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WBEN: Squadrismo Radio

12 Mar

Last week, I relayed the story that South Buffalo-based blogger Mike Blake wrote about, having to do with odd threats emanating from what can only be called the WBEN morning zookeeper and his virtual entourage of dummies – a pack of dubiously big-balled squadristi. Not content merely to brook no dissent on his radio program or on his popular, selfie-laden Facebook page, this person has lobbed threats against numerous people in recent days, including Blake’s brother, Patrick – a Buffalo firefighter. 

Friends of a paranoiac fascist zookeeper lob poorly spelled threats at radio listeners

You see, Patrick called WBEN during the zookeeper’s show and joked that a backup on the 33 was due to someone having fallen asleep during that day’s program. It wasn’t a prank call – it was just a joke. Here it is, complete with Bauerle’s best Alex Jones impression: 


For those unaware, a listener (my brother) called Bauerle and reported that an accident on the 33 was caused by motorists falling asleep while listening to his show. That’s when things got strange. According to my brother, a man sounding like Bauerle, phoned him from a private number. In a whiny voice, he called him an A-hole and said he ruined his show with his phone call.

It didn’t end there. My brother then received threatening texts from people associated with Bauerle. One informed him that we “know a lot of people”…

This led to a barrage of insults from the zookeeper and his friends, and on Monday, Blake added some additional examples to the mix


Evidence of a crime?

One of my favorites comes from someone whose daddy works for Verizon, and this Bauerle hanger-on threatens that daddy might shut off Blake’s paid-for Verizon contract.

Daddy is a regional guy! Daddy will shut you down!

Patrick Blake committed no crime, and broke no rules by calling in to a radio show’s call-in number to make a joke about the host. It wasn’t mean-spirited; it wasn’t even a “prank” call. What’s far, far more alarming is that the radio host’s ego is so hyper-fragile that a throwaway joke that he could have removed from air using the station’s delay became an obsession so stark that he didn’t just whine to Blake, but got other people to complain about how this somehow, magically, affects the radio host’s “livelihood”. 

I corresponded with Patrick Blake on Monday, and he notes that most of the texts came from numbers marked “private”, as well as the Florida number shown above and a Texas number. None of these threatmongers have the stones to contact Mr. Blake by a phone number that can be traced or is otherwise evident, because they know they’re likely committing the crime of harassment. When Blake tried to call the numbers back, the calls wouldn’t or couldn’t go through. 

While none of the messages or texts directly threatened bodily harm, they all demanded that he “back off” his one joke phone call “or else”. Blake believes that several of the messages came from people who were cops or had some other connection to law enforcement.

Blake says, “I called WBEN and told what was happening to a guy that said he was a manager. He told me it was above his pay grade and he would put me through to Tim Wenger. I left a message with him but never got a call back. After about 10 calls to my phone I called their *930 call-in number, and told them if they did not stop I would give out their address . After that i got a crazy text saying i had threatened to bring force against WBEN and my phone would be shut off. I never threatened anyone and this was after many calls to my phone.”

When I asked Blake whether he had kept any of the voice mails he received, he replied, “Most were just music like the Adam Sandler song “you’re an asshole” and some other song about “Jesus loves you but everyone hates you”.”

As I documented last week, the station’s program director and head of operations pretends that his morning host and his squadristi aren’t completely out of control. 

Prioritizing the Bailouts

29 Nov

Anyone remember Rick Santelli? He became famous for a day or two when he assailed the Obama stimulus for “rewarding bad behavior” because it included money for mortgage relief.

While many tea party types cheered Santelli’s rant for exposing the Indonesio-Kenyan socialist usurper President Obama for the Leninist Hitlerite he is, as it turns out, Obama’s mortgage relief plan would spend $85 billion to help keep beleaguered Americans who were upside-down on their mortgages in their homes.

Yet as of early 2009, the federal government committed $7.77 trillion to bail out the banksters, Santelli made no noise whatsoever about rewarding their bad behavior.

This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills? Raise their hand.

Outrageous outrage! That’s what Santelli says in his infamous rant. Yet he and the traders whooping it up with him have dummied up when it comes to almost $8 trillion to bail out the “loser” banks.  Despicable people for despicable times.

Stupidest Thing Ever?

24 Oct

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that some cretin in the Board of Elections sent out absentee ballots that were pre-marked for Chris Collins. They were sent out to at least 10 Lackawanna Independence Party voters, and the Sheriff’s Department quickly mounted an investigation, as both parties’ BOE commissioners expressed shock and anger.

I rushed to judgment and assumed that the cretin who would do such a brazen and stupid thing would be a Republican proponent of Chris Collins.  Yet based on information from several sources, not to mention Stefan Mychajliw’s proxy outrage for his boss, it would appear that the culprit is actually a BOE Democratic appointee with close ties to Collins’ last opponent, Jim Keane. On Friday, Poloncarz released this statement:

Ballot tampering is a serious issue and I hope for a quick resolution of this recent issue at the Board of Elections. I support the investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office. Whether it is a Democrat or Republican who is at fault, it is my hope that the Sheriff’s Office will get the true facts of the case, make a swift prosecution to the extent of the law, and the individual should be immediately terminated. At the end of the day, he or she denied someone the opportunity to vote fairly in this race.

I apologize for thinking logically and assuming that only a Collins partisan would do something so stupid. I never considered that an even more stupid individual would try and do this – commit fraud to make Collins look bad, and have it backfire. I don’t know if an arrest is imminent, but when it happens I can expect Collins’ camp to make as much hay of this as possible. Who can blame them? Playing the victim is a great ploy in a campaign, and they’ll milk it for all it’s worth.

Thankfully, the Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that neither campaign had anything to do with this, so there’s that, but this absolute idiot, in trying to get Collins in trouble, has gotten himself into trouble and has caused the Poloncarz campaign to do damage control for something they had nothing to do with.

The Tea Party Guy and His Scary-Influential Google Group

12 Jun

Apparently, I’ve been likened by Jim Ostrowski to a character in an Ayn Rand novel. What a nerd-dope.

Anyhow, Ostrowski’s last remaining ally in local politics is a very silly tea party guy who so badly wants to be paid attention to, so badly wants to be relevant, that I won’t ever use his name again, thus denying him the recognition and attention he so craves. So here’s what that silly tea-party guy who runs the Google group and is a full-fledged birther, has to say about me:

Ellsworth Toohey. That is funny. I don’t know why this guy wastes everyone’s time posting his inane drivel. I have allowed you and your fellow back alley snipers on ReformNYS for all these months, bp, and all you do is look for ways to trash me for expressing my opinions, and I see you do the same thing to others here. Do you not know that it is not yet illegal in this country to express one’s opinion despite your efforts to make it so? There is no censorship and no moderation of comments on ReformNYS which means that anyone can post anything at any time except insults to another member and yet, you lie on your crappy blog and say that I have to approve everything.

Firstly, let me say this: there was a time that I had been removed from this person’s Google group, and when I made a stink about it on my blog, I was reinstated – or my access to its content was. I haven’t ever posted to it, nor do I feel compelled to. I also don’t obsess about Coniglio’s little online salon the way he seems to think I do. But here’s exhibit A of this individual’s unintentional hilarity. This line:

Do you not know that it is not yet illegal in this country to express one’s opinion despite your efforts to make it so?

Here’s a challenge for this person. Point to a single, solitary thing I’ve done or said that would tend to be evidence of an “effort” on my part to make it “illegal” for one to “express one’s opinion”. Just because you have the right to clumsily express your silly opinions, doesn’t mean I don’t have a concomitant right to mock or criticize them. HTH.

You are a liar, Bedenko. A liar has no worth. Face that. You say that I throw people off my list who disagree with me. In the 5 years I have been running ReformNYS, I have thrown 5 people off the list. Several years ago, one swore and cursed list members constantly and refused to stop, so I removed her. I got rid of three a month ago when TeaNY orchestrated lying attacks on me on ReformNYS and refused to stop until I threatened legal action for slander. I had enough of them as they were liars. You know what I think of liars. Don’t you? The fifth was you, at the behest and urging of Rus Thompson. I can only guess why he wanted you off that list so much. Maybe he just wanted to cause further enmity between us, between the Truth and a lie.

Again, with the list. I would love to see the “slander” that was allegedly published on an online forum, rather than spoken. I don’t give a crap about your list, except insofar as I get to read the nonsense you – and the small handful of people who still align themselves with you – write.

You whined for a while to TeaNY, I answered you and them together, I crushed your every whimper, I challenged you to a debate which you refused, and then I felt sorry for you because you had nothing to say and I let you back on. That was my mistake.

“Let me back on” to what? I don’t engage in debate or otherwise post to your Google group. I have no idea when or to whom I “whined” or “whimpered”, but I certainly didn’t do it to Rus or anyone else. Not about you, for sure. I’m a liar? In what way? What have I posted that’s false? Nothing. Not a single thing. It just sucks for you that no one takes you seriously, you can’t get TV time like Jim or Rus, and you’re basically a joke.

Also, I never saw a challenge to a debate (mostly because I don’t obsess about you the way that you believe), but my God, why would I waste my time? What is there to debate, precisely?

I thought you had some decency. I have learned since then that you have none. You cannot compete with me. You are small minded, unkind, and full of hatred. What could possibly have caused a human being to become so miserable and so full of negativity, so contemptuous of life, and of a humanity which seeks to be free? You do not deserve freedom because you abuse it in order to continue your lie. You know what I think of liars. You are fortunate that I am a compassionate person. I will say no more.

The indecent accusing me of indecency. I’m not trying to compete with cretins. I’m trying to educate people and expose you for the small-minded, wrong, attention-craving ignoramus you are.

So Many McCarthys, So Much Communism

8 Sep

The knee-jerk Obama-hating right-wing, having now had an opportunity to read Obama’s speech to school kids have by necessity had to revert to two arguments:

1. It’s not about the speech.  It’s about indoctrination.

2. In the speech, Obama talks about himself a lot.

Obama’s not asking the kids to join him in prayer or anything, so I take with a grain of salt the size of Jupiter any concern-trolling by the right on the issue of indoctrination.

As for the speech, we have an African-American President with a funny name who overcame loads of adversity and even prejudice to get where he is today.  He can’t stand there and say, “I was a legacy at Harvard, something you’ll never be, so I could be a mediocre student yet aspire to greatness”.  He can’t say, “I was born into great wealth and privilege, so I can’t really relate to your average, petit problems”.

What’s happening here is that the silly right is engaging in what is, it believes, the same thing the left did with Bush.  Of course, they hated the knee-jerk Bush hating left and everything it did when Bush was actually President, but now that we have President Commie B. Muslim, turnabout is fair play.

Hunter at Daily Kos writes:

It is now official; those looking for the latest GOP conspiracy theory, the latest mighty mental meltdown of the base, eagerly barked out by even the supposed leaders and purported respectable figures of the party, stroked and teased by conservative wings of the press that seem to have no pressing substance to deal with, anymore, compared to these small trinkets of insanity — those looking for that latest race-tinged, conspiracy-riddled drama need look no farther.

The contemporary Republican Party.  Opposed to goal-setting, hard work, and overcoming adversity.  Cheers.