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It’s All About the Spending

9 Mar

Head over to DailyKos to read this story about the how Carl Paladino’s former campaign manager, Michael Caputo became a pariah in the tea party movement in New York. You’ll recall Caputo called on New York’s tea party groups to support Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget, arguing that

…if you don’t support the conservative policies of a Democratic governor, you have no credibility to criticize the liberal things he does…

Naturally, this means that the mouth-breathing wing of the tea party is accusing Caputo of being a Cuomo agent while working his ass off all spring, summer, and fall to elect Paladino. Well, probably lots of Paladino’s campaign workers and vendors were Cuomo agents, right?  Maybe that’s why a lot of them haven’t yet been paid by a campaign that ended 4 months ago.  Caputo says,

For every 50 to 100 Tea Party folks who are there for Constitutional principles, one is there simply because we elected a black President. There are wonderful, incredible people in the movement. But when we were at a Tea Party event in Broome County, a leader of that local Tea Party got close in the bar and, to me, quietly made a threat to the President.

(Re: some tea partiers’ charge that Cuomo is paying him) The charge is atrocious. But conspiracy theories are common in the Tea Party. I’m just happy to have one named after me.

Seems like a trend among the fiscally conservative, as the diner where the tea partiers held their confab asked them never to come back.  The reason?

It was the Tea Party, because they stiffed the waiters.

They left a less-than-10 percent tip and the manager went over and said, “We would appreciate it if you don’t come back.” I saw the waitresses. They were visibly upset, because they had been working like crazy, and the Tea Party folks stiffed them.

In any event, get your popcorn out and enjoy the never-ending tea party drama. Hey guys, tell me again about Obama’s birth certificate!