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Some Good News for Buffalo

3 Mar

The Elmwood Village now has uniform design standards, and they’re not advisory – they’re the law.

…lawmakers approved new standards that would require developers to build structures close to sidewalks, locate parking lots in the rear, and advance mixed-use projects that would include upper-floor apartments over businesses.

There would also be new restrictions on demolitions, tougher public notification procedures before development occurs, and dozens of other requirements. Mayor Byron W. Brown supports the new design guidelines, a spokesman said last week. But the mayor also wants to make sure concerns raised by the city Planning Board are addressed, spokesman Peter K. Cutler said.

Last week, the Planning Board warned that some new restrictions could foster a “cookie-cutter approach” to development along Elmwood.

But the executive director of the Elmwood Village Association disagreed, insisting the new standards will protect a thriving commercial strip from seeing the type of big-box retail development that occurs in other areas, including imposing signs. “We never want to see these things on Elmwood Avenue. That’s cookie-cutter,” said Justin Azzarella.

On the positive end, at least now developers wanting to build or rebuild along Elmwood will know exactly what’s expected of them, and what they’re getting into. I don’t quite understand what big-box retail has to do with anything, but I’m sure there was a phenomenally compelling reason for Mr. Azzarella to bring it up.

How to Trump NIMBYs

24 Feb

When you offer up a proposal for their required approval, at which they might be inclined to balk, offer up an alternative, far more onerous proposal that you don’t need their approval for.

If they really don’t want there to be low-income subsidized or student housing at the corner of Elmwood and Forest, suddenly a waiver of the non-commercial deed restrictions becomes quite attractive.

That’s a great hustle and quite un-Buffalonian in its understated, effective persuasion.

And yes, the proposed hotel project should be built as rendered, IMHO. A hotel in that location, close to the museums, Elmwood shops & bars, and Buff State, is sorely needed.

The Corner of Cynicism and Silliness

16 Feb
Very Nice Rendering for Likely Future Shelving

Very Nice Rendering for Likely Future Shelving

Should I even bother commenting on this proposal for a hotel/condos/retail at the corner of Elmwood and Forest? You know, the same corner where Savarino wanted to build a hotel/condo/retail but ran into angry neighbors and prohibitive deed restrictions?

This project doesn’t look that much different from the last project, and the News article says the neighbors were insistent that they didn’t want student housing.

Yes, it’s nice and should be built if feasible. Will it? Or will we just be left with yet another aborted rendering? Time will tell.

The Walden Galleria is a Liberal Trial Attorney Who Wants to Raise Your Taxes

13 Nov

So, I listened to this minute-long ad promoting shopping on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

It starts out, “That big mall, in Cheektowaga, has about 200 stores. The Elmwood Village also has about 200 stores”. There’s even a dopey, “hello!”

I’ve seldom heard a negative ad for a retail destination, but I guess this qualifies as one. The Boulevard Mall doesn’t tell you why McKinley sucks. It tells you what stores are there. The malls have their place, as does Elmwood and every other store, mall, and shopping center in the area. Don’t tell me why I’m stupid to shop at the mall, tell me why I should come to Elmwood.

Also, going through the list of “about 200” stores listed in the Elmwood Village Association directory, we have entries such as Buffalo Gynecology Service, a Blockbuster, some dry cleaners, a few lawyers and law firms, a few banks and realtors, and a couple of churches. There are, to be sure, some very excellent shops along Elmwood worthy of your patronage and support, and I would have prefered an ad that extolled the virtues of the street as a destination. Instead, I get someone pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining.

Then again, you can’t get a pap smear or buy a house at the Walden Galleria.

(Title with apologies to BRO commenter AtwaterLouse, who suggested the ad sounded like a Chris Lee/Alice Kryzan special).


14 Sep

The new building is done. See it here.

Count tears for the late, lamented “Atwater House” here.

Wilson Farms on Elmwood

18 Aug


Huge improvement over what was there, no?

Wanna Buy A Restaurant?

22 Dec


A friend of mine sent me a link to an ad on the Toronto Craigslist that he found to be quite odd…it was an advertisement for a “Free Restaurant Business, Great Location” in Buffalo.  The text reads as follows:

I am offering a turn key (~*super famous*~) restaurant in the heart of the Elmwood Strip. Business is ready to go and includes a full commercial kitchen, bar, plasma TV’s, Xbox 360’s, live Goatse shows, etc. All that’s required is to sign a lease. First one ready to sign gets the business FREE! If you sign in the next 24 hours, you can also have a complementary hooker! She’s guaranteed to be STD free, but the bathroom seats in the restroom aren’t…. just don’t tell the health department! haha!

Prime commercial property located in the heart of the “Elmwood Strip” section of Buffalo, NY (a one hour and fifteen minuet drive from Toronto so don’t expect many Canucks but expect plenty of blue collar scum). Buffalo’s Elmwood Avenue is an urban village (not to be confused with ghetto slums) that beats off to a different drummer. The Elmwood Strip is a neighborhood that attracts people who set trends rather than follow them. It’s swarming with hookers and blow, DAMMIT. Why do you think it’s called the Elmwood Strip?

Please call Mr. Krinsky at (917) 856-8088 Also you must carry a basket of saurkraut when you come to sign, while holding your own sausage.


Click the small picture below to see the full size…


Anyone have any details on this?  I’m not interested in buying, of course,  I just wonder why someone would put something like that up.

Point/Counterpoint – Borough-ing To A Bigger Buffalo

28 Nov

I think this short audio file sums up the debate so far on regionalizing Buffalo…


Point provided by Elmwood Trey

Counterpoint Provided by Lancaster Stan

lancaster stan