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No Lights, No Roundabouts, No Change

21 Oct

At the corner of Greiner and Shimerville in the town of Clarence there was until recently a stupid 4-way stop. The DOT wanted to improve traffic flow there and proposed a roundabout. The title of this post is the text from a bunch of signs that popped up in the immediate vicinity, which nicely reflects WNY’s attitude about everything, everywhere. (They eventually installed lights). 

On Millersport Highway, between Sheridan Drive and Eggert, there are five lanes of traffic and not a single pedestrian crosswalk. How is this allowed to be? 

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On Maple at Culpepper, a middle-schooler died trying to traverse five lanes of traffic in order to reach a playground. Amherst is going to “study” whether a crosswalk somewhere nearby might be a good idea. The girl’s family is raising money for “Erin’s Crossings” to advocate for a law requiring crosswalks near every playground. Transit Road is a killing field, involving death after death after death after death. With crosswalks a mile apart from each other, it’s routine for people to just cross wherever, and it’s even more dangerous in the wintertime when no one plows the sidewalks and pedestrians are forced into the street. To die. 

Hamburg was able to get the DOT to install roundabouts and make the village more pedestrian-friendly and picturesque. Why can’t the DOT do that everywhere? 

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Finally, here is a map that the New Millenium Group released in 2003, showing that downtown Buffalo is made up mostly of parking. Parking downtown is still a 50s era clusterfuck, and nothing’s been done in 10 years to address it, manage it, or to provide some sort of comprehensive plan and modernization effort. 

Just make sure not to kill any hapless pedestrians trying to cross a road on your way downtown. 

A Hit & Run at Main & LaSalle

4 Dec



If you don’t like swearing, don’t click past the jump. It’s about the fatal accident at LaSalle and Main last night. Continue reading