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Chutzpah at McKinley

20 Aug

Principal Crystal Barton gets this year’s award for sheer chutzpah.

After being accused of being like the worst school administrator, ever, she has the gumption to demand the removal of the school board members who demanded that Barton be held accountable for her failure.

Methinks that it is she who should be removed, not demanding others’ removal.


2 Jul

Volunteer Basketball coach at McKinley High School, Michelle Stiles, was suspicious why full-time boy’s basketball coach James Daye was seen leaving the home of one of her players late one evening. After bringing it up, Stiles was summarily dismissed.

(Daye? He was placed on administrative leave in March. Apparently, he had sex with a student while he was teacher in South Carolina in the 1990s. Daye denies this.)

Jayvonna Kincannon, the captain of the girls’ basketball team, was upset at this, and used a cell phone in school in order to add herself to the speaker’s list for a board of education meeting one night. This also was met with swift and unfair punishment.

When a student is suspended for over five days, that student has a right to a hearing under state law. Kincannon never received one. She was suspended for five days, and then, upon her return, informed by letter with Superintendent James Williams’ name on it that she was suspended for an additional six weeks. The special investigator, David Edmunds, found Barton’s fingerprints figuratively all over that 7-week suspension order. It was revenge.

In any event, the 7-week suspension, and the 5-week reduced suspension was an excessive and completely disproportionate punishment. While the school has a right to enforce the rules, it cannot arbitrarily, capriciously, or maliciously impose an illegal, longer sentence such as they did in Kincannon’s case. Although her suspension is now expunged from her record, without the media spotlight on this, it would have just happened. How many more kids are being unfairly punished in the system?

Some members of the Buffalo school board wanted to make the people who did this to Kincannon answer for their actions and misdeeds. They wanted Barton – who refused to participate or cooperate with Edmunds’ investigation – to be punished. They wanted other administrators to be punished. After all, why should a school administrator violate a student’s – a child’s – civil rights and rights as a student in the Buffalo school system with impunity?

Shouldn’t part of what kids get taught in school be personal responsibility? Accountability? That when you make a tough decision, and it turns out to be the wrong one, that there are consequences?

Evidently – and sadly – no.

Gee, Ya Think Crystal Barton has it in for Jayvonna Kincannon?

31 May

I think that in many ways, Jayvonna Kincannon has Crystal Barton to thank (curse, really) for the fact that she could neither attend her senior prom nor her graduation ceremony.

Jayvonna could have gone to her prom Friday night, and her graduation ceremony, if she had admitted at a suspension hearing Thursday that she hit a teacher at a charity basketball game, according to attorney Cheryl Smith Fisher. But Jayvonna and several witnesses insisted she pulled her arm away after a teacher grabbed it twice, causing the back of her hand to hit the teacher’s.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that Barton has/d it in for Kincannon from the moment this whole issue went public is being naive. The administration was waiting for an excuse to completely fuck Kincannon, and the basketball game incident gave them that opportunity.

We don’t really know what happened at that ballgame, because there are two stories out there. But I suspect Barton’s motives a lot more than Kincannon, who has been victimized enough, thank you very much.

It’s one thing to suspend someone illegally and improperly. It’s another to take away prom and graduation. Those are irreparable harms.

Stuff To Read

23 May

My long weekend begins today, so posting will be appropriately light, although Mr. Buffalo Geek might hop on if he’s so inclined.

So, consider:

McKinley High School Principal Crystal Barton ought to start talking about what’s going on. Jayvonna Kincannon, on the other hand, is in desperate need of a time out.

County Executive Chris Collins says he’s not a political animal, but the evidence shows otherwise. Not that there’s anything wrong with a politician acting politically, but why keep up the charade?

I wonder why DA Candidate Ken Case is so untouchable, but the Erie County Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed Frank Sedita III – son of the Supreme Court Justice and grandson of the Mayor. There is no question whatsoever that Sedita is an outstanding prosecutor, and chances are that, as 1st Assistant, he has had much experience helping to run that office. I’m sure he’s a good pick, but would love to know why Case wasn’t.

I want to begin dispelling a myth – I think the conventional wisdom out there holds that the people at WNYMedia.net are snarky, sarcastic snipers and gripers, and don’t try to do helpful things. That could not be further from the truth, and I’ll put the civic activism of our members and writers up against anyone. Our people have been involved with Buffalo Homecoming, Broadway-Fillmore Alive, the Central Terminal, the WNY Coalition for Progress, anti-Flipping efforts on the East Side, Revitalize Buffalo, Santa’s Park, South Buffalo improvements, Buffalo ReUse, Buffalo’s dog park at LaSalle – just to name a few. Thesis: it’s perfectly ok to snarkily gripe when you’re out there trying to implement change. Frankly, it’s perfectly ok to snarkily gripe no matter what.

The American Axle strike is now over. The Tonawanda plant will close, but the Cheektowaga plant will stay open. For now. Probably not for very long.

The Erie Canal Harbor park officially opens today. You can go there and cross the truss bridge, look at the excavated canal terminus, read some historical facts about the canal, go to the park along the water, walk along the board walk, go to the naval museum, and see some ruins. It’s quite pretty and very well built. There are most certainly very pretty things to see – the problem is that there is nothing to do there. Construction on Canal Side’s retail, commercial, and residential phases can’t begin soon enough.

John McCain is a newbie when it comes to attracting the religious whacko vote, and has – in one week – had to repudiate Rev. John Hagee, who had some very strange things to say about Hitler, and now Rod Parsley, who has some very interesting things to say about America’s founding, is a raging homophobe, and can cure disease with his touch. Maybe the Reverend A-hole Parsley could be Surgeon General.

Finally, a LOLCat:

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These are the Dayes of Our Lives

20 May

As you read through this account of the heavily redacted script of what’s become a most fascinating local soap opera, remember the title of this particular blog post:

It Isn’t Just a Myth, Power Turns People Into Assholes.

UPDATE: You can get a copy of the incredibly redacted report via WBEN.