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Well, We Now Know It Won’t Be Caroline

21 Jan

The New York Post is reporting that Caroline Kennedy will NOT be the next Senator from New York:

Caroline Kennedy last night withdrew her name from consideration to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate after learning that Gov. David Paterson wasn’tt going to choose her, The Post has learned.

Evidently, Paterson decided not to go with Kennedy because she did so horribly in her media interviews and private meetings with officials.

The Post’s story seems to be leaning Cuomo.

Paterson’s Methodology

19 Jan

It is, quite frankly, less fair to the taxpayers of New York State than American Idol. I understand that Paterson has the absolute right to make this selection, but I can’t fathom why – in this climate – he would permit the uncertainty to go on and on this long.

And if the selection is, as rumored, Caroline Kennedy, then the wait is even less justified and just Paterson jerking the whole state around.

Caroline, You Know, Kennedy

28 Dec


You know?


18 Dec

Here’s the poll again:


Here’s what people have entered as “other”:

Jon Powers (4x)
kathy callan (2x)
Andrew Cuomo (2x)
Joe Illuzzi
mike vodka hudson
Someone actually from New York State
Maria Whyte
Jimmy Griffin’s Corpse
Tom Suozzi
Irv Weinstein’s corpse
Joe Mesi (2x)
mike hudson
Turner Gill!
Sandy Beach
Phil Lesh
Carmen “VISA” Granto
George Patacki
No one in WNY is qualified.
Caroline Kennedy (2x)
joe golombek

Kennedy Parachutes In and Out of Upstate

18 Dec


I already posted the WNYMedia.net video of her departure from Buffalo’s City Hall yesterday, and it looked more like paps trailing Lindsay Lohan outside a club than a prospective United States Senator leaving a meeting with Mayor Brown.

Here’s how the Times reported the Buffalo stop:

As a small group of reporters waited in the frigid air outside City Hall, a city pickup with a snowplow circled the square in front, plowing and replowing the sidewalk and curb where Ms. Kennedy was due to arrive — Buffalo’s version, perhaps, of the red carpet.

Ms. Kennedy emerged with Mayor Brown and answered a few questions about her qualifications for office, and about what she could do for Buffalo as a senator.

“I think, in the last year I’ve spent a lot of time campaigning across this country in a lot of communities that are struggling with the same kind of issues,” said Ms. Kennedy, who spent weeks campaigning for Mr. Obama’s presidential effort. “And obviously New York State has been hit harder than most. And I saw, really, the need for people who are strong advocates and have relationships in Washington. And I would do everything I can.”

Then she was asked how many times she had been to Buffalo.

“Three or four?” Ms. Kennedy said, and walked away.

The snowplow/red carpet crack FTW.

A Kennedy Comes to Buffalo

17 Dec


Caroline’s Anointing

17 Dec

HT Marquil @ EmpireWire.com

If Not Caroline, then Who?

17 Dec