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Tyrannic Totalitarian Representatives

23 Mar
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Whilst tea party Republicans bleat and whine about Congress being the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and health insurance consumer protections and universal coverage being the second coming of Marx and Hitler and Stalin, I wanted to point something out.

The tea party in Boston in 1773 was about taxation without representation. It was about colonists being treated unfairly by their King and mother country. Are you really saying you’re not represented? Because the candidate who would have ostensibly voted against this bill wasn’t elected, that’s the same as subjugation under an imperial master?

Because I wanted the bill to pass, and my representative didn’t listen to me. Chris Lee ignored my desire that this become law so that I can have health insurance portability, no rescission, and access to insurance for pre-existing conditions should I lose mine at some point. I also think it’s critically important that every American have access to affordable, quality insurance.

Chris Lee didn’t listen to me. I wasn’t “represented”, by your argument.

So, should we elect two representatives to the house – one Democrat and one Republican? Well, then the Greens and the Communists aren’t represented. That’s not fair.

If you don’t like the system, then your faux, ignorant fawning over the founding fathers is bullshit, isn’t it? Because this is how they set it up. Representatives get elected. They vote their conscience – they lead by principle, not by taking a poll of their constituents and going along with the majority.

So, frankly, I won’t be taking to the streets in colonial garb to rail against the totalitarianism of Chris Lee. The guy didn’t vote the way I want. That means I’ll do what I can to get his opponent elected, should one ever emerge.

But this whole nonsense about tea parties and dictatorship and the end of America? I swear, there’s another Timothy McVeigh out there brewing, and he’s going to strike sooner rather than later. You’re just enabling him and feeding him. I’ll be the first to say “I told you so.”

Have fun with that.