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New Siena Polls Out in Senate Races

2 Nov

They’re here, HT Albany Project:

58th SD – Erie County – William Stachowski (D, incumbent) vs. Dennis Delano (R)

Stachowski now has a 47-43 percent lead over Delano, after trailing 49-36 percent in the previous Siena poll in this district where Democrats have a better than two-to-one enrollment edge. Stachowski has increased his lead among Democrats to 62-30 percent (up from 51-34 percent). Delano maintains a 63-25 percent lead among Republicans (virtually unchanged from 64-23 percent) and has seen his lead among independent voters fall to 54-36 percent, down from 67-19 percent.

Whereas Delano led in all three sections of the district previously, Stachowski now leads 47-37 percent in Buffalo/Lackawanna, 48-45 percent in Cheektowaga, and 47-44 percent in the southern suburbs. Stachowski has a 12-point lead with men, while Delano has a two-point lead with women. Delano has a significant lead with Protestants. Stachowski leads with Catholics, and has a big lead among younger voters.

Stachowski has a 50-31 percent favorable rating. It had been 39-14 percent. Delano’s favorable rating, 53-33 percent, is down from 63-15 percent. Delano continues to have a positive favorable rating with voters of every party, while Stachowski has increased his favorability among Democrats but lost ground with independent voters and saw his favorability among Republicans drop from 35-12 percent to 29-50 percent.

More than half of voters would like to see the Senate controlled by Democrats, and Obama has opened 55-37 percent lead over McCain, up from 45-41 percent previously.

“Senator Stachowski has turned this race around. In four weeks he has erased a 13-point deficit and turned it into a tight four-point lead. Where Delano previously had a much better favorable rating with voters, the two are now viewed by voters in virtually the same light. We will have to wait until Election Day to see if Stachowski continues his momentum to win re-election, or if Delano can turn this race back around again and defeat a 27-year incumbent in this overwhelmingly Democratic district,” Greenberg said.

In the Mesi/Ranzenhofer contest:

61st SD – Erie and Genesee Counties – Michael Ranzenhofer (R) vs. Joseph Mesi (D)

Ranzenhofer has a 47-42 percent lead over Mesi, who had a slimmer 40-38 percent lead in the previous Siena poll, in this district where Republicans have a very small enrollment edge over Democrats. Ranzenhofer leads among Republicans 69-25 percent, up from 59-21 percent. Mesi leads among Democrats 62-29 percent, closer than the previous 63-19 percent. Mesi leads among independent voters 42-37 percent, although Ranzenhofer closed the gap from 43-28 percent. Mesi leads in Tonawanda by seven points (down from 10). Ranzenhofer leads in the Clarence/Newstead/Genesee County portions of the district by 15 points (up from two points), and in Amherst by three points (up a tick from two points).

Ranzenhofer has a 47-26 percent favorable rating, compared to 35-12 percent previously. Mesi’s favorable rating is 46-37 percent, compared to 45-18 percent in the previous Siena poll.

While the race has shifted seven points from Mesi to Ranzenhofer, a reverse trend occurred on the question of who voters support to control the Senate. Previously, voters supported Republican control by a 44-38 percent margin, while now a slim plurality, 43-41 percent, support Democratic control. The presidential race also flipped, with McCain’s 45-40 percent lead now becoming a 51-42 percent lead for Obama.

“This district is close in enrollment between Republicans and Democrats. The voters are close in their view on which party should control the Senate. The voters have switched their support from McCain to Obama over the last few weeks. And a small Mesi lead has turned into a slightly wider Ranzenhofer lead. Which party’s voters turn out in larger numbers on Tuesday may well determine the outcome of this race. Either way, it figures to be a late night as the votes get counted in this race,” Greenberg said.

Mesi needs your help. Ranzenhofer has a 20-year record of FAIL, and wants to bring his brand of FAIL to the Senate.

WGRZ pwns Dennis Delano

31 Oct


Anti-Delano Site

30 Oct

Evidently, Mr. Delano has lied about not seeking endorsements – he sought them, alright, but the scuttlebutt is that he performed laughably. There’s the absence of policy positions, and the fact that Delano took credit for others’ work. Also added to the mix is the fact that Delano isn’t a big fan of voting. The site, as you may suspect, is here.

Comptrollers Endorse Stachowski

23 Oct

DiNapoli, Poloncarz, and SanFilippo all endorsed the incumbent Democrat re-election as Senator for the 58th District. Given the economic crisis we’re in, it would probably make sense to pay attention to these three fiscal watchdogs, who are stumping for the ranking member of the State Senate’s Finance Committee.


I have every confidence in Senator Stachowski’s ability to make the difficult decisions needed to right New York’s fiscal ship. He has the experience, the drive, and the confidence to represent his constituents, and he has proven to be an excellent partner in the Senate.


As the Ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee, Bill has been and will continue to be a strong advocate for our community, protecting Western New York’s interests in Albany during these difficult economic times. The Senator has a keen eye for detail when it comes to state finances, and is the voice of Erie County’s working families when debating the state budget. I’m proud to endorse his candidacy and look forward to working with him when he returns to Albany.


Senator Stachowski is a true asset to the 58th District and to the entire Western New York community. I am honored to endorse Senator Stachowski for re-election and encourage voters to give their approval to his candidacy and let him continue his outstanding work in the State Senate.

Meantime, the guy running against Stachowski was sent to ECMC three times to find DNA to help track down the bike path killer, and failed all three times:

Look, they sent Dennis down to ECMC to get try to find the DNA slides that would prove that Anthony Capozzi wasn’t the Bikepath rapist three times and he came backing saying they weren’t there all three times. It was only when they got a call from someone else who had found DNA materials for another case at ECMC that they went back and found the slides,” one of our sources says. “The truth is that Frank Sedita was already on this case as were other Cold Case detectives no matter what Dennis did. By this time, Sedita was determined to find the evidence that would prove Capozzi either innocent or guilty and that’s what he did. Actually, it was Sedita got Anthony Capozzi out of jail and exonerated in record time and that’s the truth.

Dennis Delano – why is he taking all the credit for something a lot of people had a hand in doing?

Delano Taking Undue Credit?

22 Oct

Glenn Gramigna posted this on his site, and I had heard very similar charges but hadn’t had the time to look into them. Dennis Delano may have a public image of being a mavericky hero cop, but some of his colleagues are challenging that perception, wondering where he gets off taking all the credit for something that was not only done by a team of people, but also a very long time in coming.

“Dennis is a nice guy and I am not going to say that he didn’t do some good work in the Capozzi and DeJac cases,” says one officer who asked that his name not be used. “But, the fact is that he was part of a team who did the investigating on those cases, as he himself admits from time to time. He got most of the credit with the public because Dennis was the one who ran to the tv cameras first and the media really fell in love with him…But, this whole image of Dennis as one of the great heroes of our time who did all these things all by himself is just not true.”

According to the less than wild about Delano faction, it was others who did the lion’s share of the work.

“The difference is that there were other detectives in the cold case unit of the Buffalo Police Department who went out there and did the grunt work,” adds another “and then, it seemed like, all of a sudden, it was Dennis who got the credit.”

A lot of it, in these folks view, had to do with the image Delano projects of a tuogh, street wise guy from the streets who was never the smartest kid in class but was definitely the most honest.

“Dennis looks the part, but so much of this is hype,” says one. “He isn’t even Italian, he’s Dutch. The truth is that Dennis has done some good things but he’s also made a lot of mistakes. What he did, giving that video to Ch. 2 is a prime example. With all due respect, he should have been suspended for that. No detective in the department would have done that and there is simply no defense for it. You just can’t have official evidence in a case being compromised by giving it to the media.”

Of course, the Dennis faction contends that the search for truth, if it is uncompromising enough, is not always neat and tidy, that sometimes rules have to be broken to get reluctant higher ups to do what ‘s right.

On the other hand…

“The truth is that what Dennis did was wrong and irresponsible,” adds one of the hero cop’s detractors. “If solving the Capozzi and DeJac cases entitles a person to be elected to public office, then there should be a half dozen detectives and other investigators running. So that’s a big part of the reason why Delano isn’t getting all of those police union endorsements. Many cops think he’s a credit grabber or that he was irresponsible for releasing evidence to the media or they simply remember all the good things Senator Stachowski has done for first responders in this area. ”

Fervent Stachowski backers are even more spirited in their criticisms of Delano.

“Look, the guy says he’s a hero cop, but most police officers don’t like him,” one contends. “He’s a State Senate candidate who won’t debate or appear at forums or take questions from the media. The whole thing is a myth which I’m only hoping the voters will catch on to by election day.”

Deep Thought – PM Edition

21 Oct

Why won’t Dennis Delano debate his opponent or appear at candidate forums? Shouldn’t a candidate appear side-by-side with their opponents and explain to voters why he deserves their votes? What’s so “career politician-y” about showing up to a debate?

Meanwhile, in Buffalo & WNY

8 Oct

Dennis Delano may be the very bestest detective WNY has ever seen, but I am gobsmacked that he’s got a double-digit lead over Bill Stachowski in a Democratic district. 49-36 with 15% undecided. That’s amazing, especially given the fact that I am not totally convinced that Detective Delano really has a firm grasp on Albany issues, Capozzi and DeJac notwithstanding.

Likewise, I am not at all surprised that Dale “Batshit” Volker is leading Kathy Konst 50-33 with 17% undecided. Konst did finally get around to releasing her financials this week, and they are underwhelming to say the least. Volker’s got six figures in the bank, and Konst has about $3,500. Sounds like my race, and we all know how that turned out. Problem is, Konst is already an elected official and should be in a better position than I was to raise money for a statewide run in a pivotal race in a pivotal year.

Chris Collins needs to learn that (a) you catch more flies with honey than with with sledgehammers, and (b) “running government like a business” does not mean you can just continue with the management style of a businessman who runs a closely held private corporation and is used to snapping his fingers and having his bidding done. The Legislature is not Collins’ rubber stamp, and it does not serve at his pleasure. It is a co-equal branch of county government. Perhaps he could treat it as such.

Byron Brown stood in front of a dilapidated home and, amazingly, did not call for its demolition. Instead, the city will be rehabilitating 500 such homes over the next 5 years with the assistance of housing activist organization and all-around cool people PUSH.


Congratulations to the Punaros, who welcomed their daughter into the world today, complete with announcement via Tweet.

LIN Television still has not relented, and continues to block its two local signals – WIVB-TV Channel 4 and WNLO-TV Channel somethingorother from being carried on Time Warner Cable stations in Western New York. I used to watch Channel 4 News pretty regularly, and I’ve missed one Bills game, one Amazing Race, and tomorrow it’ll be one Survivor episode. Again – the bad guy in this is LIN Television, the parent corporation of Channels 4 and 23, which is demanding that Time Warner pay to carry a local, free, commercial, advertising-supported channel. Through its actions, not only is the cable consumer getting shafted, but so is the Channel 4 advertiser and the local ratings for CBS programming. Idiotic move, and I suspect this has a lot to do with bluff-calling, but it’s high time this gets resolved, but soon.

This is a Toronto link, but what the hell. Two words: gourmet poutine. Oh, yeah. You know you want it.

Kevin asks an excellent question.