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Anderson Cooper Reacts to Dyngus Day

11 Apr

Here, TV’s Anderson Cooper learns about the “traditions” of Dyngus Day, which Buffalo is very proud to host every year. Cooper’s reaction is quite appropriate, all things considered. It’s an odd celebration, because for all intents and purposes Buffalo’s East Side Polonia has been reduced to almost nothing in the past few decades. Once a year – around Eastertime – Buffalo’s Polish diaspora converges on its old neighborhood to celebrate a community that’s left, and a heritage that has been diluted. It’s always that way with immigrant communities – time brings assimilation and old traditions become excuses to binge drink in abandoned buildings.

Consider why Buffalo hosts its Italian festival on Hertel Avenue, and not on Grant Street, where the Italian immigrants largely lived during the first half of the last century. 

The Dyngus Day festivities and their ancillary events take place in what is now a very poor neighborhood with little hope and less opportunity.  There are myriad non-profits, volunteers, and caring people who work tirelessly and with little or no remuneration to try to make life better for those neighborhoods and their residents.  I don’t know how you turn blight around when there are no jobs to be had, but it seems to me that the annual drink-fest taking place in a neighborhood that Buffalo’s Polish community has abandoned seems disturbingly superficial and crass, given the human suffering that happens there during the remaining 364 days of the year. 

So, instead of drinking mass quantaties of Tyskie, join or contribute to Buffalo ReUse, follow community news at Broadway Fillmore Alive, or volunteer to help preserve the Central Terminal.   

Smigus Dyngus

13 Apr

I just got through reading Jim Heaney’s piece on Brian Davis. It’s astonishing to me that this story is just beginning to get reported, given how longstanding some of these problems are. Better late than never, and query whether a viable candidate will be able to defeat him. I somehow doubt it.

The anti-gay-marriage folks are a riot. Evidently, they’ve been trolling Craigslist personals to name their anti-gay-marriage movement of fear and … um … slippery slopes. Either that, or they have a marketing team with an awesome sense of humor.

We are in the Bahamas, and our first day was phenomenally eventful. I won’t recount the entire fail here, but within the next 24 hours, my remarkably detailed Tripadvisor review of our first hotel will be up. Quick hint to hotels – it’s a good idea to light your emergency stairwells. And to maintain your property. Luckily, we’ve since switched to a different property, and are having a wonderful time.