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The Glibertarian Tea Party Wing Under Scrutiny

21 May

What’s great about Rand Paul’s primary win in KY-Sen the other night is that he and his squishy political opinions are under greater scrutiny, as are those of his father, Ron.   Thanks to that scrutiny, the views of the local glibertarian wing of the tea party are – and ought be – under equal scrutiny.  As icing on the cake, Ron Paul‘s whiny reaction to this scrutiny reads right out of the playbook of noted glibertarian drama queen Jim Ostrowski.


UPDATE:  Chris went in a similar direction, and asks some very specific questions of those who profess to be libertarians.

Here’s one:

Does government have the right to regulate air safety and maintenance, or should the people have the freedom to choose an airline that prides itself on lax standards but low prices?