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14 Aug


I love how dumb Sean Hannity is. It’s bad that John Edwards cheated on his wife, but evidently the North Vietnamese beat McCain’s love for his first wife out of him.

John Edwards Chooses

14 May

From the Daily News:

John Edwards, whose own bid for the Democratic presidential nomination ended in January, will throw his support behind former rival Barack Obama, the Illinois senator’s campaign announced.

Edwards is scheduled to endorse Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this evening.

Edwards, 54, quit the race Jan. 30 after failing to score a victory in the first four nominating contests. He remained on the sidelines as both Hillary Clinton and Obama sought his backing.

Marc Arbinder even had Edwards’ private flight tracked as a “hint”.

Edwards has 16 pledged delegates, and he will urge them to switch to Obama. And they probably will.

Edwards & Giuliani Out

30 Jan

Giuliani may have cleaned up New York, but he won’t be lending his special touch to the rest of the country. Probably not enough squeegee guys to rout from the sidewalks. Also, his 9/11 fixation wasn’t going to cut it in a race that’s becoming more about the economy than terror. Giuliani immediately endorsed current front-runner McCain.

Edwards is out, as well, but he has not endorsed anyone yet. Hillary responds here, and Obama responds here.

I’m not quite sure whose vote Edwards was splitting. It might have been even, for all I know. It will be extraordinarily interesting how an Edwards endorsement plays out over the next couple of days. I have a hunch that Obama will get a bit of a larger boost from Edwards’ supporters than Hillary. To my mind, Obama’s pitch to Edwards’ supporters was more persuasive than Clinton’s.

Also – if for nothing else but sheer entertainment value, read the New York Post’s endorsement of Barack Obama. (Seriously, was there ever a chance they’d endorse Clinton?)

Hillary Clinton Tears Up

8 Jan

Yesterday in New Hampshire, an audience member asked Hillary Clinton, “how do you do it?” The reply:

This is the first time I remember Hillary Clinton showing any emotion in public beyond “happy” and “angry”. I don’t think there’s very much wrong with it. Surely, being on the trail for so long, and getting trounced by some young upstart at (and in) the polls, is taxing. It’s a hiccup in a long, otherwise completely normal national campaign.

It’s amazing that this choking up by Clinton, which didn’t amount to more than what, say, a pro ballplayer experiences when announcing his resignation, is engendering as much discussion as it is.

Some say she’s not being genuine. Luckily, most of that talk is relegated to the “Hitlery” crowd who hate her viscerally because she’s a Democrat and a woman. Witness the spectacle of Rush Limbaugh’s concern over this “set back” of feminism. Take some more hillbilly heroin, Rush.

Some say it shows she doesn’t have the mettle to be President. I think it shows that this country is more comfortable with the idea of a black president than a female president. Because no one mentions anymore that Mitt Romney has teared up on the campaign trail – twice.

In fact, it was John Edwards – that folksy guy with the sweet accent – who first suggested that Clinton’s tears underscore her unworthiness for the job. Edwards, therefore, is an a-hole.

In any event, the northern New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch voted at midnight last night, and the results are as follows:


McCain 4
Romney 2
Giuliani 1


Obama 7
Edwards 2
Richardson 1

New Hampshire Primary Tomorrow

7 Jan

If you’re a political nerd junkie, then join the New Democrats of WNY for a New Hampshire primary watch party from 7pm – 10pm at the American – Serbian Club at 1200 Tonawanda Street in Buffalo.

My prediction for New Hampshire tomorrow:


Obama 40%
Clinton 32%
Edwards 25%
Richardson 3%


McCain 39%
Romney 25%
Huckabee 24%
Paul 12%