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Michael Sam

13 Feb

This is what one Dallas, Texas broadcaster has to say about the shock! Horror! of the first openly gay prospective NFL player. 

Equal Protection Under the Law

28 Mar

Courtesy of Fuse Washington, via Darcy Burner on Facebook

All Men & Women are Created Equal

9 Aug

Ted Olsen was George W. Bush’s Solicitor General, and he is now busily arguing that because marriage is a fundamental Constitutional right, states nor citizens have the right to prohibit gay Americans from exercising that right with the people they love. A state cannot legally ban interracial marriage. School integration cannot be undone by referendum. Fundamental constitutional rights cannot be abrogated by state statute or plebiscite.

What follows is a basic lesson in Constitutional civil rights jurisprudence:


Gay Marriage PAC Targets Stachowski

7 Jul

Campaign mailings can often be hilarious and vicious, and because of how they’re targeted, they oftentimes fly under the general population’s radar. So, please feel free to send along the better mailers to WNYMedia.net offices or by emailing them to this address or this one.

Here’s one going around being sent by a pro-marriage-equality PAC called “Fight Back New York“:

Here’s its statement to the issue:

Sen. Stachowski’s voted against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) New Yorkers at every turn, whether it’s nondiscrimination protections or marriage equality.

Sen. Stachowski’s been part of the dysfunctional New York State Senate for far too long — 30 years. He does not represent fair-minded New Yorkers, and it’s time we hold him accountable. Remember the hard-hitting tactics we used to help keep anti-equality Hiram Monserrate from office this spring? We’ll be engaging in similar targeted outreach to voters in Sen. Stachowski’s district. It’s time our elected officials learned that they can’t vote against equality and expect to be voted back into office.

Democrats Tim Kennedy and Mike Kuzma are running against Stachowski in the Democratic primary.

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