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Channels 4 and 23 Back on TW Cable

29 Oct

Really? I had no idea. I had just gotten used to pretending that those channels simply didn’t exist anymore. I guess this means I can watch Survivor tomorrow and Amazing Race on Sunday, as well as the Bills game.

It’s about time, and just as I suspected, it happened before it could adversely affect November sweeps.

In the first full week of the standoff, Channel 4 averaged a 3.1 rating for the 6 p.m. newscast, meaning that 3.1 percent of the 637,000 TV households in the area were tuned in. That’s compared with the 9.2 percent of the households watching in the last full week Channel 4 was on cable.

Channel 4 registered a 4.6 rating at 11 p.m., compared with 11.9 the last full week on cable.

WIVB: Afterthought Now?

21 Oct

WIVB’s parent company couldn’t have picked a dumber time of year to get into a standoff with the largest cable provider in Western New York. The initial shock of Channel 4’s and Channel 23’s absence has long worn off, and now I just make do without Survivor, Amazing Race, the Channel 4 News, 60 Minutes, and the Bills.

Election season offers low-hanging advertisement fruit for any TV station, and Channel 4 is left in its own self-inflicted lurch. Add to that the fact that the parties appear to be deadlocked, and November sweeps is fast approaching, if LIN Television doesn’t come to its senses, it will find itself in ever-more-dire financial straits.

For the 10:00 news, I’ve switched to Channel 2 on cable channel 8, and I now watch 7 News far more often than I used to – right around the time Channel 2’s Mary Friona tests some product, or when the self-promotion of the red coated cadre becomes too much to stomach.

Channel 4 probably thought that people hate the cable company and would figuratively burn it to the ground if CBS programming was taken away. It wasn’t. FIOS is only in a small handful of local communities, and I wouldn’t stick a dish on my house or lock myself into a dish contract for anything. Especially given the brazenness of this:

LIN TV has formed a marketing and promotional partnership with DISH Network to encourage consumers to switch to DISH Network if a LIN TV local station signal has the potential to become unavailable or is removed from a cable system. The parties jointly market LIN TV’s availability on DISH Network so viewers will have the opportunity to continue watching their favorite local news and programming.

I’m not about to try the rabbit ears route, and find I can enjoy the Bills either at a local establishment or on 103.3 the Edge. (Speaking of which – Shredd & Ragan are a more amusing, far saner afternoon drive choice than the guy I used to listen to in the afternoon, who now rails on and on about Obama being an anti-American socialist).

So, Channel 4 and LIN Television, you look kind of stupid at this point, and the standoff is hurting you a hell of a lot more than it’s hurting Time Warner. Do you back off, return your signal to the cable company and simply admit defeat, or do you send your ratings into the tank come November, and start laying people off because advertisers have flocked to other stations or sued you for breach of contract for your unilateral decision to block the ads from the eyeballs of almost 1/2 of Erie County households?

LIN closed at $5.09 per share on October 1st, and fell to $4.29 on October 2nd – the day the retransmission agreement with Time Warner expired. The next day it was down to $3.80. Today it’s trading at $2.96. That’s against a 52-week high of $14.95, financial meltdown notwithstanding.

The economy’s rough enough as it is – why make it tougher?

Alan Pergament Documents Channel 4’s Fail

16 Oct

Channel 4 is feeling the pain of being off TVs in about 333,000 Erie County homes, and November sweeps is just around the corner. I can’t fathom how all this nonsense was even remotely a good decision for LIN Television, and I am quite satisfied watching Channel 2 or 7 news, and have discovered that I can live without CBS programming.