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Worst. Surrogate. Ever.

18 May

Last night, local email enthusiast and perennial picker of fights Carl Paladino appeared on The Ed Show on MSNBC to defend Jane Corwin, attack Jack Davis, and to defend the privatization and elimination of Medicare as we know it that Jane Corwin supports.  He appeared basically as Jane Corwin’s campaign surrogate.

He didn’t do so well.

He tried oh, so desperately to clear up misconceptions about Jack Davis, calling him “more progressive” than even Kathy Hochul – that’s pretty false, as any Democrat will tell you. When Paladino whined that Hochul might win but not with a “majority”, Ed quite rightly replied, “well, it is what it is.”  Indeed.

Next, Paladino tried to sound a tried and true Republican dog whistle, but seemed to get Medicaid and Medicare mixed up. He alleged that Obama refuses to go after “waste, fraud, and abuse” in Medicare because “those are his constituents”.  Actually, Mr. Paladino, every American is President Obama’s “constituent”, but more importantly, no one is complaining about rooting out waste in Medicare. What people are complaining about is replacing a massively popular Medicare system with private insurance and a voucher system.  Because everyone knows the one thing seniors need to add to their myriad worries is “dealing with asshole insurance companies” and “can I afford this medical care I need”.

Schultz asks Paladino, who was appearing on the program purporting to be a Corwin surrogate (Christ, how embarrassing for Corwin), yet couldn’t/wouldn’t answer a simple question: would Jane have voted in favor of the Ryan budget bill?  I.e., would she have voted in Congress to pass a law privatizing and voucherizing Medicare? Paladino fumfered and tried to wiggle out of the answer, but Schultz pressed him on it. The answer, of course, is that Corwin would have voted in favor of that bill. Only four Republicans voted against it. Wouldn’t Jane be proud of having cast that vote, given her vigorous defense of the Ryan Medicare privatization proposal?

There’s lots of back and forth where Paladino digs himself a hole and then tries to claw out with what really comes down to a superficial handle on the issues.

Asks Carl: What taxpayer would not want a private health insurer with a voucher?

I don’t understand why Paladino goes on these shows and tries to pretend he knows what he’s talking about. I don’t understand why he goes into a debate with only a superficial grasp of what’s being talked about.  I don’t understand why he continues to subject himself to tough questioning from reporters who aren’t in the tank or sufficiently submissive to him, because I wouldn’t be surprised if Carl’s got a billboard on the side of a dilapidated building with Schultz’s name on it.