shortly afterward.

Among the findings: 22% either filed for bankruptcy reorganization or closed their doors by the end of the eighth year after Bain first invested, sometimes with substantial job losses. An additional 8% ran into so much trouble that all of the money Bain invested was lost. Another finding was that Bain produced stellar returns for its investors — yet the bulk of these came from just a small number of its investments. Ten deals produced more than 70% of the dollar gains.

See, Carl? You don’t need to act like a petulant tween when criticizing the other Republican candidates, just reference their actual records.

5. High school graduation rates by state (Click the image to Embiggen).

Irrational conclusion time…notice higher graduation rates correlate with Democratic voting blocs? Clearly, republican voters are just dumber. You can’t argue with it, it’s just science.

6. Mitt Romney protesting in favor of the Vietnam War.


Fact Of The Day: Covering just 0.3% of the Sahara Desert’s land area with solar panels would generate enough electricity to power the entirety of Europe. Or, ya know, we could keep destroying the earth underneath our feet at a rapidly increasing cost to generate electricity and fuel. Either or.

Quote Of the Day: “Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” – Christopher Hitchens

I feel like we need to get in the mindset of our Republican Presidential candidates and start sharing their testimony from the good book.

NEW FEATURE! Bible Verse Of The Day: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man;she must be quiet” 1 Timothy 2:12

Song Of The Day: “Start A War” – The National

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