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Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Even bloggers need a day off…

Today and tomorrow will be filled with Christmas tidings around Casa di Geek. Thus, I will most likely not be updating until Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy some photos of Christmas cheer from our family to yours. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Merry Hanakwanmas!

21 Dec


It’s been a decidedly slow news week around these parts as it would appear the politicians have taken some time off from their typical daily displays of incompetence to share a bit of the Yule Log and a nip of egg nog.


So, why don’t I do the same? I know my family likes to celebrate the holiday season perusing our collection of Soviet Christmas Cards and sharing a some of the ol’ fascist fruitcake. How about you? What are some of your family traditions? What did you have on your Christmas list this year? What are you getting for that special concerned citizen on your list?

Salerno Jingles Cookies

5 Dec

In a cruel twist, Keebler has mucked with what is one of my favorite holiday traditions…the eating by the dozens of Jingles cookies by Salerno.

Keebler bought out the regional cookie maker a few years back and absorbed all of their excellent recipes, including the beloved anise flavored Jingle.   After a few years, they sold off Salerno and kept only one brand…Jingles.  Oddly enough, they did not actually keep the traditional recipe, just the brand name.  It would appear that Keebler was more interested in the brand than the actual product.

Thus, when I asked Mrs. Geek to pick up a box of Jingles for the house, I was presented with what amounts to a mockery of a holiday tradition.  The Keebler version of Jingles is a weak interpretation of the slightly soft and chewy traditional Jingle cookie with the excessive amount of red and green sprinkles and the overdose of anise.  For all the talk about a “War on Christmas“, I think Messrs. O’Reilly and Gibson need to turn their Conservative Christmas Army on the cookie industry and fight for the right of chubby guys in Buffalo to eat a proper Jingle cookie.

Seriously, who can enjoy such a cheap knockoff of a classic holiday tradition?  If Santa knew, he’s undoubtedly be pissed.

Looking for a Wii?

4 Dec


So, you’re in the Buffalo area and you want a Wii?

We got ours at Target on Transit. How?

1. Go to your local retailer and ask them when they get their shipments in. (Back in November, Target got them in on Sunday morning at 8:00.)

2. Get in line around 7:00 AM (maybe earlier, depending on the temporal proximity to Christmas), and wait for the doors to open.

3. Walk out the door with your Wii, or try next week.

Get an extra Wii remote and two nunchuk controllers while you’re at it.

Sights and Sounds of The Broadway Market at Christmas

24 Nov

broadway market

WNYMedia.net was a proud sponsor of the first ever Broadway Market Christmas Food Fair along with BSC Group, CityView Properties, and David Tiftickjian & Sons.

This weekend marks the start of a new tradition at The Broadway Market as the new Board of Directors looks to establish the market as a year round destination. The Christmas Fair featured independent vendors as well as tried and true market favorites like Melanie’s Sweets and Malczewski Poultry. Santa Claus was on hand to visit with the children, the Community Music School provided music and the sounds of The Snowbelters Barber Shop Quartet filled the air.

It was refreshing to see so many people at the market this weekend and the vendors were exceptionally pleased with the turnout. A great weekend for the market!

If you weren’t able to attend this weekend’s festivities, be sure to make your reservations for Sandy Starks’ “Savor The Flavor” Wigilia Edition on December 8th and 15th. She’ll be sharing the making of a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner. Wigilia foods, including mushroom soup, pierogi, seafood and the traditional Christmas wafers (oplatek). Fr. Anzelm Chalupka, Pastor of Corpus Christi Church, will join Ms. Starks in explaining the Christmas Eve meal and will bless the Christmas wafers.

This special Savor the Flavor presentation is expected to sell out quickly. For further information or to make a reservation, call Your Buffalo Tours at 716.839.5150 or order tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets.