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Kathy Weppner’s Clownshoes : Now With Guns and Corn!

30 May

As we learned yesterday, Kathy Weppner’s online campaigning is as haphazard as it is opaque. Not content with scrubbing all evidence of her radio show and pre-2014 online existence from the internet, Weppner posted – and removed – her rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ 2nd Amendment video from her husband’s YouTube account – all within the span of about 16 hours. (Her YouTube accounts are here, here, and here.) 

She also now boasts two separate Twitter accounts – @kweppner and @weppner4ny26. She recently added the latter, in a likely move to try to counteract the blistering parody account of @kathyweppnerny26. Both of Weppner’s Twitter accounts have blocked me because “Str8 Talk”. 

It’s just getting to that tipping point where funny turns into crazy. This campaign is unlike any other I’ve seen since moving to western New York 13 years ago, and that includes Paul Fallon announcing his congressional run in the nude.

Weppner isn’t joking. She’s serious, and that’s what makes it so bizarre. 

To underscore the completely unprofessional embarrassment that the Weppner campaign has become, consider that the Tweets reproduced below remained online at least 6 hours after she scrubbed the video itself, and as of Friday morning, the @weppner4ny26 Tweets were still touting a non-existent YouTube link. 

This is “Common Core Kathy“, so concerned about how the evil gubmint and how the N0bummer goons are ruining not only America, but childhood itself. “Amendmet“. 


I don’t think the 2nd Amendment covers the country’s right to bear arms, but the people’s” right to bear arms – and that’s precisely the sort of distinction people like Kathy would make if a dirty librul made that same error. People like Kathy also now conveniently pretend that the “well-regulated militia” piece is just a throwaway, and make-believe that the 2nd Amendment was set up to let people overthrow the duly constituted representative democratic republic, rather than to protect it. 

She Tweets it again: 

Wait for it…

The video itself, posted to YouTube within hours of a madman taking his guns out for a spree, was absolute artistry. As with all of Weppner’s YouTube offerings, the lighting was horrible, the sound echoed, and the read was wooden – as if someone had told her to take it slowly because she usually comes across as unhinged. The emotionless stuffing of the pistol in her pants then led to painfully awkward camera angle changes. Many of you likened it to an SNL skit. 

Weppner only appears in front of friendly audiences. She can’t take the heat on Twitter, she can’t take the heat on Facebook, and so far she hasn’t been seen anywhere except on YouTube (when not immediately scrubbed), and in front of Republican audiences – Republican audiences that, if serious, should be completely embarrassed by her. 

They tolerate it, though, because she is the right’s unfiltered id. The Republicans know they have no shot against Higgins whatsoever, so they let Weppner run a self-funded hobby campaign on her own. What she does is placate the Palinist tea party wing of the party and gives them something to do this summer. 

At least they’re taking an interest in the environment, since Kathy has made the Lake Erie algae blooms a campaign issue. Never mind that the blooms are due to phosphorous fertilizer runoff, septic tank leaks, dog feces, and storm drains. The phosphorus comes into Lake Erie almost exclusively from Ohio’s Maumee River. The solution is for Ohio to urge its farmers to switch to a different fertilizer, or to more carefully apply existing ones. But somehow, Weppner blames Brian Higgins because corn is used to make ethanol, which is added to most gasoline blends. What Weppner ignores is the fact that just about every report also blames weather patterns and overall climate change for the algal blooms

Researchers are now closing in on what caused the spike in dissolved phosphorous. “What we found is that it is a combination of agricultural practices that have been put in place since the late 1980s and into the 2000s, combined with increased storms, particularly higher intensity spring rain events,” Don Scavia, director of the Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan, told Circle of Blue. Scavia is the principal investigator of the EcoFore Lake Erie project.

According to models used in the EcoFore project, climate changes alone would not be enough to create the observed rise in dissolved reactive phosphorous. Instead, the models showed that current weather patterns, when coupled with agricultural conditions in the 1970s, did not create a problem.

“We reversed the order of the years in the model and we did not get a big influx of DRP,” Scavia said. “So it’s not the storms alone, but rather a combination of storms and new agricultural practices. At least, that’s what the model shows.”

Changes in agricultural practices include:
• A shift toward more fall fertilizer applications instead of spring applications.
• The use of broadcast fertilizer applications that do not incorporate fertilizer into the soil.
• An increase in no-till field management that leads to a build-up of phosphorus in the top layers of soil.

I think someone told Weppner that the waterfront is Higgins’ strongest issue, and that she should try to attack that first. But the “report” she posts can only be described as an unreadable piece of nonsense that seems more at home in an online bulletin board than a campaign website. For his part, Congressman Higgins has been working to protect Lake Erie as far back as the time when Weppner’s radio show archive was still online. More here and here and here and here

I’m somewhat at a loss to explain how a Congressman from New York is responsible for corn growing in Ohio for ethanol, but I’m sure Kathy will post a video about it and then promptly scrub it!

The Long Walk: Released Today

10 Jul

Today is a big day for my friend and former WNYMedia.net colleague, Brian Castner. A book he wrote about his experiences in Iraq as a bomb disposal unit commander, and about his readjustment to civilian life, is released today. He led a group that would find and destroy IEDs, investigate the aftermath of their detonation, and conduct house-to-house searches for the perpetrators. Almost more chilling is what that sort of experience does to a person when they return Stateside. 

Brian is a gifted and intelligent writer and he offers a unique perspective on a conflict we who weren’t there understand only in the abstract. Congratulations to him – I hope the book is a hit, and I thank him for sharing his experience with a wider audience. 

Brian appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday, and you can listen to his interview here. He has also talked with Nick Mendola, Artvoice, Publisher’s Weekly, and maintains his own blog here

Follow Brian on Twitter, and “like” his Facebook page here

Paladino’s Ad Buy #NYGov

7 Oct
Image by azipaybarah via Flickr

At 5:13 today, Carl Paladino will air a 3-minute ad. I’m going to live blog it here.

Carl is talking about the Post’s photographer harassing his extra daughter. He’s upset about being asked about affairs. “Andrew’s prowess is legendary”, but let’s talk about “issues” like taxes and spending that’s “wildly out of control” .

Albany is full of crooks, etc. Cut taxes by 10%, cut spending, get gas from the Marcellus. Let’s take out the trash and return “jobs and prosperity” to New York.

“Come out and debate all the candidates” – again demands that Cuomo debate not just Paladino, but all of the minor party candidates.

Now Nancy Naples – a failed politician of failure to beg for money and whine about how badly poor Carl has been treated.

What a load of horseshit.

UPDATE: Cuomo camp responds:

“Carl Paladino and his handlers can’t con New Yorkers. They have seen the real Carl and they know he is unfit to be Governor with his unstable outbursts, smears, and total lack of substance. New Yorkers don’t need his dysfunctional personality in Albany – Albany is dysfunctional enough As we all know by now, Carl has a casual relationship with the truth. We have accepted a debate hosted by Newsday featuring all candidates, as requested by Carl, and it is Carl who has thus far declined. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any lower, Carl once again debased himself and the entire political process.”

Fight Club

7 Oct

Courtesy Marquil at EmpireWire.com

It’s Come to This

9 Mar

HT Elizabeth Benjamin at Daily Politics

A Lesson

6 Jun

From Buffawhat.

Ooga Booga

14 May

Well, clearly this explains everything.

Abolishing County Government

12 May

In this episode of “why do we pay you”, the County Legislature wants to abolish a county auto registration surcharge that was imposed in the immediate wake of the late, lamented county budget crisis.

County Executive Chris Collins doesn’t want to do so. He says the legislature is engaging in election-year posturing, and that the fees are expected to raise about $5 million this year. The fees will help “hold down property taxes” and “fix infrastructure”.

While I’m confused by this apparent flip-flop of traditional party political roles, (the Democrats want to cut a fee?! The Republicans want to keep it to help pay for crap?!), it’s ultimately just another argument about a lot of nothing. Even 2 of the 3 Republicans on the Legislature – the ones who aren’t running around trying to out-Collins Collins – are in favor of abolishing this regressive fee.

But I guess when you only control about 20% of your total budget, it comes down to picking stupid nits.

Absolutely Crazy

28 Mar

Doesn’t it seem that Spitzer’s first prostitution eruption (there’s now a second) popped a balloon of crazy in this state? Between Paterson’s weeklong litany of admissions of affairs and drug use, Spitzer’s second hooker, Judge Tills, Reynolds exiting the race, no one wanting to replace him, etc., it’s like we’re all swirling in a hurricane of absolute insanity.

Patriotism & Pins

28 Feb

Pre-9/11, not that many people wore American flag lapel pins. In fact, my most vivid memory of politicians wearing lapel pins looks like this:

Some are criticizing Obama’s refusal to wear such a lapel pin. While I like to think he’s avoiding pandering to people who like shiny, colorful objects, some are going so far as to question his patriotism.

These people are farking morons.

For instance,

And this:

If wearing a lapel pin is the ultimate test of one’s patriotism, then this country is way too far gone.