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Out with the Old

20 Apr


Time-lapse video of the demolition of Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium, compiled by Chris Byrd.

The Woodlawn Row Houses, RIP

7 Aug

David Torke has been writing about these historic row houses in the Masten District since about 2004.  Owned by the city, he has cared for them, written about them, tried to get developers interested in them, all to no avail.  They were, if I recall correctly, the reason why he started his blog, Fix Buffalo, in the first place.

Well, they’re gone now.  David photographed the fire and its aftermath. They were granted local landmark status in 1982 by the Preservation Board.  Here’s his last pre-fire post about the houses – he always remembered to give them an occasional plug. Private property owners are required to abide by all relevant building codes.  The city exempts itself.  As David concludes,

The path to the City’s Division of Real Estate is well worn. Responsibility lies there. Accountability doesn’t. Why?

As the saying goes, that’s rhetorical.  But City Hall is probably right.  We don’t need a plan for anything.